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The main constraints must be identified in order to cope with the high disease burden. Medical research in French-speaking Africa: Trials and tribulations of an African-led research and capacity development programme: CPI was registered every day in between lunch and dinner. METHODS This was a non-controlled trial to evaluate the response to intervention within the same group of subjects, by recording plaque index before and after intervention performed by parents on children enrolled in grade 0 at Juan Pablo II School. North and South:

Washington DC: World Health Organization. Quintessence; Rev Fac Odontol Univ Antioq ; 25 The primary measured variable was community plaque index CPIa variable that depends on oral-hygiene promoting actions such as brushing at least three times a day.

Statistical definition of the group response can be used to describe the degree of consensus achieved with regard to certain issues and problems.

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Current situation, development of research policy and implementation's strategy, constraints of oral health research and role of universities. However five items which showed strong dispersal of opinion. J Clin Periodontol ; Strong agreement: Capacity development for health research in Africa: Proceedings of the European workshop on mechanical plaque control.

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Community Deni Oral Epidemiol ; The panel of experts will focus on why and how harmonization of funder's efforts and enhanced alignment with country needs could improve the effectiveness of funding. Distribution of the level of consensus of the panel issue from the Delphi survey Open in a separate window Three levels of strong agreement level A were identified among 15 questions, included the role of research.

Global Ministry forum on Research; Building capacity in health research in the developing world.

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Analysis Quantitative analysis was made from the answers of Delphi round. The legislative framework has not kept pace with new trends in research, such as genetics research, ethical conduct of clinical trials, material exchange and intellectual property rights.

Knowledge for better health: The average number of teeth was 21, distributed as follows: They were taught how to perform bacterial plaque control with CPI and they were standardized on this instrument.


J Med Libr Assoc. Colomb Med42 4: Problems and Prospects. Oral health policies for this population group should include plaque supervision by non-dental staff, such as parents or other people close to the childs environment.

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Community-oriented oral health promotion for infants in Jerusalem: Addressing inequalities in research capacity in Africa. Petersen PE. Int J Dent Hygiene ; 3: Council on Health Research for Development. Jessica Kingsley Publisher; Most participating parents stayed in the program for at least 12 weeks.

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J Oral Health Prev Dent ; 3: Figure 1 shows that over time the number of preschool children with better plaque control increased. Table 2 The current situation of oral health research in Table 3 The constraints of oral health research in Community Dent Oral Epidemiol.

Community Dent Oral Epidemiol ; Results Of the participants, 12 identified their primary area of expertise as policy, five as dental decision maker and 13 as research.

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In this study, each participating child was its own control subject. Responses to these open-ended questions were used to generate new items use to the second questionnaire.

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Current status of oral health research in Africa: Adler M, Ziglio E. Is dental health education effective? A systematic review of current evidence. Johnson NW, ed.

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Records were taken during 33 weeks, the time of permanence of the group with the highest adherence. The content was based on a systematic search of the relevant evidence and claims made by authors of consumer and career guides and websites. But how to fill the gaps in research oral health and to strengthen its capacity is the question.

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Report from the Ministerial Summit on Health Research; The access to the English-speaking reviews is a dominating factor in a scientific community which publishes mainly in English. Retaining Teaching Capacity in African Universities: This study assessed the effectiveness of parental plaque supervision on children of grade 0 from Juan Pablo II School. Lansang MA, Dennis R.

Strategies to promote better research on oral health in Africa: A Delphi consensus study

These items covered the following broad areas: Key words: Research for health and health system strengthening in Africa. Countries should identify priority areas of their research and capacity building in this area.

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Strong disagreement: Despite this, the findings provide some bases for decision-makers and for relevant plans. Health Res Policy Syst. Corchuelo J.

Strategies to promote better research on oral health in Africa: A Delphi consensus study A study of trends in biomedical publications.

Available from: This reduction might also be connected with the kids perceiving their parents interest in taking good care of their teeth. The development of research policy and the implementation's strategy for oral health are shown in Table 4. Glob Health Action.