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Does the instructor mention any particular books you should use in writing your paper or the names of any authors who have written about your topic? How should I read materials to gather evidence? Today's Building Hours.

Let's take a look at what it would look like in paraphrase form instead, "Jack who was sitting on his throne, painted, being served by others, ignores the question and commands his group to perform the hunting dance that eventually leads to research paper supporting evidence. What are Secondary Sources? Why does it matter? How much analysis? Which ones are especially contestable?

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It will also offer links to additional resources. Evidence research usually takes up time, especially if you have a certain standard and want to use credible sources.

When to introduce evidence and examples

Young argues this is especially important when a community has been discriminated against or is perceived as invisible in society introduction of quote: So let's take a look at some examples of all of those. How do I cite my evidence?

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  3. Even when the assignment elicits opinion, your paper will be more convincing if you provide evidence and the instructor may still be looking for an argument.
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  6. What Are Supporting Details?

Paraphrasing and Summarizing Paraphrasing is communicating the ideas of a source in your own words. Although the question might seem very straightforward, there are lots of students out there who confuse arguments and evidence. For example, a story about the microscope you received as a Christmas gift when you were nine years old is probably not applicable to your biology lab report.

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How can I tell? How do I quote my sources and incorporate those quotes into my text?

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What turns a fact or piece of information into evidence is the connection it has cover letter military experience a larger claim or argument: There are many ways to present your evidence. How is this idea related to my thesis?

Once you have found the appropriate type of evidence, it is important to select the evidence that supports your specific claim. And here is a kind of my rule of thumb, a summary is good maybe in a research paper where you are trying to take a long description or a long explanation and shorten it up and fit it into your writing in an accessible way, or maybe in a piece of literature, you've got a really long description of something and you can use maybe ellipses and different kind of modes to really shorten it up and put it in your own words.

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Remember, you can always cut cover letter for business support executive from your fast food is harmful to our health essay later if you decide that you are stating the obvious. If you have the ability to pull one, pull one in. There are two types of quotations: See our handout on brainstorming.

Second, the reverse outline can help you see where you need more evidence to prove your point or more analysis of that evidence. Paraphrase when you are supporting a particular point and need to draw on a certain place in a text that supports your point—for example, when one paragraph in a source is especially relevant.

Remember that statistics, data, charts, graph, photographs, and illustrations are all open to interpretation. Paraphrasing is different than summary because a paraphrase focuses on a particular, fairly short bit of text like a phrase, sentence, or paragraph.

To how to do a proper cover letter for resume it simply, scientific, cold facts with no opinions or personal insights count as evidence — what you do with them, how you build them up to support your case, is an argument.

Academic Examples of Supporting Details In a less serious, but no less valid scenario, let's say that you're writing a research paper about how women are discriminated against in the job market. Check out our handouts on argument and thesis statements.

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In the sciences, primary sources are also the results of an experiment that have been peer-reviewed and published in an academic journal. The best way to do this is to research the topic, develop a thesis statement, hypothesis, or claim and then use evidence to support this claim. Our handouts on quotations and avoiding plagiarism offer useful tips.

First, it lets you see where you have dealt with too many topics in one paragraph in general, you should have one main idea per paragraph.

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Summary is useful when you are providing background information, grounding your own argument, or mentioning a source as a counter-argument. Third, the reverse outline can help you write your topic sentences: Introduction Many papers that you write in college will require you to make an argument ; this means that you must take a position on the subject you are discussing and support that position with evidence.

We revise these tips periodically and welcome feedback.

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Primary sources include original documents, photographs, interviews, and so forth. Now if you have the book in front of you go with the original quote "Jack, [painted], rose from the log that was his throne and sauntered to the edge of the grass For writing in other fields, more informal experiments might be acceptable as evidence.

If you are working on a project for a class, look carefully at the assignment prompt.

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You would look for peer-reviewed journal articles by experts on the subject. How to Introduce Evidence and Examples: Though not a general rule, your paper will be strengthened by acknowledging competing evidence — evidence that challenges your argument.

If you turn in a paper that simply states women are paid less, and treated differently, than male employees, no professor is going to be impressed. And then finally I think a direct quotation works really well when it's really well said.

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For example, in a paper on the importance of personal narratives to identity, you might integrate a long quote as follows: Accordingly, when we think about various phenomena, we examine empirical data research paper supporting evidence craft detailed explanations justifying our interpretations. If I've got the topic sentence; in the novel 'Lord of the Flies', William Golding uses Jack's character to highlight the flaws in dictatorial government.

In the sciences, this might be data retrieved from an experiment or a scientific journal article. Remember, it's difficult to argue with the facts, and the more supporting details you can provide, the more evident it is that the facts are on your side.

These will all be founded upon clear, trustworthy pieces business plan nature du projet evidence. So things that maybe the average person wouldn't understand and that you could easily put in your own words. Guide the reader through the interpretation process. How do I tell if my paragraphs and my paper are well-organized?

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Summarizing is communicating the essential or distilled argument of a source in your own words, without changing the meaning or intent of the original source. Primary sources could include diaries, letters, contemporary newspapers, or eyewitness accounts of events.

After each section, pause and let your friend interrogate you. Here's an example of a summary "That one time when Jack was sitting on his throne like a king, bossing everyone around which led to disaster.

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When you are quoting from literature, if you got the book in front of you, you always want to go direct quote. Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using. Next, use another color to highlight the specific evidence you provide for each assertion including quotations, paraphrased or summarized material, statistics, examples, and your own ideas.

However, I know we do essay tests and different things like that, so that might be an opportunity for summary or paraphrase.

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Therefore, when you introduce examples, make sure to judiciously provide evidence when needed and use phrases that will appropriately and clearly explain how the proof supports your argument. How long should your paper be longer works may require more, or more varied, evidence?

A summary is less nuanced than paraphrased material.

Examples of Supporting Evidence

This type lancia thesis usado evidence can be a solid backbone for your essay about racism discrimination, but you still need to create context for your reader and draw the connections you want him or her to make.

Supporting Details Define the Decision The idea behind supporting details is simple; it's all about providing information to explain and bolster your opinion, claim, or belief. See our handout on quotations for more details on when to quote and how to format quotations.

How is this idea related to my thesis?

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  • Accordingly, when we think about various phenomena, we examine empirical data and craft detailed explanations justifying our interpretations.
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If so, how does it do that? Paraphrasing and summarizing allows you to interrogate, criticize, analyze, or build on someone else's argument. What connections exist between them? The term " supporting details " can be defined as additional information that explains, defines or proves an idea. Use one color to highlight general assertions. Why is this evidence interesting or effective?

Kill the beast, cut her throat, bash her in! For example, if you are writing a paper on the history of master thesis student germany in Canada, you may want to quote Pierre Trudeau, as the first Prime Minister to create an official policy on multiculturalism in Canada.

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Standards for Evidence Each discipline and each genre of writing will have standards against which it will gauge the academic merit and use of evidence. Quotations Quotations are rarely used in scientific writing. Secondary sources are critiques written by academics and scholars.

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Why should anyone care? What counts as evidence? Suddenly you have a whole arsenal of supporting details that show your professor, and anyone reading your paper, that you didn't just pull your claims out of thin air. The reverse outline is helpful in at least three ways.