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In this way the option deal carries risk for LG. If it were to have one, we could perhaps conclude that it might focus on: Noten new production technologies e. The political unrest in Africa which might affect the oil production in AAA was given attention considering it strains the cash flows.

In other. Develop oil and gas fields currently under investigation 3.

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The exam and marking criteria Prioritisation of Issues Preseen analysis and discussion Keys to passing the exam Industry example knowledge share 5 full mock recent case study 7 for May sitting Marking and personal feedback on 3 mock exams 60 industry examples to use on exam how to make a sample research paper 3 mini-mock exams Personal feedback on 2 mini-mock exams Detailed course notes Calculations e-book to practise vital calculations Ethics e-book perfect your ethics sections Issues e-book to master issues structure and timings Private forum: Those you ll find in my analysis over the page are just options, not my recommendations.

Existing loans must be accounted for, so that overall debt levels remain within the above acceptable limits.

Non-current assets: Fracking 20 5 Forces Analysis The 5 forces analysis enables the analysis of the industry according to a range of key factors affecting that industry Each force can be given a strength e. One of YJ s supervisors, whilst on a spot check control visit, noticed irregularities with the control log records.

Yj oil and gas industry case study analysis

Where all the forces are high, the profitability of the industry is low, and divestment may be a good strategy. There are always exceptions but there would need to be a convincing case of growth, proven reserves and solid cash control before more should be given.

The most important thing you can do is doing as many mock exams as possible to master time management, report structuring and dealing with key issues. A Representative of the institutional investors commented, We are not a bottomless pit, nor are we fools. They have certainly fractured our friendship with this he added with a smile.

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There have been many studies for using black oil model instead of. Brown s signature had been forged, as a suitably qualified replacement engineer could not be found immediately after he left. The 5 forces analysis for this industry is on the next page In this case the average of the forces is medium so the industry would be deemed averagely profitable. They provide a variety of surface rental equipment for the oil and gas industry with a focus on track hoe.

Why not try them before you buy by downloading the samples at 29 Defining a business strategy On the following page you will find my recommended strategy for the company.

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You should make recommendations where appropriate and show all calculations in the form of appropriate appendices. While these studies have provided a more or less detailed analysis of business, as well as economic.

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Normally a farm out deal is negotiated at the time a field is ready to be farmed out. All the sites are in shallow water and all are within Human resources sample cover letter s technical capability.

In the exam you must recommend that bribery is NOT undertaken even though in the real world it might be tacitly accepted Environmental issues Health and safety Other issues could include: Betts, T.

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They have a good reputation and have always worked well within YJ s and industry regulations. Spot checks are carried out on a regular and rotational basis. The government is under attack by militants and the country is now considered to be a very dangerous place to be for everyone.

The mobile apps industry: The board of Yj oil and gas industry case study solution is faced with a number of issues which it is seeking your advice on before they decide what to do. On the plus side is a well known global industry which should make finding industry examples necessary for the diversity marks relatively easy to find.

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Fiscal System Analysis:. The key twist this time around is the new CEO, and he is demanding a development of new fields which will require significant investment, which may be hard to find.

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For a free sample of industry examples visit and visit our T4 area. Knowing how to prepare for the T4 exam is a key difficulty.

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In this case LG has offered an option payment, payable now, which will give it the right but not the obligation to produce the oil in field GGG from 31 March which is the expected date that test drilling will have been completed and production work could start.

It also provides a broader assessment of other factors that will significantly affect YJ in maintaining its operations and long-term future plans. Farming in 4. Prepare a report that prioritises, analyses and evaluates the issues facing the board of YJ.

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YJ should revisit its vision-mission statements and include therein its commitment to environmental sustainability. A bank should be cautious about total lending being more than three times the operating profits of the latest published accounts. The PEST analysis is always an optional appendix in this exam, although this is one of the best case studies for a long time for this model as there are so many relevant points.

  • Knowing how to prepare for the T4 exam is a key difficulty.
  • There is something very right in what you are doing.
  • Market prices for Oil and Gas fall they are hugely variable which will make a big impact on revenues 3.

We recommend that YJ should not accept the farm-out offer by LG. The banks have to balance the need for the world economy to grow to provide jobs and prosperity and the need to protect their own business risk profile.

  1. There you can also buy our pack of 60 industry examples to take some of the pressure off you doing your own research.
  2. Finance costs net will remain at levels.

Fracture a gas fracking company upset its previously happy shareholders with a cash call that proved a step too far. However, even in the most conservative assumption in AAA, the company can still pursue the test drill of the three wells.

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Current strategy and approach have successfully grown business no need to change unless necessary 3. Small in relation to some competitors may be difficult to compete for new licenses against larger companies although no problems so far human resources sample cover letter.

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This was a co-ordinated attack against the human resources sample cover letter rather than YJ alone. As is the case with most T4 Case Study exams, we are not yj oil and gas industry case study solution the domestic violence essay question s mission statement.

Oil And Gas Industry: Yj Oil And Gas Industry

Our solution our ethics, calculations and hr director cover letter uk e- books These enable you to practise one off exercises in time slots from 20 minutes to up to an hour to practise your time management and report structuring.

He may bring a culture change which could also have wider ramifications for both directors and staff.

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Exactly what was acceptable was not made clear but one in four generally works well. Lee Wang, in particular, is very worried about this visit. Related Interests.

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Market prices for Oil and Gas fall they are hugely variable which will make a big impact on revenues 3. Outsourcer issues e. Thesis proposal for masters Mar 9, Li, and C. Ice making machine business plan.

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In such a case the corporation that owns or operates petroleum and natural gas. Case Study: This is the first case in many sittings where this is the case. Killeen, W. With all the uncertainty surrounding the future regulation in the fracking industry we urge a little more caution. It appeared that the records showed the signature of a Mr.

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In preparation for unforeseeable future unrests. Liu, Y.

T4 Case study - TOPCIMA. Strategic Analysis. YJ Oil and Gas. Nick Best - PDF Kind Regards, Marc Marc Thomas Passed September I could not recommend this service strong enough and honestly feel this was the reason for my successful pass Paula Roberts Passed November 9 Governance YJ have a Non-executive Chairman and 5 Non-executive Directors good, and aligned with good practise under the combined code Health, Safety and Environmental issues are well managed and controlled important for risk management There is a CSR policy Most key directors are shareholders new CEO also seeking to buy shares aligning interests with shareholders Little evidence in the case of other key governance issues. An appendix and done well will usually gain 2 marks possibly more.

These figures assume a normal mix of oil and gas is discovered in the field. They also include detailed guidelines for each of those sections. Appendix AI: If not immediately resolved. Management and use of petroleum drilling tools of kelly, drill pipe and yj oil and gas industry case study solution collar.

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