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On the other hand; however, heavy drinking -- either all at once or over time -- can damage the heart Technology use even a little usage affects communication skills. Anything besides focusing on the road can be considered distracted driving. In people between the age of visibly manipulated their phones 4. That is a plethora of people that are at risk of texting while driving. Some of the few activities that contribute to being distracted while driving include using a cell phone, talking to a passenger, using the GPS, adjusting the radio and most importantly texting.

In my opinion this is due to three different, yet equally important factors. Even though this is a reality television show, there is much truth to what these mothers are doing.

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  • Many high school teens by this time are out and about in their vehicles, adjusting and learning the rituals of the road.

Among those victims, 3, people were killed in the crashes by distracted drivers and an additionalwere injured. Craft If you drink and drive, you are not only a danger to yourself but also to your passenger, other road users and pedestrians This law is very important today and became Teens And Driving: Anyone can… The Child For Safe Driving Words 5 Pages was a phrase that continuously played in my head while tears rolled down my face.

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Everyone has felt that feeling where they can hardly wait to get behind the wheel and start driving. Little do people know teen drivers are more likely to die from a car accident than from a homicide, suicide, or cancer combined Littlefield.

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It was a cold, muggy, and rainy night. For some there are obstacle that life throw at them to be able to accomplish their goals.

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This habit caused many catastrophic accidents and deaths. This issue has been one of the most talked about social issues in the last 30 years.

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According to the law, a person can drive at the age of sixteen years, but they can drive earlier if they have a permit. Many states recognize the immense threat resulting from texting and driving and have placed a ban on this epidemic.

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One of the results can be going to jail; however, I believe that going to jail is one of the softest consequences that an individual can have for drinking and driving. Automobile, Tram accident, Drunk driving] Better Essays Distracted While Driving - Have you ever been on a cell phone while driving or seen someone on his or her cell phone while driving.

Little do people know teen drivers are more likely to die from a car accident than from a homicide, suicide, or cancer combined Littlefield.

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How can we make the roads a safe place to be again. More should be done to prevent drunk driving.

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By waiting an extra year to obtain a driver's license a teenager will not gain much more experience behind the wheel. The percentage of car crashes among teenagers that included their friends as passengers went up due to the risky behavior the driver. However, over the years it has become more unclear whether or not 16 year olds are mature enough to drive.

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  3. To reduce teen driving fatalities, successful completion of driver education classes provided by public and private schools should be mandatory for all… Road Construction Accidents Caused By Drivers Words 7 Pages overwhelming issue that every driver has experienced throughout their driving years.
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She looks up at the road before she replies to him and she is head on with another car 10 feet away from her, she slams on the breaks and swerves to try to miss the car. When he is done speaking, a teacher comes… Teen Driving Behavior Of Teenage Drivers Words 4 Pages passengers went up due to the risky behavior the driver.

Cell phone use in cars starts to become an issue when the number one driving distraction reported by teen and young adult drivers is texting and driving There is a mass of research evidence to show that driving performance and reaction times are seriously affected by alcohol.

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  • Teens and young adults must be educated about the effects, benefits and laws of texting and driving in order to keep adults and teens safe while driving a vehicle.
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