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Vlachos, P. Therefore this work will only concentrate on the beverage industry with special focus on the marketing efforts of Coca-Cola. Bearing these factors in mind and thinking of the brand and the relationship the customer has with the brand from a long-term perspective will create brand loyalty. Facts are observed and conclusions are drawn from these facts. It focuses on the most compelling aspect of human character; the desire to transcend material satisfaction, and experience emotional fulfilment.

In order to change this negative trend, new concepts of building brand loyalty need to be developed. Sonntag, 3. In the UK both brand shares are slightly lower Euromonitor International, On the one hand emotions are triggered by a stimulus, i.

  1. The way a product feels, smells and looks like is very important for developing lasting relationships between brands and consumers as only certain colours and scents can influence if consumers identify themselves with a brand or not.
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  4. Limitations also exist on the level of access to organisational branding strategies, as the majority of information is confidential and sensitive and will not be given out to the general public.

The same is true for the other senses: The hypotheses are then tested and checked by analysing the focus group discussion. The five dimensions of brand personality influence consumer attachment differently depending on the levels of pleasure, arousal and satisfaction they create. The thesis should be well structured and have a very reasonable flow. Brands like Coca-Cola are very strong and can profit from this interrelation.

Second main question can be created by you. Thus, it is qualitative research based on the collection of qualitative data.

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The purpose of the secondary research is to get an overview on the research topic and to investigate those research objectives that cannot solely be covered by the primary research. Thus, the overall aim of this research is to investigate how emotional brand attachment affects brand loyalty in the skin care market in the UK and in Germany with a special focus on Nivea and Dove.

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It further suggests that developing emotional relationships with consumers helps marketing managers to increase brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth; whereas this is especially true for more hedonic products or self-expressive brands. In order to investigate how brand loyalty is affected the term needs to be closer defined as well. Although Vlachos et al.

How to Write an Emotional Branding Research Paper.

Providing customers with higher value products and services than competitors do, will lead to brand loyalty and financial rewards Arussy, Furthermore, a focus group is an unnatural setting and environment where people talk to strangers they have never met before and are supposed to share their thoughts and feelings with them.

The study is based both on primary and secondary research using qualitative research methods.

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Literature Review 3. In summary, it can be stated that all the studies reviewed above have in common that they investigate the influence of emotional brand attachment on loyalty building.

While Nivea relies on traditional values and natural beauty, Dove has started promoting real beauty and encouraging women to feel beautiful about their actual self instead of trying to reach an ideal self in its advertising campaigns.

Profitability — An organisation needs a margin of profit to put into ongoing marketing activities. The total marketing effort involves assessing customer needs and carrying out market research, together with the development of the product and its pricing, promotion and distribution. Qualitative Research Methods - Qualitative Research Methods research papers on the research employed in academic disciplines that seek to understand an aspect of human behavior.

In this research it will be investigated if emotions have the same significance for enhancing brand loyalty in the personal care industry.

The impact of emotional branding on brand loyalty in the skin care market

Stefanou, According to Travisa brand — at least, every brand worthy a proper noun — has a specific identity, and identity is something for which we all strive and probably cannot live without. To collect the data for their study they used a survey based on a questionnaire.

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Furthermore, the firm needs to spend less financial resources on attracting new customers since brand loyal customers will buy the brand anyway even if there is less advertising for it. Speed has replaced stability; intangible assets symbolic values have become more valuable than tangible assets functional attributes. While inductive conclusions are rather tentative as they only consider one explanation out of many other possible explanations which try to explain a fact, a deductive-inductive approach is based on the formulation of hypotheses.

Articles should be also be from a very reliable sources examples: Due to the fact that emotions are not easy to measure or quantify and that they are subjective in nature, research strategies such as computer simulation and content analysis are not appropriate for examining the research questions since both, computer simulation and content analysis require the availability of quantitative data.

When responding to an event human beings always try to maintain positive emotions and avoid negative ones, so that customers who had a positive experience which made them happy tend to repeat this experience.

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A study by Schaefer et al. In order to understand how the stimuli are changed into responses, the marketer needs to be aware of the characteristics affecting consumer behaviour.

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Since exploratory research aims at discovering the nature and the reason behind certain phenomena and tries to answer the question why things are the way they are it is the best research type to examine and understand the effect of building emotional bonds on long-term brand loyalty Adams et al. Facts are observed and conclusions are drawn from these facts.

After critically evaluating these articles, their similarities and differences will be summarised and discussed and finally their relevance to the research question will be shown and explained. Thus, it is very important for the moderator to stay neutral and objective and no to influence the participants in any way or to impose certain opinions on them.

The study has come to the result that both brands effectively use emotional branding strategies to create brand loyalty and that emotions such as happiness, security, safety, reassurance and trust are essential for creating brand loyalty in the skin care market. Orth, U. Firstly, it has to be established why customers like a brand.

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Using focus groups to gather primary data also has disadvantages, however. Furthermore, brand extension becomes easier because it enables a new product to take advantage of the already established functional attribute and symbolic values that make up the personality of the parent brand.

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Even though the study has some weaknesses such as the relatively small sample size and the fact that it only considers university students and that customer satisfaction is only measured at one specific point in time, its findings are very useful for this research. Due to the limited scope of this research, this will not be filipino research paper sample in this case, it is recommended however, to do it in any further research investigating this research question.

In his opinion engagement, which is the emotional bond the customer forms with a brand, is based on different feelings which are evoked by the brand experience. Besides, the effect of factors such as consumer satisfaction and retail image were not tested in this study and could be investigated in further research as suggested by Vlachos et al.

Daryl holds a similar view.

This strategy can be applied to the research question very well since the reasons why people prefer a certain brand over the other is based on their feelings towards that brand. The secondary research involves the analysis of written documents, and other sources of secondary data with the purpose to get an overview on the research topic and to investigate those research objectives that cannot solely be covered by the primary research.

Furthermore, it will be analysed which type of self-congruence Nivea uses in its campaigns and how effective this is.