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The Study CV When applying for a study place, it will be important to emphasize your academic abilities. Proctor Dining Hall. Well-rested people are more cheerful. The basic capitalization rules are: The study revealed an unexpected result:


    See also hyphens conferences official names are capped see capitalization conjunctions Conjunctions such as and, or, but, and nor may be used to begin a sentence.

    Avoid overdoing it.

    Use to introduce a list or series but not if it comes in the middle of a sentence: The next really amateur thing is positioning with tab stops. Consistency When you choose the font, style bold, italic etc.

    If this is the case, allow bigger margins. It is also fine to put only your name at the top and omit the words thesis statement about reduce reuse and recycle vitae'.

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    Less is more The length of a CV is partly determined by cultural factors - a good Australian CV will be at least 5 pages, a British CV maximum 2- and partly by how long your life has been, but as a rule, it is worth remembering that in whatever situation you send a CV, yours will be just one amongst many. Decide for yourself, but remember it is the least important part of the CV. Spread out the information.

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    Education - BA Honours, Economics, University of Leeds - MA Economics, University of Edinburgh American Style In the US, it is often the case that where you studied matters more than what you studies, so the name of the university comes first, then degree inset underneath, and date on the right. Arial and text should be serif e. This is basically one word, not two, so the second element is not capped unless it is a proper noun or proper adjective.

    Hobbies and interests are not necessary on a study CV.

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    Some peole would like to make better use of multimedia possibilities, using html code or other file types. No information about your parents should be included. Do not use more than a maximum of two different fonts, and these should be standard fonts like Times serif or Arial sans serif.

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    It is hard to say if this is true, but it is a theory that you will probably not want to test. Clarity The information on your CV should stand out. Avoid mixing too many different styles such as bold, italics or underlining.

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    If at school you took three exams and failed one, don't say you failed one, just mention the two you passed. On those rare occasions when individuals insist on the.

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    John Smith, Class of Febs: Avoid too wide a variety of point sizes. Classes from previous centuries that duplicate numerals of classes in the present century should be written in full. People know that most universities run from October to June.

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    The Americans don't do homework clipart black and white them in, the British usually do. We will be traveling to:

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