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On the entry requirements section of the course, and also via the entry profile for each course available on the Ucas website. On the course information pages and within the online prospectus.

Students can find out the information they need on each programme's requirements at the course programme pages on our website. At the University of Westminster there are no subjects that are looked upon less favourably as we take all A-level subjects into account. There are no A-levels that are are looked upon less favourably at Staffordshire University.

Engineering awards: The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages ask students with BTec qualifications to also have an A-level qualification on top as it strengthens their application; the other schools at Westminster do not require this. The only A-level subject that is not acceptable for any of our undergraduate programmes is general studies. This information is available on the entry requirements section of our website.

Optometry will require at least two of maths, physics, chemistry or biology. These are specified in our published entry requirements. For example, applicants to a social science degree such as anthropology will normally have taken social science and humanities A-levels. This means that all A-level subjects are allocated points.

Admissions tutors will have a tendency to prioritise those that are directly relevant to the chosen subject, but not automatically to the exclusion of others. No, we use the Ucas tariff points system to ensure equivalency of application letter for it assistant. For example, some of dog my best friend essay science programmes require applicants to have studied one or two science subjects or mathematics at A-level; the history and English courses also require applicants essay on geological heritage have studied the relevant subject at A-level.

Where is this information available on your website? Write a great thesis example, if an applicant applied to study international relations at Sussex and was taking A-levels in history, art, mathematics and general studies, we would normally ask them to achieve AAB, including history. This is noted in our published entry requirements, where appropriate.

Actuarial science and mathematics will require A-level maths. The university will receive applications from and give due consideration to an extremely wide unit 10 homework 4 inscribed angles of qualifications from all over the world. This can be found at: Essay on geological heritage applicants who are taking the required number of A-levels will not be restricted from entry to any of our programmes purely owing to the fact that they are taking a particular A-level subject.

No Which degree courses do face A-level restrictions, and which don't? All of the courses offered by the University of Westminster consider A-levels, the only exception we have is the fashion degree, which requires students to have studied art and design at foundation level or for them to have a BTec in art and design.

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The students do come with different study styles and experiences and this enhances the student experience. The schools at the University of Westminster will look at applications from all backgrounds and any students who are unsure should visit the website, where course requirements are clearly listed. No — the University of Reading will consider all applicants who are taking A-levels or suitable equivalent qualifications on an equal basis.

The university does have some courses that ask applicants to have studied certain subjects at A-level. For example, to gain a place on a science degree we ask candidates to have studied two sciences at A-level and for a place on an art degree students should have studied an art A-level. See admissions criteria. For write a great thesis, to be accepted onto the midwifery course, students must have Ucas points, including a minimum B in biology or human biology.

Entry requirements

See also: They only need to go on to the Staffordshire University homepage and insert the course they are interested in the "Course Search" box and it will bring up the course, with entry criteria. Having said this, when the results are published, other criteria may be invoked if an applicant has marginally failed to meet the conditions of the offer, and that may include a qualification that did not form part of the original offer.

The university like many others does not accept A-level general studies for any of its undergraduate courses, but aside from subjects that are specifically required for certain programmes, the university does not discriminate according to the subjects presented by a candidate at A-level. On the course information pages and within the online prospectus.

Each of the qualifications is assigned a specific points value in the Ucas tariff table, therefore, the value of each varies, dependant on the grade achieved. No A-level restrictions, but some subject areas require students to have study in cognate areas to ensure that they are properly prepared for studies in their chosen subject at degree level. We have made this information clear and transparent to all potential applicants.

In general terms, subjects with a higher proportion of assessed written work are likely to provide a better preparation than more practical subjects for studying a degree at Warwick.

A-level subjects: what universities want

If you are unable to offer a minimum of two A-level subjects from the list, this does not prevent you from applying to UCL. This is reflected application letter for it assistant the wide range of acceptable qualifications outlined in the entry requirements published on our website, in our prospectus and via Ucas. The original missed out Keele University by mistake.

For most degree programmes, we do not require any particular subjects to have been studied at A-level.

Other Qualifications

Goldsmiths A spokesperson for Goldsmiths, University of London, says: Similarly, where particular A-level subjects general studies critical thinking thinking skills and global perspectives deemed inappropriate for a specific programme, this is clearly stated. It is also worth noting that a large number of our courses have subject requirements that are in place to ensure that students gain the required preparation for their chosen course.

At Sheffield, we recognise that a variety of different qualifications can provide effective academic preparation for higher education. General studies is the only subject that is not accepted for some courses.

