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Children need to be able to answer random questions within 3 seconds. This could be from a traditional tale, fairy story or a book you have read. If you are up for an extra challenge, try to find out how far each location is from the UK or Raglan!

Parents - ibig sabihin ng thesis sa tagalog body biography is a technique we use to develop comprehension skills through the the dissertation abstract retrieving information from a text. We'd still ask that you check their understanding of the text through asking open ended questions you don't need to have read the book first!

We know Thimbletack likes to make use of broken or unwanted items, as well as collecting anything that sparkles. Find out one fascinating fact about the Arctic - it might be linked to weather, landscape, wildlife or explorers who have ventured out on to the ice.

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Please support your child by helping them find the answers to the 'bug point questions' by referring to the text. At the end of the first book, Jared, Simon and Mallory decide to build a new house for Thimbletack, using an old birdhouse. Now that you have received your fresh, crisp new homework book, let's try to keep it that way! I am hoping that it will soon be filled with fascinating, astounding and simply weird facts about the wonderful world we live in.

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Each child has an individual login which will be inside their reading record. As teachers, we hear the children read once a week through Guided Reading sessions. If they didn't score highly, we will intervene to ensure they have a good understanding.

They are taught in the following order, 2x, 10x, 5x, 3x, 4x, 6x and then all others to 12 x The aim is for you to produce a poster to be used in their advertising campaign.

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No two children work in the same way and this method of homework will allow each child write an essay on myself in french express their thoughts and ideas in their own way. I want to be so surprised by your Welsh fact that you blow my socks off!!

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Remember, you will have your weekly spellings and maths homework to complete. Please ensure your child practises these at home using a variety of strategies.

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Reading Daily Every child has a reading book and reading record book and this is changed at least weekly. Every child may choose to present their work differently, but the task is the same.

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You then need to draw a free-hand body outline in your homework book, similar to the one below. The aim of data collection and analysis in research proposal homework grid is to exceed their points target.

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Remember - your homework must be completed by next Tuesday - leave your book in the homework box and tick your name on the checklist. They are inviting local primary schools to enter a poster competition to mark the event. Please note Last week, we were finding out about 'food miles' and we calculated how far some of the common pizza ingredients might have travelled, before they landed on our plates.

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Some children are 'free readers' and read independently or to an adult, but we ask that a comment is made in the reading diary. Inside the outline of the character you need to write or draw what their personality, thoughts and feelings are - based on what you know about the character and how they behave in the story.

Homework Year 4

Every child has access to Mathletics which is an online resource to allow children to practise their mathematical skills. She will be visiting us on Wednesday 5th Dec This will help me to see where you are already confident with spelling and where I can help you to improve even more! You already know something about her books from the collection we have in the plaza but you might also want to take a look at her website: Our Wonder Wall is looking a little bare.

Children will be tested on these spellings the following Friday.

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I will be wearing extra strong socks when I'm doing my marking, just in case!! There are 3 questions here. I would like you to cover the outside of your homework book so that it is personal to you and protected. The only other homework set will be reading at home and weekly spellings and maths facts to learn. Your child will bring home their maths homework in a book which should be returned each week.

Each term you may choose and complete any tasks to hand in to your teacher as and when you finish. Each term or half term each class has a specific curriculum focus which the majority of our lessons link into. For the first two, you need to write a sentence or two which will explain which of the shapes, in each set of 3, you think is the odd one out.

Children use the Times Tables ladders to help them progress through times tables. Your child must complete at least one activity from each row on the grid. We would encourage you to practise these words with your child on a daily basis, if possible.

We must make enough money to pay Mrs Rowlands back and then anything else we earn can be spent by us on our classroom and resources. As we have decided to theme our Enterprise project around 'Give the planet a Christmas present - recycle', I would like you to design your own Christmas themed recycling logo that we could feature on our posters and advertising.

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This will be set every Monday, to be returned the following Monday. You could use wrapping paper, protective plastic or off-cuts of wallpaper. Year 6 year 4 Homework Spelling: This week, we found this design diagram for a type of Tiny Person transport - the Dragonfly ship.

It is absolutely fine to discuss this with someone at home, just like we would in class, as this might help you to consider a different point of view. This week, I would like you to have a look through your kitchen cupboards or fridge to see if you can find where the different items of food have come from. Please sign your child's reading diary so that we know they are ready for a new book.

To keep our costs down and to be environmentally friendly, I was thinking that we could explore different kinds of paper-crafts; especially as lots of you are interested in these at the moment I bet your parents will recognise these from their school days too! Please click to download the latest homework.

We found that our Flying Pizza could have ibig sabihin ng thesis sa tagalog thousands of miles! Your homework challenge is to draw your own design for a type of transport that the Tiny People might build, which must: Draw your design in your homework book - remember you can use ideas that you have seen on packaging or online but it must be your own work, not just a print-out.

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If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to ask.