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There must also be a control of these three functions by the individuals who provide the computer with instructions. This chapter describes in details the analysis of the data collected by the researchers. Present research is based on computer Literacy In the related researches experimental method is used whereas in the present research survey method is used.

Sonawane Mahesh J Marks 10 11 08 13 15 13 13 13 14 09 06 15 09 10 11 09 10 10 10 Khedekar Omkar M Mr. Longitudinal study of low and high achievers in early mathematics Longitudinal studies allow us to identify, which specific maths skills are weak in young children, and whether there is a continuing weakness in these areas throughout their school years.

Computer literacy Computer literacy is that one should have the knowledge computer and should have the ability to upload and download computer files. Secondary sources are accounts of an event that was not actually witnessed by the participant or reporter. It has contributed to different branches of knowledge. It executes millions of instructions per second.

The above review done by the researcher brings out the following imp pts: Zad Bhushan M Mr. The programme is well received by the students. It includes the method selected. The methodology is the description of theprocedure or techniques adopted in the research.

Study of Computer Literacy Among Secondary School Students

Bibliography 7. Madikan Himalaya S Ms.

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Fifth Generation Computers. Providing possible research designs and methodological procedures that may be used in the research study. R Mily Calhoun A survey is often quite.

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The review helped the researcher to select the sample for the study. The concept of artificial intelligence is introduced in Gavali Bhushankumar V Mr. The study is limited to ICT literacy only. Describe interpret what exist at present. Tatiya Samyak N Mr. Some of the computers of this generation are: Phadke Sachin U Mr. Rajput Surdhessh K Ms.

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Pradeep Kumar Best J. Mahale Pritam N. Shinde Diksha A.

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Salve Elinor S Mr. Salve Arpan A Mr. Garud Shubhankar J 12 05 05 13 14 07 05 07 Development of achievement test in computer literacy: This chapter describes in details the methodology followed in this research study.

Singh Shrvali K Mr. They were extremely large and had little reliability. Which of these computers will you be taking? Zagade Manas S Mr. As planned earlier the survey was conducted.

Study of Computer Literacy Among Secondary School Students | Experiment | Educational Technology

Bush Volumes In the following research the researcher has taken the help of both primary sources like M. Educational research is that activity which is directed towards the development of science of behavior in educational situation. A Computer is capable of storing huge amount of data. Yadav Prerna V Mr.

The invention of transistors in in USA replaced the large. The study is limited to academic yr The post test scores on achievements tests were significantly higher that pretest scores. Maksane Shivam N Mr. Esentepe Campus, AdapazariTurkey.

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They were mostly applied for payroll and billing. The responses of the students were collected using the respective questionnaire. Mathew Stephin B Ms.