Literature review on type 1 diabetes, qualitative studies of type 1 diabetes in adolescence: a systematic literature review.

SAGE, Figure 1.

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Cognitive Impairments: A Systematic Review.

Diabetes and travelling. The children also remembered health professionals as an important source of support for adequate disease management.

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Herrman J. Insulin pump therapy is perceived as liberating, but to many it can imply a sense of the diabetes made visible.

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First is the worry of developing the same condition, since heredity and family factors play a significant role in its onset. SES and ethnic background A literature review of English-language studies that were published between January and May suggests that children of ethnic minorities in the US bear a greater health burden and experience poorer outcomes than white chronically ill children.

Supporting parents of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus: a literature review

It is the seventh leading cause of death in developed countries. Hayes M, et al.

  • The challenges families face A number of specific challenges in the care of T1DM patients and their families have been identified by researchers and practitioners.
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  • Qualitative studies of type 1 diabetes in adolescence: a systematic literature review.
  • [Full text] Supporting parents of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus: a litera | PI
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The researchers expect to contribute to the synthesis of available knowledge and to appoint its applications for nursing practice and future research. These quantitative data are promising, but by gaining a subjective insight into the lives of people living with T1DM, it will be possible to better understand the variety of perceptions about the insulin pump.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) self management in hospital; is it possible? A literature review.

The inclusion criteria were: Here, we dwell on a few of these comorbidities. Author information: Insulin pumps.

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The integrative review: Self Emotional responses. Int J Clin Pract ;65 Suppl Surprisingly, the diabetes research community is only recently opening up to this idea.

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The young patients, naturally, must rely on their parents and families for instruction, support, and daily help with coping with such a complex set of demands. The debate notwithstanding, there is a generally accepted view of the family unit and the interactions among its members as a major factor in physiological, psychosocial, and functional outcomes of long-term care of T1DM.

Garmo A, et al. First, age at onset, disease duration, and glycemic dysregulation were delineated for their association with cognitive changes. A number of positive experiences were described by pump users, where there was an overall sense of regaining control of their T1DM.

Todres et al. We then review interventions and offer a few directions for future thought and research.

We restricted our review to studies involving only human subjects and excluded studies on type 2 diabetes mellitus or non-classified diabetes. Wilson V.

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Insulin pump therapy: Severe hypoglycaemia and glycaemic control in type 1 diabetes: But what is being done? Adequate education when the disease is discovered and monitoring of the children, bonding with them and their families, valuation of their knowledge and experience exchanges among children and among relatives are essential aspects which nurses should prioritize.

An additional negative was the cost of CSII therapy, which differs upon the health care jurisdiction in question and availability of funding.

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Cognitive Impairments: A Systematic Review.

The authors believe that thinking about skyfall genre essay diabetes education program needs to involve service organization 20qualifying nurses and their team, in the attempt to improve the care delivered to these children. Munt R 1Hutton A.

Besides, nursing practice, health care, research and new knowledge creation can also be benefitted 9. As a result, recent reviews of the research in this venue point to a moderate-to-low effect size of such interventions.

One study23 explored the experiences of transitioning from MDII to CSII, while the study of Wilson and colleagues24 sought to gain an appreciation of the communication process between patients and health care professionals HCPs.

The need to manage numerous aspects of lifestyle eg, physical activity, dietary restrictions, numerous needle pricks for testing is often a source of conflict among family members and strains the delicate fabric of family interactions.

A person with T1DM requires a daily management routine to control glycaemia levels known as self management.

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Discussion The limited number of studies featured in this review highlights a need for more qualitative research in this field, particularly in the Australian context.

Identified studies were screened using inclusion and exclusion criteria detailed in Table 1. Interventions targeting the above aspects focus on a few intermediate goals: Tsui E, et al. Whatever drives conflict in such settings, the literature seems consistent in suggesting that conflict and instability of family interactions are associated with instability in care and monitoring of the condition.

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This paper systematically reviews recurrent themes within extant qualitative research and suggests avenues for future research. Paediatr Nurs.

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The sample of studies summarized in Table 1 represents a broad range of approaches, frameworks, and even technologies, but all share the same core targets: Family 4g technology research paper Methods The aim of this study was to systematically review all available research literature addressing the attitudes, experiences and perceptions relating to the physical, psychological and social health of people living with Term paper on production and operation management and using an insulin pump.

As from this step, the copies of these 44 papers were obtained and their contents were fully read and discussed, during literature review on type 1 diabetes meetings among the authors.

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BMJ ; J Pediatr. Summary of key characteristics of the 13 included studies. However, some had a more specific aim. Other members apart from their network are also valued. Interventions are aimed at two specific populations — the newly diagnosed and those in the years after diagnosis.