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Role of Citizens, Public Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society In my previous paper, I mentioned that values are as important in our government system as the other functions and political processes are. Each one of them lived by himself and for himself.

Laws were made to make life safer and happier.

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Each one of them lived by himself and for himself. He must consider the country of his living, as his own mother, for, just like the mother helps a child to grow, so does the country provide for him all that he needs to grow in every way, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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The quality of democracy improves if the citizens from all walks of life take part in its activates with interest. Unit VI discussed how crucial and vital ethics and accountability is in our government.

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He may be born in the country or not but, by virtue of his long stay in the country he earns the right to the citizenship of the country and starts being so called. Besides, can we ever essay on responsibilities of a good citizens a mother? A good citizen is always loyal. He may consider some laws imperfect, unwise and even unjust; and he may, and how to write introduction for analysis essay, use all constitutional means in his power; such as public speaking, writing to the press, organisation, and the use of his vote, to get such laws reformed or abolished.

To me a global citizen is a citizen of the world.

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He must be loyal to the country that gives him all that it has, to enjoy and grow. Secondly, I will outline the two sources of human rights violations that are most significant: He must love and respect all his fellow citizens who are to him like his brothers and sisters.

To be a global citizen means understanding what global citizenship is, taking action and making… Citizen Journalism Words 12 Pages I. If we just think for a few minutes, how many things and services we use in one day, we shall realize how much we owe to society.

We must repay society for all these gifts.

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  3. We all have to try to make this country the best place to live.

It is, therefore, our duty to be loyal and patriotic to Pakistan. Every Indian living in India is not citizen. He must co-operate with the government in solving them.

Role Of The Citizen And The Organization Of The Infrastructure

For more essays, softwares, games and much more things click on Site Of Paradise. A good citizen has to fulfill several duties in order to honestly enjoy all his rights.

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Later, they settled along the banks of rivers where, in time, grew towns, large and small. For, let us never forget that, all rights have their corresponding duties.

  • So, one of our responsibilities as good citizens would be making our own living space as clean and organized as possible.
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  • We all have to try to make this country the best place to live.

As societies grew larger and as men became more civilized, many more professions and occupations developed. Life became easier. The cleaning of a streets and the removal of filth and garbage are possible, only in an organized society.


Social Responsibilities: To live in India does not make a person citizen. If the society gets hurt due to our reckless actions, we are bound to be affected at some point of time. This much is fine, but, this is only one side of the coin of citizenship.

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Do everything possible to make that happen. Fourthly, he ought to take an intelligent interest in politics; for, as a citizens he has a vote, and he is responsible for using that vote for the good of his country as a whole. S have failed1.

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The society in which the good citizen lives, must feel his presence as a good person, a reliable person and as a loving and helpful person. It is also the duty of every citizen to understand the problems facing his country. However, as we are in no danger of forgetting our privileges as citizens, it is wise to emphasise our duties.

Duties & Responsibilities of Citizens