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Complete a Thesis request form prior to your visit. A few institutions, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities, will not lend theses at all - in these instances there is no alternative to visiting the library of the awarding institution.

Follow this link to search the collection: Searching is in German. Since Octobernewly submitted theses have also been supplied in electronic form. It is also what is introduction in research paper pdf to manage software, datasets, workshop presentations, and patents. Seaching in English or Welsh.

Projects are listed by date; information includes an abstract and a image of the poster which can be enlarged and downloaded, or a downloadable PDF. For advice see Freedom of Information. If your department is what is introduction in research paper pdf listed there are no Master's dissertations available. Archiving your thesis in BURA is required under University regulations, so it is important where you publish your thesis in whole or in part, that you tell your publisher of this requirement to deposit your final thesis in the University's open access research archive.

Copyright Before submitting your thesis, you should consider whether there is anything contained within it for which you do not own the rights, for example photographs or other images, video clips or film, diagrams, quotations or lyrics from other works, any or university of london thesis online of which university of london thesis online been produced by someone else.

The time scale for digitisation is 4 weeks. You may be able to choose an open access option, giving the publisher a licence to publish. Mark my law essay amounts of copyright material, e.

Electronic submission and archiving your thesis

Print theses can be found within the main library, whilst a selection of digital theses is available via our repository, Roehampton Research Explorer. This means that the majority of PhD theses produced after this date will only be available electronically. It does not contain the texts, but provides details of over 14, theses in Music from a wide range of countries, some of which cannot otherwise be traced.

A list, arranged by year, is available on the website.

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As a rule, published material is generally owned or controlled by the publisher so copyright owners are much easier to trace and to contact. Embargoed theses will be released after the expiry date.

Copyright ownership of your thesis You, the author, are the first owner of copyright in your thesis. The waiting macbeth ambition essay outline before a thesis not already on the system is available for download is about 30 days, but can be longer. This will bring up a list of items and further information when an item is selected. Anyone can search EThOS, you will need to register and login before ordering and downloading theses.

Searching is in English. Useful links: Complete a Thesis trafalgar square case study form prior to your visit. If there are reasons why you feel that your thesis should not be made available, an embargo period can be requested via the Graduate School.

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A few institutions, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities, will not lend theses at all - in these instances there is no alternative to visiting the library of the awarding institution.

PQDT is available at institutions worldwide so please check with your institution's Library. If you cannot find the thesis you are looking for, please contact us. Where information is not in the public domain, extra care must be taken to secure consents, as you may breach the law of confidential information, as well as copyright law.

I am highly responsible, intelligent, investigative, and communicate well with supervisors, the public, and employees.

Instructions for current College PGR students: Some etheses will be under embargo. The initial embargo period mark my law essay three years, but if appropriate it is possible to renew it. If the Library holds a print copy of a thesis marked "File embargoed" you may visit the Central Library to consult it. Embargoes may be applied to protect the rights of the author whilst they explore opportunities for publication, or where sensitive information is held within the thesis.

The Freedom of Information Act and your thesis Your thesis is currently subject to the Freedom of Information Act, as the University is a public authority as defined in the Act. A list of PhD theses completed in the last five years or so, including those undertaken in the Technology and Conservation and Wall Painting Departments, is available on line.

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RSDO's Contracts and IP Section will be able to advise on the implications of contractual clauses and recommend the most suitable course of action. Access to theses Digitised theses Electronic copies of Imperial PhD theses are available on open access in the Spiral repository. When obtaining consent, you should obtain a warranty that the person granting consent is authorised to do so.

If you are having difficulty locating your thesis, please contact openaccess roehampton. Items in the collection are globally available and free to view and download by anyone connected to the Internet.

Information for former students All doctoral theses submitted in electronic form are available via the Roehampton Research Explorer. If you need to renew an embargo, you should contact the Library in advance of its expiry.

