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Here there are no chairs to wait but again display boards which will display your token number and counter number. At The agent will review your damaged passport replacement application and then will seal it into an official envelope. Damaged Passport Has your passport seen better days?

Currently only few states are available and since Karnataka was one in that I had no problem.

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I got one from my house owner and other from a cover letter damaged passport staying nearby. They organized it all into a file along with a token number and asked me to proceed to a Counter A, which is inside. Replace a Damaged Passport Fast The application to replace a damaged passport using standard service takes weeks to process.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Authorisation Letter | London Passport Agency

The statement: I was lucky that the moment I entered my token number was displayed along with the cover letter damaged passport number. Read on for our complete guide on how to replace a damaged passport, including all requirements for damaged passport replacement and how to replace a damaged passport fast. You must send all documents and requirements to Ambassador Passport and Visa Services so that we can hand carry your application into the Passport Agency immediately.

You can accelerate the process by requesting expedited service.

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I stood in one the queues and this is the most entertaining place, because you get to talk with lot of people sharing their pain, experience etc. On 22nd Feb, Friday I visited the station with all the documents, and followed the procedures and the verification was completed. Using a passport expediting company will save you the time of having to make an appointment, travel to a downtown location, and wait at a government office for hours.

There they gave the list of documents required and asked to submit it two working days.


At the counter I was asked for the documents photocopies address proof in original since it is the bank statement and the electric connection application letter letter damaged passport also in original and the Online Application Receipt.

There are two ways to get this done. What if the gold on the emblem has been rubbed off? With all documents ready, I downloaded the application form and filled in the details and uploaded the.

Indian Passport Renewal Cover Letter in MS-Word Format

So I decided to apply for my passport from Bangalore with the address of the house I had rented. And how are you to know if the RFID chip is "damaged, defective or otherwise nonfunctioning" until it is scanned at the airport? Please note: When you need a passport fast Complete but do not sign. Along with 2 print of this, I took 2 photocopies of all the documents, 1 copy self attested just to be on the safer side.

Damaged Passport

Here you have to opt for the reason for re-issue and mine being a damaged passport I selected that and there were two options: You have to also request for a cover letter. Much faster service is available by going cover letter damaged passport person to a Passport Agency or using a passport expediting company.

  • The affidavit Annexure L has to be got from a public notary and for me the nearest and best option was Kormangala BDA complex.
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If you live far away or do not have the time to commit to the process, you can use the second alternative. Not a big deal. Tears and holes are definitely considered significant damage especially if they are found on the cover or personal data page.

Step by Step Guide to Replace Your Damaged US Passport

Even Federal Regulations do not offer a lot of help on this subject. You can find a lot of shops there who offers this service. If you are using our expediting service, please note: Hats off to the new Passport Seva Kendra initiative, which has improved the efficiency and easiness to apply and get passport.

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My old passport was issued from Cochin passport office, Kerala and I have been staying in Bangalore, Karnataka for last two years. All of your names The date of the application plus your own signature Information about Rapid British Passports for your authorisation letter: As for Date of Birth and Address proof you can find the list of accepted documents.

Not usually.

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  • The replacement passport should be delivered to you within weeks.
  • The security scans your token at the entrance and then you have good waiting area with chairs and there are display boards where token numbers and the counter number is displayed.

You MUST select the first option by checking the box on the leftin order for us to be able to process your application request. Unofficial markings on the data page can get it invalidated. Here there are starting restaurant business plan chairs to wait but again display boards which will display your token number and counter number.

If you have good contacts in the older address and can afford a day or two off to go and complete all procedures you can apply for re-issue from the old address. Not factors to consider when formulating business plan of other banks and tell them that you need one year statement inorder to submit as address proof for passport application.

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Passport Application Form DScompleted offline or can be filled out online at https: When I checked to get an appointment it was around 10 PM the website showed that all bookings are done and to check back the next day after 6PM.

Are dog-earred pages sufficient wear and tear to render the passport unusable? For minors under age 16, both parents as well as the minor child should be present at the time of execution of the documents.

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The definition of what actually constitutes a significantly damaged passport is not easy to ascertain.