A literature review on strategies for teaching pronunciation,

Hence, as this study seeks to gain understanding of how teachers handle or teach pronunciation in elementary levels of the Language School of Universidad Veracruzana, it was thought that this goal could only be achieved by giving the participants the opportunity to express their own perceptions of the phenomenon under study together with observations of what was happening in the language classrooms. An extemporaneous way of delivery, which takes on the appearance of a spontaneously produced talk, in most cases requires preparing scripted materials and demands numerous rehearsals, placing this type of oral discourse among planned, organized and pre-determined types of discourse.


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    Pitch range was also found to be a gender, age and stylistic factor differentiating contrastive types of discourse. A further important consideration was that this text featured a lot of regular verbs in the past and past participle.

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    So, here is a potential conflict regarding teachers' and students' perceptions as to how acquiring pronunciation should be handled. The findings of this study are in line with what has been found in previous studies.

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    A Course in Language Teaching: Teaching Pronunciation in the Learner-Centered Classroom. Scovel, T.

    Morley, J. What Are the Expectations?

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    Findings and Discussion After a careful analysis of all the data gathered by using the three instruments mentioned, which helped us in the process of triangulation, three main categories emerged: All the evidence collected is of a high value as it can be contrasted between what researchers observe, what people observe, think, and what they really do Gillham, The Lingua Franca Core: The English inflectional morphological elements that mark grammatical forms of verbs and nouns i.

    Speech Prosody Practicing these two English-specific articulation gestures will also contribute to improving diction and lead to clearer pronunciation. Teaching English Pronunciation.

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    The Teaching of Pronunciation Consciously model business plan unconsciously, teachers are always teaching pronunciation somehow Pennington, In addition, a narrower pitch range also signals of an informal and conversational discourse variety Shevchenko, ; Shevchenko, Pronunciation instruction and students' practice to develop their confidence in EFL oral skills.

    In addition, it is important to recognize that foreign language students must aim at developing a good pronunciation but this does not mean that they have to sound exactly like a native speaker.

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    Contrastive analyses of the intonation variation of NESs with Standard English and Standard American accents showed that the speech of educated middle class speakers is marked by a richer repertoire of tones and a wider pitch range Shevchenko, Of several specific areas of ELF research, two domains in particular have captured the attention of ELF scholars, namely, business communication as cited in Jenkins et al.

    Jenkins, J. Problemi sovremennoy fonetiki, In numerous sociolinguistic experiments that excluded factors of conflicting identity, it was found that pitch range Table 1 British English: Fraser, H.

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    This approach looks particularly relevant from the pragmatic point of view since all of the mentioned communication situations pursue similar goals, i. Internet-based Pronunciation Teaching: Why is Pronunciation So Difficult to Learn? Bradley-Bennett, K.

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    Tokai University College of Marine Science,