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These children also have a much higher rate of accidents than do other children, and they are twice as likely to have impaired vision and hearing, iron deficiency anemia, and higher than normal levels of lead in the blood, which can impair brain function. The level of poverty in Africa is seen as surprising, not only because of its large population and available workforce alone, but also because of the abundance of natural resources on the land of Africa.

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You might think that poverty causes hunger and prevents people from accessing clean water and you would be right! Azami, R.

Topic: Poverty in Africa; Causes, Solutions and the Future | Maxwell Adjei - Do poverty stricken… Causes of Poverty and Vagrancy Words 4 Pages The most significant cause of poverty and vagrancy in this period was the economic depression.

The level of poverty in Africa is seen as surprising, not only because of its large population and available workforce alone, but also because of the abundance of natural resources on the land of Africa. As long as absolute poverty remains in Africa, conflict is inevitable. For instance, the level of poverty in Ethiopia and Ghana is not same as that of Somalia.

More needs to be done by African countries to combat the numerous causes of poverty which have been identified on the continent. As mentioned earlier, there should be enough commitment by African leaders to develop physical infrastructure which ultimately will promote regional trade and integration.

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Again, closer trading links between these countries would strengthen their capacity to participate in world trade. However, these positive gains in Africa still do not lift its millions of people who are living below the poverty line. There is always an assured presence of poverty in Africa so long conflicts protract Apart from the deep corruption in many African states, ignorance on the part of leaders too contributes significantly to the high poverty levels in Africa.

Although no one understands why, there are different causes and reasons as to why people are in poverty. African countries must provide adequate support and cooperation to the various sub-regional economic blocs on the continent whiles philosophy term paper ideas bold steps to implement the policies and plans derived from them.

There are many policies and programmes designed by African countries to deal with corruption, however their implementation has become problematic due to the inability of institutions to do so or the lack of political will.

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Thus, immediately African countries earned their independence, they had to continue with the trade routes established by their colonial masters during the colonial period. For instance, Singapore and New Zealand were both British colonies.

It is predicted that the numbers will rise further and possibly reach 1. Inthe drought in North-East Africa Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya drove millions of people who were already living below the poverty line into starvation. In the report UNECA further claimed that these institutions were often funded and overseen by the executive branch and thus anti-corruption agencies could be eliminated at the will of politicians.

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Now, more than half of the country lives in extreme poverty. The unavailability of some basic infrastructure inextricably makes people impoverished and slows down the economic development path. Poor education Not every person without an education is living in extreme poverty. The level of their naivety is normally manifested through their unrealistic social and economic policies which normally brings untold hardship to their already poor populations.

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  3. Regional integration would enable many countries to overcome the obstacles represented by their relatively small domestic markets, by enabling producers to realize greater economies of scale and benefit from the establishment of regional infrastructures.
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Kieran McConville 8. Inequality There are many different types of inequality in the world, from economic to social inequalities like gendercaste systems, or tribal affiliations. In order to ensure a wane in the high levels of poverty and inequality in Africa, the commitment of African leaders to openness in administration must be continued and further enhanced.

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Alexia Webster 4. Conflicts have so many interrelated issues like outbreak of diseases, loss of capital, loss of property among others which make the living conditions of the people domiciled in the affected area very difficult. Corruption in Sub-Sahara Africa http: Africa is popular for its civil wars, either between neighbouring countries or within the same country.

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And, with even more education, world poverty could be cut in half. These illness and disease cause many people in Africa to become unproductive and this subsequently leads to the loss of money for the state and the impoverishment of the affected people.

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Whereas many people in African states are employed by the State, most loans attracted from these institutions come with conditions which instruct African governments to reduce their public spending wage bill thus ultimately causing the loss of jobs of these people and making them poorer. The purpose of this paper is to examine the prevalence of poverty drinking age research paper outline families, the effect poverty has on families, and the causes of poverty… What Is The Cause Of Poverty?

Poverty has many causes, types and effects on different people. Kene Umeasiegbu; A view from the other side: In some instances, the strict conditions attached to those policies only end up worsening the situation of the people.

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Poverty alone accounts for major increase in homeless households while other possible reasons include loss of job, eroding job opportunities, business plan training ppt of public assistance and lack of affordable housing facilities. There can never be a fair level of competitiveness for African countries and developed ones so far as Africa assumes the role of exporters of raw materials on the international level.

In Ethiopia for example, repeated cycles of drought have caused harvest after harvest to rfid thesis title, causing a widespread hunger crisis.

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In recent times however, many leaders of African states have higher levels of education and have shown a bit more commitment to fight corruption. Further, because wives generally live longer than their husbands, growing numbers of elderly women must live in poverty.

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Through corruption, large volumes of state resources are lost to public officials further causing wide inequality between State officials and the average tax payer citizen. Government can employ of the services of professionals in the resolution of conflicts through various means of mediation and national reconciliation.

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While many argue that we will never be able to truly get rid of poverty, extreme poverty can be eradicated. In the following paper, we will examine the prevalence, impact, and causes related to families that live in poverty.