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Through analysis of unstructured data, it can recognize relevant, yet difficult to identify negative news. The White House committed to do this in the U. Global Witness is calling on the U. For years in connection with Iranian U-turn transactions. The first challenge is defining Big Data.

Here's How HSBC is Using Artificial Intelligence to Take Money Launderers to the Cleaners

The way HSBC is using our software is to discover segments of customers or pseudo customers, before any transactional monitoring has happened. Through analysis of unstructured data, it can recognize relevant, yet difficult to identify negative news.

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HSBC, whose initials originally stood for Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, now has operations in over 80 countries, with hundreds of affiliates spanning the globe.

HSBC is transforming their approach to financial crime risk and that involves looking at different technologies and processes. This raises particular issues for U.

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This basically means that they dramatically reduce their false positive rate, because the scenarios are tuned per segment and the segments are discovered in an unsupervised way. AI can identify insider trading and bribery by analyzing multiple sources of information including emails, phone calls, messaging, expense reports, etc.

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AI technology can identify complex fraud patterns and cut down on the number of false positives by consolidating large volumes of data, such as geolocation tagging, IP addresses, phone numbers, usage patterns, etc. Banks come up with these rules, put them through the transaction monitoring system, and the system flags up whenever the rules are breached.

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Global Witness has consistently highlighted the reluctance of major banks to turn away suspect funds, and today's hearing will provide more evidence of this. What are the challenges companies face when dealing with Big Data? The term itself refers to the size of the data which is a form of complexity but there are many other forms of complexity as well that arise in datasets pretty frequently.

Here's what we know so far London-based bank HSBC has been approached by tax authorities in India and several other countries over cases related to tax evasion and money laundering, the bank has disclosed in its annual report published last week.

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For decades, HSBC has been one of the most active global banks in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, despite being aware of the terrorist financing risks in those regions. Global Witness is available to provide comment and context about this hearing. I think for AI, you have to marry the efficacy of machines with the expertise and context of humans. Over the last decade, U.

HSBC Case | Hsbc | Money Laundering In the aftermath of September 11, Congress strengthened U.

HBUS failed to take decisive action to confront those affiliates and put an end stability in motion marina keegan essay conduct which even some within the bank viewed as deceptive. The bank offered more than 2, accounts to companies with bearer shares, despite the difficult of tracing the ownership of these sorts of accounts and the high money laundering risk they pose.

Various tax administrations, regulatory and law enforcement authorities around the world, including in the US, France, Belgium, Argentina, are conducting stability in motion marina keegan essay and reviews of HSBC Swiss Private Bank and other HSBC companies in connection with allegations of tax evasion or tax fraud, money laundering and unlawful crossborder banking solicitation.

Silva not to create a trail by wiring the money to the United States; instead he suggested he mail cash home to himself.

How HSBC is using AI in its anti-money laundering compliance -

A further statement from HSBC added: HSBC acquired its U. There is no evidence to suggest that the situation in other financial centers, including the U. The recipient of the loan would then default on the repayment which - once the debt was authenticated - allowed the criminals to transfer the money out of Russia, to Moldova from where it could be moved into European Union EU countries.

The third is the ability to justify. Gurjeet Singh, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Ayasdi, spoke to bobsguide about the challenges of compliance with anti-money launderingthe characteristics of AIand how AI is vastly improving false positive rates on suspicious security reports.

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So, the ability to self-monitor and learn from it and say, this data has changed, I recommend you update your system it in these following ways. They noticed that computers keep getting cheaper and started investing in technologies that could heavily augment how scientists discovered information from large complex data sets. The AML example shows this very well.

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The ingenious scheme involved fictitious companies - literature review of chocolate only existed on paper at London Companies House - giving each other loans, guaranteed by other businesses in Moldova. So the part of AML that is the investigative part where AI is helping accelerate the same thing that they used to do, but there is also a part especially around risk modelling and segmentation that is completely new and automated.

Both Mexican and U.

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What changes are you beginning to see in your industry? Instead, I think AI will open up opportunities to do jobs in completely different ways and that will fundamentally change the way we [as humans] will work. AI can similarly reduce the number of false alerts by taking more data into account.

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While many commentators expected that this investigation would result in the largest fine against a bank in U. A report released to coincide with the hearing provides details of HSBC's failings: Andrew Entrepreneur business plan project. Most compliance based checks within financial institutions such as HSBC are presently carried out manually by human staff.

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HBUS provided U. Some firms develop predictive analytics and call themselves AI enabled, but the domain of AI is so much broader than just predictive. However, AI technology can help with compliance because it has the ability to do things human beings are not typically good at like high frequency high volume data problems.

HBUS operated its correspondent accounts for foreign financial institutions with longstanding. It can use this data to identify complex criminal activity occurring across different products, lines of business, and customers.

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