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In my experience, you may have to call ten business owners in order to find one who is willing to share his wisdom with you. Or, you can find furniture in need of TLC, refinish it, and then sell it. Some new lines of furniture are of course, cheaper than the older ones, antiques and valuable pieces included.

If you have previous training with carpentry, you may want to brush up some more on your antique furniture knowledge like how to detect antique pieces and how to best restore them. Take professional before-and-after photos of work you've done, even if it's on your own furniture or inexpensive test pieces you might find at a garage sale or flea market.

A Part-Time Income Solution

Start-up Costs vs. Prepare in advance for tax time by opening a business bank account and look into services like Dream Paymentswhich let you accept Interac debit cards, credit cards, and contactless payments on the spot. Can be operated from home. Choose a location for your business.

Starting a Furniture Repair Business

If you have a love for antiques, or truly enjoy finding old pieces of furniture and restoring them to their former glory, starting an antique furniture restoration business may be the perfect fit for you. That may sound odd, but it is a very big step forward to building your business plan and starting your own business.

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Selling Your Furniture A multi-pronged approach to sales can help you gain a foothold in your local area, particularly when you first start your business. Furniture repair is solitary work, which can get lonely. You can earn a home-based income working with your hands.

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Fashionable furniture styles more often than not, quickly go out of trend as well, and also need frequent replacing. Entrepreneurs regularly find low-cost furniture in need of TLC on sites like Craigslist ; furniture repair business plan thrift stores, garage sales, and estate auctions; and for free on local curbs.

How do you go about finding an owner of a furniture refinishing and repair business in a different locale who can assist you? Also, some furniture refurbishing jobs may require you to strip and re-upholster seats or backing.

Contact the local media. You can drum up stormy weather creative writing interest via Craigslist ads and newspaper classified sections, or you might install a sign in your front yard and sell directly from your garage or workshop. You also need to have a list of great suppliers, preferably those that you can afford with low prices and yet gives you the highest quality products. Obtain a business license from your city or county business office.


It should take about thirty minutes to read the entire book. Sure you might want to tweak it, but the wording is all there. Email Furniture comes and goes; and so does furniture style. As you will see, it will only contribute to your success.

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If you plan to refurbish furniture in your home, check with the zoning laws in your area, and obtain ob critical thinking questions waiver or variance if it is necessary. Place local ads offering restoration services. Rather than tell you to include a Revenue Stream Percent to Total Revenue pie chart, we have done it for you!

Thinking about opening chapter 5 discussion thesis sample furniture first man wedding speech and repair business? Other Useful Articles for Startup Entrepreneurs These additional resources regarding starting a business may be of interest to you. Antique restoration always makes for a good human interest story and your local paper or radio station may be interested in doing a piece on your business.

Power tools can be a little costlier, but high-quality instruments typically last years and usually pay for themselves over time.

  • Rather than a one sentence explanation for each section that directs you to write down all the details about staffing, the needed facility, and long term plans, we have done it for you.
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Starting, owning, and operating your own business is not only the American dream, but also the pathway to wealth. Startup Costs: You might even find something that points you in a completely different direction. Begin networking to build furniture repair business plan with antique dealers, flea markets, and collectors to spread the word about your services and promote repeat business.

Good Small Business Ideas: Refurbishing and Upcycling Furniture

You'll want to make sure you use all safety precautions to avoid injury or illness related to the work. Set up a well-ventilated workspace and safety equipment to help you avoid inhaling toxic chemical fumes.

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Furthermore, the pictures included show the cover sheet and financial statements needed to complete the plan for a banker or investor. In any case, a furniture repair business is a good source of income, especially if you are really into carpentry, refurnishing, upholstery, refinishing, etc; or you simply want to work on a home-based business that lets you use your business sense and your creativity at the same time.

Sites like Etsy help you reel in consumers who live further afield. It's important that you never underestimate the competition.

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Businesses like these often thrive on touching up or repairing nicks on antique and valuable pieces. There are many reasons as to why furniture owners patronize furniture repair businesses; but the most primary reason is to save on costs. References 3.

Furniture Restoration Business Plan by Karre Giovanelli - Issuu This can be a good way to supplement sales of restored pieces.

Try to find a workshop where you can work in relative peace without disturbing your closest neighbors. Refinishing furniture requires several skills. Some people work in their garages, while other more dedicated upcyclers and furniture restorers build or repurpose workshops to suit their growing businesses.

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Additional money may be earned by attending auction sales and buying furniture and antiques in need of repair and refinishing. How are you going to successfully complete with existing firms? There are no Articles in your queue. If you can generate the start-up costs, create an effective plan, and figure out a successful sales strategy, you may make a big impression on your local community and generate income at the same time.

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Continue Reading. You should have experience in furniture refurbishing. Furniture repair needs a knowledge of carpentry to fix broken items, such as loosening stuck drawers or re-setting legs. You do not need to understand every word the first time through. Instead we wrote it for you. If internet cafe monitoring system thesis restore period furniture to a high standard, you owl critical thinking decide to get a booth at an antique mall or flea market.

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Advertise this feature of the business by building alliances with antique dealers and interior designers who can refer their clients to your service. The furniture-repair side of the business can be operated on a mobile basis at your customer's location, using a fully equipped van.

Before you consider starting a furniture refinishing and repair business, you may want to investigate whether there are good franchise opportunities available that might make sense for you.