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The writer uses capital letters at the end The writer creates suspense by keeping the actual topic to the end The writer states what the topic of the essay is going to be 2 Which of the following sentence structure features is not used in paragraph one? Compare the following two extracts. Last year a close friend of my family was diagnosed with cancer. Turned out I was late! Test Personal reflective 1 We all know about racism; we even know about ageism; but do we really know about the daily jibes and abuse that is aimed at some people due to the colour of their hair appearing:

I tried to ignore the audience of people around me but — instead I crinkled my eyes to keep the sun out. The main characters with their positions, circumstances and relationships to one another are established. My lungs filled and deflated like bellows.

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Luckily our parents improve problem solving skills games allowed to stay for half an hour or so. The journey went fairly smoothly except for a few minor hiccups Billy stalling the bus. I was mentally listing all the ceilidhs and parades I had ever done, thinking how important these events had seemed to me — even the time I piped in the New Year.

I was thinking, slow down please. Your reader must feel like they have got to know your character well.

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Billy restarted the engine and everyone sighed with relief as we entered the car deck of the ferry. The salt air whipped my face but I still watched us travel towards the horizon.

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I could hear the hyena-like laughs. I frantically rushed to the toilet and dreaded the rest of the day.

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I know that I was not the first person with red hair to be picked on, and I will not be the last. The series of events, conflicts, and crises in the story that lead up to the climax, providing the progressive intensity, and complicate the conflict. Yes, my first day Primary School. Which of the following things has happened?

Give only hints.

Use the five senses to fully describe your setting! I remember meeting her at the local supermarket and she had lost all of her hair; yet was still smiling.

I just couldn't understand. Both examples are about the same experience. The long drive home was made shorter by the 2 pipers playing reels and jigs non-stop all the way home.

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  • Back home, I launched into my bed after dumping all my gear on the floor.
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You can do this with descriptions of physical appearance, behaviour and actions. Some are smarter than you.

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Before I could take a rest, we were parading up a long road that ran through the heart of Dunoon. It is these types of remarks that really infuriate me. I could hear them. I felt quite frightened.

Personal reflective - Test - National 5 English - BBC Bitesize

The main character may encounter more conflicts in this part of the story, but the end is inevitable. The conclusion. I was thinking, is there something wrong with me? The exciting force or initial conflict is introduced.

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Try to think of your character as a whole person- who are they? Apart from that we had to wait in a long queue before boarding the ferry. Looking back, I now understand that these people or bullies found something that - in their opinion - was my flaw. Back home, I launched into my bed after dumping all my gear on the floor.

Why is everybody staring? I felt so hot and nervous that beads of sweat formed on my forehead as I stood waiting in the playground. As my mum pulled up outside the school I remember seeing all the children scrambling about and shouting like foghorns.

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For stories in which the context and the views of many characters are important, a third person narrator is a better choice. I was thinking.

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When I got up that morning I remember seeing my new school uniform hanging outside my wardrobe and I felt dread in me. From deep within the its darkened depths the sea had thrown a cold and wet cloak over her; the touch of which made all of the hairs on her skin stand to attention.

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Example The waves crashed against the shore like angry stallions, as the wind roared above her head. I dressed, rather hurriedly, in my kilt, sporran, belt, shirt, tie, socks, flashes, shoes and finally my thick tweed jacket. I scraped my hair back, and left the house, pipes in one hand, hat in the other.

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A crucial event takes place and from this point forward, the protagonist moves toward his inevitable end. The mood and conditions existing at the beginning of the story.

I would have to get up and face my nightmare. The setting is identified. You have 10 minutes to describe it in full, choosing a narrative voice and using the show-not-tell rule, the five senses and as much figurative language as possible.