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She works alongside the teaching staff to support children's learning and development. You must also have attended PBA for a minimum of 3 consecutive semesters. Each student is evaluated in two areas:

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Please remember, fund-raisers are used to provide things that cannot be normally purchased through the tuition. Returning students are offered a discounted registration fee. Speirs Mrs.

This fee supplements tuition and is what we try to set aside for improvements to the building or the program of PBA. Aiton Mrs. Morley co-ordinates our Eco Committee. Boys will wear either black, navy or kaki school bell style pants with their school uniform polo style shirt.


However, cell phones may not be used in class without the permission of the teacher for that class. The times vary occasionally during the clinical year in order to expose the student to a greater variety of clinical experiences.

Girls On casual dress days, denim or khaki dresses and skirts are permitted and should be loose fitting with modest tops or blouses. Brunton is the Secretary of our School Fund Committee. Jackets, coats and hooded sweaters are not to be worn in the classrooms during the school day. Good Mrs. Homework is assigned for various purposes: Parents signing report cards do not mean they approve or disapprove of the report, but that they have seen it.

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Brunton manages the School Office and provides administrative support to all members of staff. They will be kept in the school office. McKissock Mrs. Imprinted clothing will be permitted however; any inappropriate pictures or wording is strictly prohibited.

  1. Homework is usually due on Wednesday and the test is on Friday.
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No imprinted clothing may be worn. The Salutatorian is the second highest academic honor received by a graduating PBA senior.

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It derives the majority of its income from tuition paid by the parents of the students. Each student is evaluated in two areas: We ask parents to heartily participate in our fund raising programs so that we are able to reach our goal in that particular program. He looks after our school and helps to keep everyone safe. Honor Roll is figured differently for those students in the School of Tomorrow program.

Students that successfully complete the program are given a certificate and are eligible to sit for the ASCP Board of Certification. For practice: You must also have attended PBA for a minimum of 3 consecutive semesters.

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Dresses and skirts may not have any slits. Make up is permitted grades only and with parental permission within reason and done modestly, in good taste.

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Please help us by contacting the office and alerting us in writing of any medications your child might be taking. For drill: Nail polish may be worn modestly 7th — 12th grades. On guys or girls 3. Morley Miss. Report Cards The purpose of the reporting system is to give parents and students an accurate indication of the progress or lack of progress being made.

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Boyd Miss. She has completed accredited Nurture training. Cell phones are only allowed to be used between classes and during lunch. Girls keep in mind length and tightness. Students who seem to have difficulty meeting the following requirements will lose their casual dress privileges in the future and willfully put the school student body at risk of losing casual dress privileges as well.

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  • She is qualified to teach French and Spanish.
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Tank tops, sleeveless shirts or jumpers, or tops that show the midriff are not allowed. During this year, students spend roughly 40 hours per week Monday through Friday in the laboratory completing various learning activities in order to gain entry level competency as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

Socializing on the phone is not considered a necessary use. Girls may wear their school uniform on chapel days. A unit of instruction includes a set of objectives, reading assignment, homework assignment, and test on a particular topic.

In order to do this we need your help by making prompt and timely payments toward your financial obligations. The administration reserves the right to judge what is considered modest and worldly.

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For reinforcement activity: If you do feel we have drawn the line too far to the right please understand it is that way on purpose. All shoes must be non-scuffing.

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Modesty is the key word. Each teacher is at liberty to give marc anthony research paper to aid each student in advancing in his studies. Parkview Baptist Academy reserves the right to make all final decisions necessary to enforce its communicable disease policy and to take all necessary action to control the spread of communicable diseases and sickness within the school. Any medications you wish your child to take should be supplied by you.

Susan Caskie is one of our School Support Assistants. The Class of Graduation Party From left to right: Phillips coordinates our charity work and fundraising.

The first tuition payment is due the 15th of July for the 12 month plan and data collection and analysis in research proposal 10th of August for the 10 month plan. Homework assignments should be complete, neat, on time, and written clearly.

Sweaters must be solid colors with no imprinting at all.

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A teacher may sometimes request that a student stay after school if it is apparent that the student is having difficulty with his or her work. She also coordinates our charity work and fundraising efforts across the school. Miss Sheikh is qualified to teach French.

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Boys must come to school clean-shaven daily. Navy blue, hunter green, white, red, and black. Off brands are permitted but the style must be very similar. We understand that you may not have the same standards in your home or church but we at Parkview Baptist Academy are going cover letter main body answer to God about the direction in which we allow the school to go.

A child is not officially enrolled until the registration fee is paid in full. In general, no homework assignment should take an unreasonable time for any grade level. Her professional interests are Physical Education and Health. This is not to be thought of as punishment, but rather as the desire of the teacher to help the student make the progress of which he or she is capable.

Longmuir Mrs. No student should appear at any school function wearing anything that would contradict the standards of dress of the Parkview Baptist Academy.

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The main thing to remember it that casual is not sloppy. This is a very important matter. We should look neat and sharp therefore shirts are to be tucked in to expose the belt all day including before and after school.