Writing nursing entrance essay course requirements will, however, influence the acceptability of individual qualifications. A small number of courses exclude the points awarded to general studies, however, though this is very much a minority. There are some degrees that will require mathematics or the science subjects. Where there are particular subject requirements or exclusions, we ensure that these are detailed in our prospectus, in the departmental admissions policies on our website and in the Entry Profiles on the Ucas website, so that applicants and their advisers may make an informed choice about their A-level subject combination.

University of Exeter The University of Exeter is explicit in its published entry requirements with regard to any particular subjects that are required to study one of our undergraduate degree programmes. Having it would not damage their chances of winning a place, as long as there was sufficient preparation elsewhere on the form.

Most of our engineering courses will require maths and have physics as a preferred subject.

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For example, some subject-specific qualifications will offer suitable preparation for degree courses in that subject area, but not for those in different subject areas. This information is shown in our course finder service at www.

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Some courses ie sciences, health-related, English, music have specific entry requirements and applicants must ensure that they are taking the correct subjects in order to meet these. However, for the majority of programmes we are happy to consider applicants with good predicted grades from A-levels in any subjects plus a strong personal statement and supporting reference.

Where we list specific requirements, applicants must meet those requirements. This is because a certain amount of pre-requisite knowledge is required in order to continue study at undergraduate level.

  • For example, there is not usually sufficient maths in any of the BTecs for one to gain sufficient preparation for a maths degree, but most of the BTec IT courses would be fine for a computing course.
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On the entry requirements section of the course, and also via the entry profile for each course curriculum vitae translate in tagalog on the Ucas website. We use the Ucas tariff to ensure all qualifications are looked at equally, if a course is on the Ucas tariff we will ensure students meet the required points rather than looking at what qualification they are studying.

With regard to different qualifications, Sussex accepts applicants who offer a vast array of qualifications from across the world. The university's admission policy can be found at www. As Sheffield Hallam offers over undergraduate courses, this is too long to list as requested.

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However, if these requirements are met we do not have a preference for the other A-levels studied alongside them and we will consider all subjects studied. A number of our courses ask for a specific A-level or a related subject to be counted in the Ucas points, eg midwifery asks for a minimum B in biology or human biology. When setting offers, we would rather "protect" key subjects than exclude particular A-levels.

Where a specific A-level subject achievement is required as a pre-requisite for admission, this is clearly indicated. Only on specific courses, to meet professional requirements. There are degree programmes where we have specific A-level requirements for example, applicants for biochemistry need to be taking both biology and chemistry at A-level; for physics you must have both maths and physics; for engineering you need A-level maths and these are listed in our prospectus and on the Ucas course search.

No, no A-levels are totally disregarded for any of our courses. For example, applicants for our BSc sport and exercise degrees will benefit from having studied a science at A-level or equivalent. With a limited number of places one simply wants to choose the strongest applicants. University of Oxford The only A-level Oxford does not consider in students' applications is the general studies A-level Oxford asks students for AAA at A-level, excluding general studies.

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For example, there is not usually sufficient maths in any of the BTecs for one to gain sufficient preparation for a maths degree, but most of the BTec IT courses would be fine for a computing course.

Our requirements for each course can be found at: However, a number of programmes do require a specific subject or subjects to have been studied to A-level or equivalent standard. Some courses ask for a specific qualification. When considering "preparation", there will be subjects that are handled in more depth at A-level than in other qualifications.

Sheffield Hallam actively encourages applications from students not studying A-levels. Additional requirements, such as GCSE performance, are also clearly stated.

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However, some courses will need applicants to have achieved a certain level in the qualifications, these requirements are clearly listed on Ucas and the University of Westminster website. The University of Sussex recognises all A-level subjects and welcomes applications from students taking the full spread of A-levels, general studies critical thinking thinking skills and global perspectives general studies.

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English if taken History awards: As above, we use the Ucas tariff table; therefore, no subject is disregarded. It will be at the discretion of the admissions selector to determine whether your application is sufficiently strong to warrant further consideration.

The university has a published policy on qualification equivalences and does not treat any level 3 A-level or equivalent qualification more or less favourably. The majority of UCL programmes do have specific A-level requirements attached.

Candidates need to take at least two A-levels from the preferred list. No, the University of Westminster does not disregard any A-levels and all qualifications are taken into account. As we run hundreds of courses and course combinations, which all have different entry requirements, it would take a very long time to pull together the information you're looking for.

As an institution, we have no rules on what A-levels we general studies critical thinking thinking skills and global perspectives or will not accept, this is made at a course level. Sheffield Hallam University makes all offers on the basis of the Ucas tariff, but some courses have subject-specific requirements; eg a maths degree would require a student to have taken A-level maths.

General studies is accepted for all of our courses. Conversely, BTecs are generally more vocational and in specific subjects, so may be case study approach in comparative politics good preparation for professional courses, though not unit 10 homework 4 inscribed angles for purer academic ones.