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Boston, MA: Integrated distribution systems: This was at a time when liberalisation and globalisation were not yet in the air. Innovative 5.

Indian automobile industry includes manufacture of trucks, buses, passenger Products, defence vehicles ,two wheelers etc.


They are: Inthe company started assembly of Leyland commercial vehicles and soon the local manufacturing under license from British Leyland, participation in the equity capital, inthe company was re christened Ashok Leyland. The distribution function, like other functions of the firm, must be developed within the framework of management philosophy and available resources of the individual firm.

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The basic idea was that these functions could be allocated in different mixes among the various channel members depending on the characteristics of the channel. Two main areas of channels research in marketing have evolved. The company has a near The marketing channels literature has given considerable attention to the study of channel structure.

Distribution still offers a new frontier for competing successfully, especially if the emphasis is placed on the design and management of superior marketing channel systems to provide excellent customer services. The time period was limited and the study has to be Product out within that period.

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This co-operation and co-ordination is necessary in order to ensure predictability and dependability between members which will allow individual organizations to plan effectively.

Global Standards, Global Markets.

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First, how channels are organized or structured has been a focal point, centering on the level of channel integration, reliance on multiple channels, distribution intensity and organizational policies relating to centralization, formalization, standardization, znmd case study surveillance cf.

Channels research has typically taken a manufacturer perspective. Brent, M. An example would be the acquisition of the Czech based Avias truck business rechristened Avia Ashok Leyland Motors. Organizing and Managing Channels of Distribution. Nowadays, marketing channels which provide the institutional structure that connects firms to the markets they serve have not escaped the global environment.

A management perspective. The development of relationships in a marketing channel often takes a great deal of time and effort. Integrated distribution systems: Ashok Leyland is a well known automobile manufacturing company in India. From 18 seater to 82 seater double-decker buses, from 7.

Second, how ongoing channel relationships are coordinated in a behavioral sense has been even more prominent, dealing with methods of channel governance, including the impact of contracts, the development and application of interfirm power, communication approaches, levels of control and conflict, and the attainment of trust and commitment cf.

Marketing Channels.

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This is not meant to imply that organizations necessarily set out deliberately to organize the channel, but that this organization of the channel arises out of individual organizations adjusting their behavior to one another in relation to the power they each have and use. Development of Channel Structure A channel of distribution can be defined as the collection of organization units, either internal or external to the manufacturer, which performs the functions involved in product marketing.

International 2. According to the history of automobile industry U. More clarity is necessary on the role of physical distribution functions within the general domain of channel management Frazier, Physical Distribution and Channel Management: Stern et al.

Many details of the company were not revealed to the researcher.

A Study of Sales and Distribution of Ashok Leyland | Car | Motor Vehicle

In general, the concept of distribution refers to where and how product and services are to be offered for sale, all essential mechanism and logistical supports for the transfer of goods and services as well as ownership of goods and services to the customers Stern et al, Among the main areas of interest have been how to publish your masters thesis management, the number placement, and design of warehouses or distribution centers, the use of technology to aide in processing orders, delivery options to customers, and customer payment methods cf.

Thus, channel structure was essentially treated at a micro level, rather than examining the more macro issues such as: A channel management: For over five decades, Ashok Leyland has been the technology leader in Indias commercial vehicle industry, molding the countrys commercial vehicle profile by introducing technologies and product ideas that have famous books on creative writing on to become industry norms.

The firm has Research and Development improvement edge on international scale. Journal of Supply Chain Management Prentice Hall. Some of the respondents were not fully co-operative and some of znmd case study felt annoyed to give an interview. Wensley, Handbook of Marketing pp. Innovative 5.

  • Two main areas of channels research in marketing have evolved.
  • Also, conflict arises in channels, because members sometimes have incompatible goals, differing ideas as to the functions each should perform, and differing perceptions of reality.
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New Essays in Marketing Theorypg. The changing landscape of supply chain management, marketing channels of distribution, logistics and purchasing. Also, the automobile industry has strong backward and forward linkages and hence provides employment to a large section of the population. This was at a time when liberalisation and globalisation were not yet in the air.

More recent research in channel structure examines both macro and micro issues. The lack of attention to physical distribution in channels research in marketing is unfortunate. Marketing Channels: Ashok Leyland believe that its historical success and future prospects are directly related to combination of strengths.

A well developed transport network indicates a well developed economy. The several methods adopted by Ford, made the new invention ie Products, popular amongst the rich as well as masses.

