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Essentially, the strand of ethane gas is conserved, captured and frozen before it can be burned off into the atmosphere. Valve sacks have both ends closed and are filled through a valve. They even get stuck in the throat when gulped as it is and chokes them. Effect on Plant Growth The chemicals present in plastic bags contaminate the soil. For more information, contact Linda at

According to a study funded by US plastic bag manufacturersit takes almost four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as a plastic bag. You hear this saying almost every time you go to the grocery store. This is not an original idea. Both wild plants as well as agricultural crops are affected by this. Maybe at this point, chemists might be thinking of ways to improve the composition of plastic bags making it more eco-friendly providing less pollution to our environment and less harm to man.

The people holding these particular bags get recognition because it gives those who see them an idea that they own a classy product.

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Last modified: Besides, most of our packaged food comes in plastic packing. Another benefit that I think comes from paper bags is i. Recycling rates of plastic bags in Canada are high. Plastic Bag should be banned completely because it is a Threat to the Environment Plastic bags when thrown after use prove to be a major threat to the environment.

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Today, plastic bags have become sample legal cover letter major cause of land pollution. Knight designed a machine that could create flat-bottomed paper bags, which could carry more than the previous envelope-style design. Paper bags can be made from recycled paperwith some local laws requiring bags to have a minimum percentage of post-consumer recycled content.

These are light and inexpensive.

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We are all aware about the harm they are causing to our environment. The manufacture of paper bags is much more resource intensive than plastic consuming larger amounts of energy and water.

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Like newspapers, magazines or books, they can be recycled and produced into a new paper. These have become an integral part of our modern day life. Waste food and vegetable and fruit peels are usually thrown away in plastic bags.

Paper or Plastic: Which Bags Hurt the Environment More?

And plastic bags aren't just at the grocery store, there every where, landfills, the oceans and lakes, hanging on trees around our neighborhoods, and suffocating wildlife b. I have nothing against the government but just to reconsider the usage of plastic bags again. Each study discloses slight differences in results, but all studies agree that paper bags carry a substantial environmental impact in their manufacture that is not seen with plastic bags.

When the trees and plants suffer theatre business plan template the entire environment is impacted negatively.

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It is not that difficult to keep a cloth bag with us as we head to the market. The answer is No!


It is much better than holding several small plastic bags. Creating an ordinance would level the playing field.

Paper Vs Plastic essays Both wild plants as well as agricultural crops are affected by this.

It takes seven trucks to transport two million paper bags, versus one truck to carry two million plastic bags. The laminated bag, whilst not totally waterproof, has a laminate that protects the outside to some degree.

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This is the reason why these are being used extensively. These bags can cause severe damage to their digestive tract and cause various illnesses. A typical example of a valve bag is the cement sack.

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It is essential for the government to take strict measures to ensure that the usage of these bags is stopped. So, we must save this resource for their production rather than wasting it on producing plastic which is ruining our environment.

Often these bags can be seen dangling from tree branches, and they contribute to the costs of disposing of our city trash.

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Paper-bag manufacture uses 20 times as much water as plastic and paper requires more energy to be recycled. These are the main benefits of using plastic bags not only to the environment but also to mankind.

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Unlike the cloth and paper bags, the plastic bags are non-biodegradable. Aside from being reusable, they are recyclable, biodegradable, environment friendly, inexpensive and practical to use. One unneeded plastic item is the single-use shopping bag given away at the grocery and convenience store checkouts.

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These have been banned so as to make the environment cleaners and healthier to live. These are thus interfering with agriculture which is the major occupation of our country. You can use them on groceries and the good ones can be used as paper gift bags.

Paper bags or plastic bags: which are best?

We must understand that these have been banned for our good. Who knows?

At firs At the heart of this polemic is the lie of Snowpiercer: Here, he struggles meme start an English essay that, after putting it off, is due the next homework.

These bags are available in various sizes and come handy while shopping. Paper bags do not have handles making it more difficult to carry and are less preferred for reuse because they cannot hold heavy loads and is unrecoverable when wet. Square bottom, self-opening. Tote-style paper bags, such as those often used by department stores or as gift bags, can be made from any kind of paper, and come in any color.

Large number of innocent animals die each year because of plastic bags.

All About Bags - Paper Versus Plastic Bags - Which is More Environmentally Friendly?

We can buy one and reuse it several times. The use of these bags must be banned by the government and as responsible citizens we must stop using these bags.

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Wrap, the government-funded company set up to reduce waste, summarises the drawbacks of paper bags: Save-A- Lot on the Concourse. They easily end up in the stomachs of land animals and sea creatures. The typical plastic shopping bag weighs grams; a standard Kraft paper bag weighs 55 grams.

Plastic bags are used extensively throughout the world and produce a large amount of waste. And because paper grocery bags can be reused and recycled so easily b.

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Using paper bags will be a lot of help to the environment. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Birds and animals mistake plastic for food and eat it. They want you to throw away those bags, so they can sell the stores more. It is a waste that remains on earth for thousands of years and causes land, water and air pollution. Effect on Plant Growth The chemicals present in plastic bags contaminate the soil.

A variety of constructions and designs are available.


Second, they use less energy when it comes to their production and it generates less atmospheric pollution when produced and transported and third, it is more weather friendly compared to paper bags and for it to be made, trees do not need to be cut. Owning a paper bag is practical because you will get the value of what you pay for.

Paper bag does contain harmful chemicals that will deteriorate our environment. The shopkeepers must be fined for circulating plastic bags.