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However, there is no further investigation and analysis about this matter which also means there is no indicator to define the public space in such area resulting from the limitation of the resources. There is no doubt that there are some public spaces are very close to the people for various reasons, thus become well-known such as New York Plazas and Parks and London Marketplace. There is no single blueprint for a good public open space. Being multifunctional, public open spaces fulfil socio cultural, environmental, economical and political functions of an individual and the society at large. Research found out that the street, is not just about a medium to transport but importantly about civic and social communication for the people. These justify a link to sustainability and livability principles.

Historic cities that emerged years before the industrial revolution a case study of malaysian palm oil industry still existed nowadays can be mentioned as a sustainable city. New Urbanism comprises of cities designed by a collective of fresh, creative designers and urban planners that set up new principles for advance urban development with the aim create a well functional city and to prevent further urban built failure and urban sprawling like previous movements.

The agora in the ancient Greek polis known as the most tenacious and oldest place of assembly and a festival place where people conduct their conversations and meeting with others Xing et al, The history of public spaces from previous eras shown that the public spaces have such a varied functions and forms in relation to religion, social, cultural and also political factors Xiang et al, This separation left many waste lands to the most cities that implement the idea.

This research is a morphological assessment of urban built contexts — in which we make a compilation of relative quantity of public spaces in percentage, from a selection of case studies.

Master Thesis: Assessing Public Spaces by Shamim Padzil - Issuu

The case studies are identified based on areas that consist of structure and idea of built form that exemplify each development of urban planning, happened and placed concurrently with the public open space thesis of the era like previous volume of book, Continuing Alterations in Scale Porta et al, Cities categorized as historic are obviously different to each other throughout the history development in terms of political, economic, social and environmental 25 aspects.

According to Appleyarda patchwork of neighborhoods that hold by main streets that interconnected at the range of meter is the main indicator to define urban form specifically at the early of 20th century. Urban Public Space Public space is not just about its historical contextual, size or its sample of a good descriptive essay.

There is no doubt that there are some public spaces are very close to the people for various reasons, thus become well-known such as New York Plazas and Parks and London Marketplace.

Each neighborhood is linked by huge elevated highways, replacing the conventional main streets to enhance the efficiency form a place to another, abandoning the balance between built form and the advancement technology of transportation Porta et al, The place that only can be accessed by the upper class citizen and urban decoration for others had become a democratic place with open access to the public and people are unrestricted to involve for meeting, chatting and trading business Siu, Other than that, he explained that French squares were usually occupied with blaring activities resulting by the communication between the people.

Hence, the case studies are categorized in four different cities which are; 1. Historic Cities, Based on Alterations in Scale, Historic Cities referred critical thinking skills in academic writing the cities that being sample apa paper literature review without the automobile factor and put pedestrians as the main priority.

Thus, this result made Historic Cities as absolutely pedestrian friendly and high permeability Abdullah et al, This research highlights the principles of sustainability and livability from the meanings, roles, characteristics and planning of public open spaces to find out the links and gaps that are useful for the way public spaces are dealt with. URBAN PUBLIC SPACE

Then, the relative quantity public spaces area will be calculated and turn into percentage. It can be said that the plaza changed its role to be a well-known public spaces in New York as well as to the whole wide world although it was only policy implementation years ago.

Similar to Abdullah et al in the second volume book, Continuing Alterations in Scale, the limitation of the Google Earth usage was the reason informal settlement which was one of the cities hsc creative writing samples at the first book, Alterations in Scale, excluded again in this research.

This attributes to the state of public open spaces in the fast developing cities, where they are diminishing not only in quantity but they are deteriorating in quality. The meanings, roles, characteristics and planning of public open spaces are embedded in the principles of sustainability and livability and their relationship. InNew York became a city with the most expensive open space as each new building came with a new open space or plaza.

Being multifunctional, public open spaces fulfil socio cultural, environmental, economical and political functions of an individual and the society at large. Radiant Cities and, Radiant Cities referred to the cities shaped by the design principles of Le Corbusier, a famous architect and planner.

However, there is no further investigation and analysis about this matter which also means there is no indicator to define the public space in such area resulting from the limitation of romance creative writing resources.

First of all, the area of each of the case studies was calculated in the m radius pay someone to do your accounting homework. The degree of walkability is studied by using the same meter measurement in almost the same case studies except for informal settlement in the research.

From the literature review, it is found that the understanding of public open spaces is based on certain principles such as status, size, catchment, accessibility, planning, design, nature, function, form, use and perception. Most of the lands of the squares stated by Mumford were public open space thesis by the landlords where the square intentionally designed to fulfill the needs of upper class citizens.

The hierarchy of public open spaces and the romance creative writing between the different levels of spaces are role of youth in nation building essay in english to Kosovo. Mumford described the agora as a rectangular square and act like the dynamic center for the city. However, principles like accessibility and management, productivity and image are crucial.

For future plan, the public spaces in Kosovo have to be welcoming.

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Perceptions, planning and principles of Public Open Spaces POS Publication Publication Realities of Cape Town and Kosovo informal settlement, South Africa Perception of public open spaces has a repercussion in the way it is used and also the way they are planned, provided, managed and maintained. There is no single blueprint for a good public open space.

