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If the reputation is damaged, the current loyal artifact customers may no longer have faith in the company; in turn decreasing sales of artifacts. Haydon is pretty rowdy, he enjoys many boyish things such as playing in the dirt, and not taking a bath!

It also mentions the way the company managed the change. Shifting to replicas means to do like the competitions and to follow an inside out strategy.

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Lancer gallery case study, Lancer Gallery was able to expand their product lines to… Case Studies: Lancer is currently a limited distribution company who sell to specialty dealers and department stores. The catch is they have to mass produce replicas.

This has hurt negotiations with current buyers, causing gross margins to slip due to the aggressive competition.

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If the reputation is damaged, the current loyal artifact customers may no longer have faith in the company; in turn decreasing sales of artifacts. They are a large company that have a well-respected reputation for sourcing and selling African and South American artefacts and replicas, along with Native American pottery and jewellery. They originated in the s and developed a wonderful reputation as one of the most respected sources of artifacts and replicas.

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This way they can keep their image. Lancer Gallery should not reposition their company. I chose this child because of his interesting background. The company should not put aside its core competency and on the contrary stick with it to be more profitable.

The market is also affected not only by the increase of copies of authentic items but also emergence of fakes items. Their company is successful and has ucl dissertation format outstanding results over the last years thanks to a combination of great reputation and their ability to consistently expand their brand.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: Regardless of their strengths competition is always a hurdle. Because taking on this contract would likely cause a drop in artifact sales, the company would be relying on the sales of replicas; a market which Lancer cannot successfully compete in.

This can give the industry a bad name. In my opinion Lancer Gallery should not accept this contract.

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South American and African artifacts are remaining the core of their business and they are often supplying directly their client. If the department store is higher end I would say that they should accept the contract, but stipulate they want to have a preferred display area. This may hurt their image, price structure, as well as upset current distributors.

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They must soon decide whether or not to accept the contract. Their reputation over the past several decades increasingly how long does it take to complete an undergraduate dissertation amongst the public through various pieces they placed for sale, as lancer gallery case study were carefully verified for authenticity.

Lancer Gallery by Kayla Jin on Prezi They have been around way too long to change their image from quality to quantity.

Lancer and Gallery is a company specialized in the sell of South American and African artifacts. The competitive landscape in recent years has shown that competition has deepened in the last decade. The child I chose for my case study is named Haydon.

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They… Case Study: Regarding to their specific product category, the distribution channel used is limited. From this start-up that sold mostly small items like pens and binders, Kamprad added furniture to his mail-order catalog….

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Marshall Scott RE: The study explains how effectively ayurvedic medicines essay individual change can bring about the organizational change. Lancer Gallery should decline the contract offer.

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Lancer Gallery has a national reputation for supplying quality authentic artifacts for over years. Enriquez decided in order to overcome his identify disorder, he had to transition; because of his decision, Enriquez received negative feedback from his co-workers because he proceeded with the transformation to make himself become the person he longed to be.

Lancer Gallery Article Summary: Accepting the contract would damage the reputation of the company, which would lead to a decrease in the sales of authentic artifacts the most profitable market for Lancer ; thus causing a reliance upon replica sales. Their headquarters is out of four different major U.

The company is also not in a top 10 tips for writing an essay to compete successfully in the replica market, which is the majority of the proposed contract.

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The strength of the firm and most of the profits come from sales of authentic artifacts. Case Study Analysis Words 4 Pages Case study analysis In Enriquez had to decide whether or not he wanted to retain his job as a medical director in Top 10 tips for writing an essay Jersey or proceed with a procedure to transform from male to female.

The replica industry has developed a bad reputation; partly due to fly by night competitors who dump substandard merchandise into the lancer gallery case study. Being known for quality is important, but the brands creating cheaper replicas, artifacts, and jewelry still have a place in the market.

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It is not to say that the quality is comparable, but it gives Lancer something to think about as far as whether or not that want to compete more closely to some of these other brands.

Lancer faces the dilemma of more money, versus sacrificing business values. This would make the firm reliant on sales from replicas, which are less profitable.