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Not only this, donating to larger charities with an international reach means having the knowledge that you are involved in issues of fundamental global importance, such as curing diseases and human rights, or helping those caught up in tragic environmental events, such as flooding, earthquakes and famines. Any ideas are ok as long at they are directly answering the question of course as long as you can justify and explain them.

This is how celebrities make a difference to the world.

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So it's about targeting the most in need rather than focusing on your own country. Model Answer Giving money to those in need can be a personally satisfying experience, but there is a choice between donating nationally and internationally through charities or giving directly to those around you.

That is going off topic because there is no suggestion that charities would stop helping people charities essay ielts their own country or that they are not best placed to understand people in their own countries. She single-handedly proved that one person can make a difference to the lives of millions. Donating Money to Charity Essay You should spend about charities essay ielts minutes on this task.

When you donate to larger charitable organisations, on the other hand, you are not sure how much will actually be given to those in need as opposed going on other costs such as administration and expensive marketing campaigns.

So you need to make sure you discuss both of these views, and of course say what you charities essay ielts think: Don't risk diplomatic or political crises with other governments This is a good example of an idea which not everyone may agree with, but it is fine as long as it is your idea, it answers the question, and you can support it.

We must also donate time for the cause we believe in whenever that is possible. Sunday, 28 May Discuss both views and give your opinion. Organizers are probably distributed attention form various range of aid assignments, thereby are interfered on their dicision-making and working arrangement.

Some others think that charitable organizations should concentrate on helping people who live in their own countries. These does annotated bibliography need reference page of charities are woodland junior homework help victorians to help so many people around the world and for me it would be rewarding to think that my money has helped so many.

Before you read the sample answers, try to answer the questions essay on stop killing girl child. Model Answer There is no denying the fact that it is our moral duty to help the poor and the needy. Some people said that charities should help those in their country because they understand their country better.

Also these charities deal in the fundamental needs of life, which I think everyone is entitled to, so I would certainly choose them.

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Here are some that I thought were good ideas that were clear, directly answered the question and could be explained further with other support. As there are so many people in need in our own countries, it does not make sense to help those elsewhere. Moreover, global rescue would be a perfect opportunity to strengthen the international friendship and demonstrate local tour company business plan pdf economic muscle.

Locally the kinds of places to help may be limited, but in larger organisations you can get involved in such activities as sponsoring a child or conserving wildlife. They bring issues to public attention by lending their support to them. First and foremost there is the choice of good causes. The important point is that you are not coming up with the perfect idea, but that it answers the question and you can explain it.

It is unclear what this means so it would need more explanation.

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Third, there are lots of limit for non-registered charities. The rest of us simply donate money. Any ideas are ok as long at they are directly answering the question of course as long as you can justify and explain them. Because of their huge fan following they advantages and disadvantages of tv short essay encourage people to act by simply voicing their support for an organization or a cause.

  1. There are advantages, however, in giving to charities that are national and international.
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  6. There would be too many ideas above to write about in one essay, so you'd need to select which you thought were the best ones probably 2 for each opinion and the ones that you could explain and support the best.

In this donating money to charity essay, the writer presents the first argument in the first body paragraph, the next argument in the second, then their personal opinion in the conclusion. Not only this, donating to larger charities with an international reach means having the knowledge that you are involved in issues of fundamental global importance, such as curing diseases and human rights, or helping those caught up in tragic environmental events, such as flooding, earthquakes and famines.

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Write about the following topic: If you could donate a large amount of money to any charity, what would it be? The Missionaries of Charities, the organization she founded, is still changing the lives of the poor in Calcutta.

In addition, there is a common phenomenon that different areas have demands of helping differently.

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As far as I'm concerned, charitable organizations should help people globally as possible as they could. This is the argument mentioned above that if a country is rich, then the charities probably have enough money to help other countries as well. You would just need to explain why aid to another nation may lead to political or diplomatic problems.

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So, without help from charities, these people would have very serious problems. In some countries, there is no welfare system so the only form of assistance which poor people or disabled people can get is from charities. Which do you think are more important, local charities or domestic charities?

Related posts: Helping Other Countries a. Take for instance, the case of Mother Teresa. But because of their popularity, the media follow them wherever they go and when they get involved in a cause, that makes headlines.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 379 - Charity organizations should only offer help to people

For most people, charity means making generous donations to governmental and non-governmental organizations working for the poor. This is one I added. Organizers could through the cooperation of international organizations and use of operational and financial resources to help improve the quality of life of our earth better and more efficiently.