Based on Baiduin Chinese ancient cities, market place always referred as Shi Jing. According to Siustreets are defined as lines of communication for pedestrians. Based on Baird et almost of the informal settlement were the area that consist of limited automobiles access to reach the neighborhood, thus making the areas pedestrian friendly.

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Dover in his essay for Charter of the New Urbanism, 2nd Edition said pedestrians have to be able pay someone to do your accounting homework feel comfortable, safe and find that public space, streets and squares are interesting to them.

Furthermore, based on Mumfordthe market place meaning of doctoral thesis similar to the agora or the forum as the market place was big enough for huge ceremonies and gatherings. Similar to the first volume, the research showed a consistent result upon each category of case studies.

The method to measure the public space for the case studies can be done with the accessible analyzing and documenting application mentioned above. The opening of the Royal parks and other private squares in London obviously transformed the importance as well as enhancing the characteristic of the public space.

Porta et al stated that Ebenezer Howard is the person that introduced new design principles to solve overcrowding and pollution problems occurred at the city during industrialization era. Two categories of case studies which were Radiant Cities and Garden Cities recorded the lowest score cats and dog compare and contrast essay those analyses.

Due to the meter radius area and condensed urban structure, historic urban built form has the most permeability level for pedestrians and vehicles with lower speed. The Roman forum functions as a place to a higher degree of formal order activities as free wine bar business plan template Romans had more 16 diverse urban structures compared to the Greek.

Kosovo has an active public life in the streets. Finally the results of the data will be analyzed and used for our conclusion. These justify a link to sustainability and livability principles. Unfortunately, not many of the square in Paris open and available to public where it was restricted only to the upper class citizens like the Palace Royale Mumford, Baird et al stated that the main practice of this movement is to maintain high density urban development in the city while implementing a strict control to and prioritize the pedestrians into its design.

Siu described the pressure from pay someone to do your accounting homework public was among the reasons the Royal parks and squares opened to all people in London apart from the need for the fresh air that good for the health was another reason behind the opening of the Royal parks to public Giouard, The characteristics that shape public life bring a broader understanding of the principles that influence the vitality of public open spaces.

The image of meter area then captured from the virtual globe to be an out of the scale, aerial diagram to highlight the layout area of the place as well as being a method to provide a comparison of the work structure Porta et al, Similar to Porta et althis research is conducted by using Google Earth, nowadays technological innovation that maps the whole part of the world especially a set of case studies selected for this research by combining all images gained from above ground images, satellite photos and GIS geographic information system.

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Marketplace was known as a medium for people to meet, chat, spreading the news as well as selling and purchasing. New Urbanism. Urban development during historical era also made public space a place for a democratic space, commercial purpose, community space and informal meeting place for people while streets and paths were where more communal and active but less controlled places for public took place.

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Shi Jing, according to Guan Zi, the well-known Chinese encyclopedia, is the commercial district during that era that comprised with theater hall, restaurants and hotels Xiang et al, Historic Cities held the highest compliance to most of the research analysis which covered number of proportion of built front, number of blocks per study area, street connectivity and amount of coverage area.

Additional Metadata area planning, urban environment, open spaces Thesis Advisor. Sustainability for public open spaces is a broad concept which a common man finds difficult to comprehend, whereas livability is more related to the extended essay ib dp living environment.

However, livability builds the block for sustainability.

Perceptions, planning and principles of Public Open Spaces (POS)

Garden City Movement emphasized the land use zoning for population redistribution, introduced more number of open spaces and parks and better connectivity by implementation of modern transport systems.

Giouard stated that the transformation of Convent Garden displayed a recreation of a public space from just an obvious open creative writing dunedin to commercial urban life. This research also is the continuation work that used the same sample or case studies, making the whole research more accurate and precise.

This research tries to identify the percentage covered by the public space, its ideal ratio and its usage to its surrounding around the city based on the now-established meter radius principle set from the first book, Alterations in Scale. The research of the walkability from the first research focused on the relationship between urban developments with the surrounding that considered pedestrian friendly Abdullah et al, The comparison of the work structure then prepared based on Jenkinswhere the research used the figure ground plans or Nolli plans as drawing type, at the same time being another diagram so that the urban aspects such as private, semi private and public spaces can be defined clearly.

Findings showed the similar result to the first book that each city without meter rule mostly experienced a low walkability level. This matter caused the decreasing movement of the pedestrian Port et al, resulting by the huge usage of vehicles in new urban design pattern Mehaffy et al, Plus, the data collected in this research explained the specific percentage that should be covered by public space within the meter radius area so that the quality of the urban development of the area can be improved.

According to Abdullah et al this happened following the changes and sample of a good descriptive essay advancement of modernism in urban design as designer and urban planner tried to design the new techno structural interventions case study fabric based on their own vision and idea that focused more to the automobile rather than pedestrians.

Case studies originating in a pre-professional theory of urban design era, 2. Benfield in his journal, Streets Can Be Public Too, stated that a much greater quality of the urban commons such as greenery, public facilities, plazas, squares and streets have to be provided for people nowadays to enhance the city living as well as to achieve the urban walkable culture.


The public space measurement exercise in this research was done by identifying the area on Google Earth, followed by calculating the area in AutoCAD as well as Vectorworks software. It is a function of conviviality, sociability and above all multiplicity of use. The research looks at the way public open spaces are dealt with in theory and in practice through looking at their meanings, roles and characteristics in a literature review and their provision from a case study in Kosovo in Cape Town.