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Examples of content that may typically require permission include company documents, film clips, images or music scores. With sensitive or personal data there may be data ganga river pollution case study pdf or ethical implications.

Students are required to submit an electronic copy of their finalised thesis to Pure. More recent holdings added since can be searched on line; older material must be searched within the library. We also provide access to some Imperial Master's dissertations and online theses from other universities in the UK and worldwide.

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These theses will always be for use in the library only. Strict confidentiality procedures apply to these. It does not contain everything, but has a substantial and steadily growing list of contributors. Using a thesis held in the Roehampton repository You may re-use material from a thesis in the same way you would any other source, i.

See Submitting your thesis.

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If the author has not given permission to make their thesis open access it will be marked as "File embargoed" and you will be unable to read the full text online. This means that unless your thesis meets the statutory criteria for exemption under this, or another Act of Parliament and is therefore embargoed, we must supply a copy of your thesis to anyone who requests it.

Your supervisor will be able to advise further. It currently contains journal articles, monographs, book chapters, conference papers, conference proceedings, exhibitions, video, audio, images, websites, and selected post-graduate theses, but no student work apart fron approved PhD theses.

Included in this agreement is a statement to the effect that you are either the owner of the copyright in the thesis and the contents thereof, or are duly authorised by the copyright holder to make the work available.

SOAS Library

If your thesis does contain 3rd Party Copyright material for which you have not requested permission to make available publicly, you need to meat consumption and health university of london thesis online this when you submit your thesis, and seek permission where appropriate. This service also provides details of all Canadian authored theses, including theses submitted to U.

Need help? Full details will be given upon application. See Submitting your thesis for more what is introduction in research paper pdf on applying for an embargo. Publishing your thesis You may wish to publish your thesis, in whole or in part, with or without modification.

Publication date between and The majority of theses produced in this time period are held only in print form in the Depository. All theses submitted for examination from 1 July are available online, on open access, in the Spiral repository.

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Using third party copyright material in your thesis As part of your research, you may review and include third party copyright material in the body of your thesis or in its appendices. If you submitted an electronic copy of your thesis for inclusion either in RURR, or in the Roehampton Research Explorer, you should be able to locate it here.

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Full details, instructions and the forms necessary for thesis submission are available from the Exams office website. Academic publication is generally considered to be non-commercial, as authors are not paid, but publishers may not be covered to sell the work.

Unpublished, confidential or sensitive material will also require rights clearance.

Using the library

Confidential or sensitive information In addition to third party copyright content, you may need to use sensitive data, or may wish to reproduce confidential information. The relevant issues may depend on the nature of your research, and should be considered and planned for wherever possible from the beginning of your programme.

University of london thesis online a thesis is not available in Spiral Imperial students and staff can: The repository can be searched under several headings, including creator and subject. There is normally no charge for online downloads, unless you make the first request for a thesis from an institution which is not sponsoring Open Access.

As standard, many publishers ask you to transfer full copyright ownership to them, however, as a contract, it must be open to negotiation, and you should try to retain your copyright ownership if possible.

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Our take down policy can be found here. If you feel your own copyright has been affected by content held in the University of Roehampton repository, please contact us cover letter for hr intern position.

If no exceptions apply, you will need explicit consent from the copyright owner to include the material in the publicly archived version of your thesis.

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Very detailed subject searching is possible and information is provided on availability of the theses. Where your thesis is sponsored and you have signed contractual agreements, you may need to check that publication will not breach those contracts leaving you or the University open to legal action.

Some Canadian theses and dissertations are available online for free download at the Theses Canadaportal. External users including alumni can: Publication date after 1st October College PhD students are no longer required to submit a print copy of their finalised thesis to the Library.

Having permissions in place is favoured by publishers for this reason. Some material may have multiple layers of copyright, for example, a film may contain music, dialogue, etc which may need separate clearance unless the rights are managed by a sole agent.

Adding the search word "thesis" will display a list of theses which can be further sorted and filtered.