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My practicum was completed in the English department at Happy Hills High School and the teachers and principal there are some of my references. I have dedicated my career to each of these pursuits, as my enclosed resume will attest.

Wrap your key bullet points with an introductory paragraph, an optional descriptive paragraph or two, or several key bullet points, ending with a closing paragraph and request for follow-up interview. No huge blocks of text.

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I have a current state license and I have completed a supervised teaching program to gain experience in the classroom. I have dedicated my career to each of these pursuits, as my enclosed resume will attest.

High School English Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Recognized as an outstanding teacher by the Youngstown PTA in, and In these examples, one teacher suggests that she has put thought and consideration into applying for this particular job. What are you hoping to accomplish in this job?

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Necessity 2: In the second bad example, it comes off as too demanding, like the writer is evaluating the reader, not vice versa. Bad pitch examples: The job description of an English Teacher will incorporate responsibilities like: When I started in January, quite a few students were indifferent toward English. I have good computer and writing skills.

I am nearing the end of my student teaching term at Brookview Middle School. The other teachers, well…one closes with the most generic exit possible, and this adds nothing to the cover letter.

Professional English Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Also, be sure to check out our extensive English Teacher resume samples. It includes teaching experience, certification, and other work experience. Dear Mr. I aspire to create a fun, engaging learning environment for my students, and I would relish the opportunity to do this at the North Shore schools.

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I would love to teach at your school. Including numerical quantification is a great way to make both resumes and cover letters stand out to readers. I will reach out to you next week to discuss employment opportunities; in the meantime, please feel free to contact me at [insert telephone number] or [insert your email address. For the past several years, I have taught English to 5th and 6th grade students in the Youngstown school district.

Possess an ability to communicate complex information in an understandable way students can easily comprehend. Wilkins and Ms.

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Keep It Clean Like with your resume, you want your cover letter to be clear and easy to read. Teacher Resume Example This is an example of a resume for a teacher.

Get you get hired! Sincerely, Mary K.

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I try to incorporate current events to make the material fresher and more accessible to students. It is my objective to secure a permanent position in the English department of the North Shore elementary or secondary school. What experience do you bring?

Short paragraphs, at most. A few of my other teaching highlights include: Continually facilitate an open, consistent, and nurturing learning environment where students are motivated to learn and driven by their own successes and accomplishments.

I am also qualified to put together and supervise a drama club or a speech and debate team. I have excellent communication skills with the ability to convey information to students, parents and school officials in a clear and easy to understand fashion verbally and in writing. Either my cell phone or email are good ways to contact me.

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Thank you for your interest and consideration. Necessity 3: Who are you? ABC Public Schools has earned a positive reputation for celebrating diversity, achieving academic excellence and using technology as a learning tool. I look forward to speaking with you.

High School English Teacher Cover Letter

Consult this complete list of action verbs for ideas on how to start your own bullet points. On average, my students gain more than essay on carrom game in english points on their class grades throughout the school year. I have ten years of experience, and will bring nothing but focus and devotion to my next ten years as a math teacher at Mudville High School.

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I have student teaching experience at the first- and fourth-grade levels in both suburban and urban school districts. Throughout my career, I have worked closely with school administrators and parents to ensure the success of each of my students. Like the salutation, you want to err on the side of formal, but friendly.

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I learned a lot about educational theory and methods while in college cover letter cook position the time I spent doing my practicum as an English teacher at Happy Hills was invaluable.

Also, I have consistently kept meticulous records of student progress and achievement and keep in constant communication with parents and school officials regarding these issues.

  1. Possess an ability to communicate complex information in an understandable way students can easily comprehend.
  2. How to Write a Perfect Teacher Cover Letter (With Examples)

Bad salutation examples: Good letter body example: I would love continue my career as an educator with Mudville Public Schools, with its strong reputation for putting students first.