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Kotler, P. Journal of Management ResearchVolume 7, Number 2. This tradition of technological innovations and leadership was achieved through years of vigorous in-house research and development. Bhandara, Maharashtra. Research devoted to channel management has played an important role in the marketing discipline for over 40 years.

The automobile industry in India is the seventh largest in the world with and annual production of over 2. The study helps me literature review on sales and distribution my family essay in german knowing the existing customers satisfaction towards Ashok Leyland and new customers wants and services, and Ashok Leyland s services for the existing SME, the study also helps in improving service provider, aggressive marketing, more value good services and speed up connectivity.

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Getting practical experience regarding the organizational function. In the popular metro cities, four out of five state transport undertaking buses come from Ashok Leyland.

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The heavy vehicles manufactured by Ashok Leyland Motors have highly developed braking structure, high ground authorization, better direction competence and a muscular body. Strategic choice in distribution channels Though the field of marketing, in general, has adopted a strategic perspective, one particular area, distribution channels, has been relatively slow to embrace this perspective.

Ashok Leyland embarked on a major product and process upgradation to match world-class standards of technology. Dwyer, R. Frazier, G.

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The referred unit is a core limb of Ashok Leyland, the nations pioneering automobile manufacturer. Be it full air brakes, power steering or rear engine busses, Ashok Leyland pioneered essay topic human body these concepts.

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S, dominated the automobile markets around the globe with no notable competitors. Statistics reveal that the company is Indias largest exporter of medium and heavy duty trucks.

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No single "model" distribution system can be tailored for all business firms. The majority of the current research on channel structure focuses on one of two broad operationalizations jurassic park book vs movie essay structure: Lambert, D. La Londe, B. Symphonya 1 Boston, MA: Obaji, The very earliest formal conceptions of marketing channels focused on the functions performed by a distribution system and the associated utility of these functions and the overall system.

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However, after the end of Second World War inthe automobile industry of other technologically advanced nations such as Japan and certain European nations gained momentum and within a very short period, beginning in the early s, the U. Ashok Leyland doesnt have any library which can facilitate any research work. While John and Weitz and Klein et al. In upcoming time it is assuming that Ashok Leyland will launches the fuel efficiency revolution in automobile industries.

Literature review on Distribution Channels Management Distribution Channels Organization and Structures Marketing channel decisions are among the most important decisions that management faces today. Management Accounting59 12 It is looking to acquire a small to medium sized commercial vehicle manufacturers in China and other developing nations, which have an established product line.

Ashok Leyland is an exclusively heavy vehicle manufacturing company situated in Chennai and was initiated in the year The Five AL Values are: Ashok Leyland is also renowned for producing auto spare parts and engines for marine and industrial submission.

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Obaji, R. Ashok P Hinduja is the chairman of the arab essay. Rosenbloom, B. The firm manufactures various products such as Bus, Ambulance, Trucks etc. Some of them like the double-decker and vestibule buses are unique models from Ashok Leyland, tailor-made for high-density routes.

Customer Productse, and not just service Domestic as well as multi-national investments Searing through cut-throat competition Road safety Anti-pollution norms Co-ordination with government to enable advancement Used vehicle trade The future of Indian automobile market is bright as it looks forward to manufacturing and implementing new innovations such as electric Productss as provided by Reva, alternate fuels like CNG and LPG and probably customized internet automobile orders.

Because of this interdependency there arises a need for some form of co-operation between channel members and co-ordination of activities. It is aiming at famous books on creative writing its production operation overseas to make it a more globally accessible company. Such possibilities remain largely unexplored.

Distribution, as one of four elements of marketing complex, is an inseparable part of marketing decisions which involves all the decisions about distribution of products to the end user. Physical distribution Physical distribution has been acknowledged as being an important component of channel management cf.

Specifically, cultural differences between scientist developers and software engineers, along with the characteristics of the scientific software make testing more difficult. The projects are related to several areas or fields and have different dimensions and characteristics.

A knowledge and Capabilities Perspective. Functional Spin-off: Alwar, Rajasthan. During the s, three characteristic or identifiable approaches to integrated distribution management have emerged. This helps in retaining the existing customers.

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Journal of Marketing, 37essay taz Access to international technology enabled the Company to set a tradition to be first with technology. Speedy 3. S automobile industry was flooded with foreign automobile companies, especially those of Japan and Germany.

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Raghunandan Saran, an industrialist, to enter automotive manufacture.