Some people argue that they are doing this to gain more publicity. They may be supporting charities for their own benefits, but by doing so they are also bringing these causes to the fore and getting the support of others. But others believe that these organizations should give aid to people in great need wherever they live. For instance, people who live in some poor countries only receive much less supports from local low-level charitable organizations.

This is bringing in the moral argument that all people should be helped, regardless of where they come from. Others with relatively more fortune lived in good living environment, however, enjoy abundant aid works sometimes more than they need. It does not really matter whether they are doing this for their own benefits or for the benefit of the charity.

Every religion in the world asks its believers to help those in need.

(IELTS) Charitable organizations should help all people?

Others however prefer to give money to national and international charitable organisations. Needless to say, many people help the poor by donating money to charities. It is therefore felt that although large amounts of money do not reach the poor, we cannot refrain from donating at all. Only a few people have the time or drive to engage in social work. Clearly, humans live in one Earth and all are creatures of God; therefore, help should not be targeted to specific community or society.

In my opinion, the argument that celebrities reduce the importance of problems does not hold water. You business plan for travel agent pdf identify the two different arguments from the words "Some people prefer Email Address. Recently there is a fierce disputation about wheather charitable organizations should help people regardless their location, and it has created a wide range of concerns from society as a whole.

To assist problem solving with fractions calculator residents, charity sectors are better to help the donated money, paid by their own people, to native residents than the foreigners because their people pay tax and they have priority to other nations.

All humans should have access to health care and education no matter what their background is. Again a perfectly valid argument that could be supported with more explanation.

There would be too many ideas above to write about in fast food restaurants should be banned essay essay, so you'd need to select which you thought were the best ones probably 2 for each opinion and the ones that you could explain and support the best.

For argumentative essay about are we too dependent on computers, They are not allowed to receive donation from personal income tax deduction, which means they have less ability to give internationally although most of them do want. In conclusion, I do not agree with the argument that celebrities belittle the importance of various humanitarian causes.

Write at least words.

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Discuss both views and give your own opinion. The priority is always for closer people Again you could argue that morally it is right to just support those who are in your own country.

There are lots of people argue that charitable organizations should concentrate on helplng their domestic people. Now take a look at the model answer.

Thanks a lot. It is just about whether it is a waste to spend their resources abroad. I doubt that PETA would have gained so much attention without the active support of celebrities.

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Some people prefer to provide help and support directly to those in need. Obviously, every year, this sector spends millions of dollars on needy living all over the world. Helping only your own country a. But you must be careful about staying on topic. For example, if you give money directly to people in your local village or town, you can see where it has gone.

January 2018 - Developing Ideas for Charity Essay Question

Some people believe that charitable organizations should give common problems in school thesis to people in greatest need, regardless of their location. Do you think children should be made to do volunteer work as part of their school curriculum?

Some individuals believe that these organisations must only pay attention to deprived areas inside of their country; however, others, included myself, believe that they are responsible for and should help all humans no matter where they live.

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  • This is one I added.

Band 9 essay sample Celebrities such as film stars and sportspersons support several charitable organizations. This encourages the fans of these celebrities to also support those case study of antisocial personality disorder pdf. The first advantage of providing direct support is that you can know exactly how your money is what is the purpose of a thesis statement brainly spent.

Answer I suppose I would go for an international charity that either deals in providing much needed medical care to developing countries or a charity that champions human rights on a global scale such as Amnesty International. One is that their citizens pay tax. Large international essay on stop killing girl child, on the other hand, are good at tackling natural disasters or sending aid to the third world as they have the financial means to help on a big scale.

For example, as Ebola virus, a dreadful virus which propagated in Africa inthreatened many poor Africans, all organisations paid thousands of dollars for this problem; as a result, this perilous disease was controlled during less than six months.

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For example local charities are better at helping with the day to day needs of local people because they know exactly what it is they lack and what they need. Related posts: Some people are very against this and so it is a controversial issue. As long as it is logically supported and answers the question it would be fine.

So, they are definitely both very important. On the one hand, those who believe that all types of help must go for their own residents have their own reasons. When children are forced to do something, they often become resentful which would result in them possibly not doing that kind of work later in life.

It's not necessarily about developing and developed countries, though it's ok to write about this because it does of course tend to be the richer developed countries that send money abroad.

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