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This eagerness is not only a driving force for both individuals and society but could also end in a fiasco. Similarly, I have too my own ambition. It is as magical as sorcery and as interesting as mathematics and literature. My aim of life is very simple and it is to serve But this lust for power is the drive for several changes in people, both good and bad.

To the contrary, Lady Macbeth was overcome by her ambition from the very beginning.

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In fact, many of the wishes of the people die in their budding stage. Macbeth wanted to fulfil this Some want to be rich.

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I wish I get the noble prize in the field of science for my country. I do not want to become a teacher like my elder brother.

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  • Another major theme in the novel is social class.
  • My Ambition In Life Is To Become A Scientist, Essay Sample
  • My aim in life to be a scientist will help me and the people around me lead a more comfortable life.

So, all of us should be very clear about our aim in life. This has pointed out my deep love on Science and that is why I wish to establish my career in the field of Science.

My Ambition : Essays : School Essays : College Essays : English Essays

My ambition in life is to become a great scientist. In the play, Macbeth is described as a man who has ambitions of becoming king.

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They are. This flood of questions used to arise in my mind and I used to feel disturbed when I did not get any reasonable explanation.

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A scientist has nothing else to think except how he should use science for the benefit of mankind. If I will be lucky enough to achieve my goal and ambition I will share my fortune to all the kids who also love science and want to become scientist.

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Ambitiousness is a dynamic make. When an ambition purely of passion turns into obsession, it ultimately Elvis Presley — the King of Rock and Roll said that: I am not hungry for fame. Among the reasons why Gregor Mendel discovered the principles of heredity when others have failed was his logical experimental methods and his careful and accurate record keeping That day I decided that I want to be a scientist and that will be my greatest ambition in life.

Even watching a fly sounded much more He learned to read and write the Arabic alphabet from his father. Right from this stage, I am learning to do both hard work and smart work.


If wishes were horses, everyone would like to ride. The so-called nation-builder cannot make both Also, I am an innovative person and I am always coming up with new ideas for inventions I had been waiting for the day with anxiety and curiosity.

My Ambition in Life - Scientist - Your Home Teacher I could hear a faint snore in the back of the room.

Thesis Statement: In 'Macbeth', a play set in Scotland, William Shakespeare wrote a tragedy of one man's ambition. I have always been fascinated in the physical properties of matter, as well as its applications to the real world. There are many definitions of ambition.

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What is felicity? The sample of a poetry analysis essay Macbeth explores the dangers associated with blind ambition.

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During the s the real cost of trans-Atlantic flights halved. As a kid always find watching science fiction movies interesting and enjoyable.

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First, about 35 per cent of the people in India are illiterate. My ambition in life is to become a teacher.

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Is he ambitious? I could hear a faint snore in the back of the room. When I enjoy my Science lessons in school, I use to think it is a great enjoyment to stay in touch with the nature. Ambition in other words is the motive force needed to propel all of us to work towards our set cherished goals.

In this paper I will discuss why I became a nurse, what the essence of nursing Still my imaginations refuse to accept this as a mere wishful thinking.

At that point we see no serious questioning of That is a step on which I must fall down, or else o'erleap, For in my way it lies. I frowned, dreading the experience. But I have realized that by just liking something that is related to it cannot assure someone to become that.