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When his father James died inCharles came to the throne and at that time he had very little cash. John Hampden was one of the influential men in the nation. The situation of the realm had started to turn down under the control of James I. What were the major causes of the First World War? On 4 January,Charles tried to get into the Commons to arrest the five MPs and found that after he and his guards had battered the door down, the MPs had been cautioned and were not present. This exacerbated the problem because……….


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    He repudiated to conduct Parliament meet. Level 6 — You have explained all your points well and you begin to show links between reasons.

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    This is what we are going to find out in this essay Without Strafford to control over Ireland, the Irish revolted in What were the causes of the English Civil War? Wednesday December 8, Some of this uprise was because at different points in time there was more free states then slave states and that bothered the slave states because they were Causes of the Civil War - words words - 3 pages America's population died in it.

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    As Charles now was ruling without Parliament, he had no one to borrow money from when he ran out The North didn't care about slavery as long as it stayed in the South. The public, particularly the Puritans were against the marriage and did not want to agree to Catholic as Queen.

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    He lots of arguments with parliament about these problems and many of them were linked to religious and political issues. One common theory is that the Civil War resultedbecause the North and South became two different societies, with different culturalnorms.

    This breakdown may well have occurred as early as Charles tried to make the Scots used the English Prayer Book in Then the escaped MPs marched past up and down London protected by the Trained Bands, an army of part-time soldiers.

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    Introduction — define key terms. New York.

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    However, in my opinion, I believe that there were only a few key events that can be divided into short-term and long-term causes. He would fine poor people that had essay on causes of the english civil war down houses saying that it encouraged peasants to move to the city. This is in assessment conditions to help you practice your writing skills. He also tried to demand more money.

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    The English Civil War of the seventeenth century was evidently a progress which virtually no one expected. Many Scottish people were strict protestants.

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    Parliament refuses, but Charles collects the money anyway. From my perspective, this is the main fact that sparked the Civil War.

    Within the first four years of his reign, Charles has already asked parliament for some money. The monarchies lack of social reliance was a cause of both of these events to occur.

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