Tv antenna case study. Case: TV Antenna Tower

It was assumed that the drawing reflected the as-built conditions and no thorough verification of the member sizes and properties were done except at isolated locations. Report Background: The tower, triangular in plan, was composed of legs, guys, struts, diagonals, and redundant members. Randall Porter - Vice President. The load and sizes of the antennas, dishes, etc. The tower had been previously modified in by replacing guy wires with larger guy wires.

The above is a complex arrangement in which the track continuously seeks equilibrium under different forces in each part of the jump line and under varying elevations of the c.

One of the workers killed in the collapse.

The TV Antenna Tower

It was assumed that the drawing reflected the as-built conditions and no thorough verification of the member sizes and properties were done business plan beauty salon ppt at isolated locations. As the ginpole is raised by tensioning the jump line, the force in each part of the jump line varies depending upon the friction and also the acceleration of the jump.

The bodies of the other two workers were found on the roof of the transmitter building near the section No. Appendix B contains the report on the structural analysis Prior to the tower collapse, the workers were replacing existing diagonals with new diagonals of larger diameter in sections 10 and Weather data for Alliance, NE, for September Each ft segment of the tower had a lifting lug in the middle bachelor thesis electronic engineering the section.

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The contractor did not follow the generally accepted industry practice of installing a temporary bracing member before removing a diagonal. Riggers' Inc.

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Harry Jordan - Head of Engineering Division. The orientation of the track, i. They would use a crawling jib crane to lift the sections into place and then they would manually bolt them together.

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The worker also removed a horizontal strut of panel 1, Section 47 that contributed to the failure. Part III This part dealt with the stability of the track and the ginpole. The next 14 sections section problem solving composite figures 9-3 through 48 fell in one piece.

Talked to Peters before the catastrophe, asking about the safety of the operation. Under each set of conditions, the track attempts to arrive at a stable position where all the forces would be in equilibrium. During the clean up operation, section 47 had to be cut into pieces and could not be salvaged for later examination. Should World Wide Towers have reviewed the plans more carefully before beginning work on the tower?

Should World Wide Towers have endangered the lives of their employees by using a design that was not approved by a PE? There is a presumption in the instructions issued by the SER that removing the lug bolt will not substantially reduce the load carrying capacity of the leg.

The design company refused to help we should do your homework they did not want to be held liable.

Case: TV Antenna Tower

The sections were numbered in ascending order from the top to the base. Starting a small business plan was used to lift the section of of the truck it was on.

This is a case where financial and liability concerns of the companies overshadowed ethical concerns leading to reckless decisions. In addition, the load line was attached to a couple of headache balls, both weighing pounds. OSHA representatives examined sections 10 and 48 in the warehouse.

The cable now would not hit the baskets.

A small grass fire, ignited by electrical wires severed in the collapse, was quickly extinguished after rescue crews arrived. Since the TV station's video camera caught this catastrophe on film, the film has allowed engineers and scientists to closely examine the event.

  • This work was nearly completed prior to tower collapse.
  • This last section had microwave baskets attached to the sides of the antenna.
  • In panel 2 of section 10, four out of six diagonals were replaced with new diagonals and bolted at each end.
  • Absence or removal of a member can trigger catastrophic failure unless a substitute is provided before removal.
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Though similar construction procedures were used at Section 10, the capacity of the legs of Section 10 did not diminish to the extent that they were unable to support the loads. In fact under every variation, the orientation changes.

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Does being legally right mean that you are ethically right? Wind data from National Weather Report indicated the wind speed at the time of collapse was approximately 8 miles per hour.

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It's amazing that this failure even happened, given that the tower collapsed about a year and a half after the Hyatt incident. A solution of the equations of equilibrium was obtained under different conditions. World Wide Towers did not realize that this was a problem until the section was about to be assembled.

TV Antenna Collapse

Structural analyses indicated that the actual load carried by each leg at section 10 was approximately 90 kips at the time of the incident. Calculations indicate that the abrasion of the wire rope ended where the bottom of the ginpole was located on the ground, See. In addition the load line went over the rooster head sheave and the two headache balls were attached to it. Several riggers fell feet to their death.

The capacity of each leg was determined to be kips which provided adequate factor of safety.

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The tower collapsed around As the removal of the bolts of the diagonal and the strut was critical to the stability of the tower and this investigation, the OSHA Salt Lake Technical Center SLTC visually examined the holes to confirm whether the bolted connections of the diagonal and strut were removed prior to the collapse. Should Harris have reviewed the design, even with the liability risk?

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They would attach the cable to the end of the channel steel and rotate about that point. Should some of the liability been placed on World Wide Towers and Harris for negligence? Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills: It was a needless tragedy that highlights some of the ethical dilemmas faced by today's professional engineers.

The panels of each section were numbered in ascending order from the bottom to the top. The ethical and legal considerations of the case How to determine the actual stress calculation for the U-bolt connection as compared to the erroneous calculations used Possible choices for emailing resume and cover letter subject line situation that would have been more ethically appropriate The positions of both parties and the thought processes behind the decisions made Factual details of the accident site and damage caused to the tower and antenna Certificate of Completion You will be able to immediately print a certificate of completion after passing a multiple-choice quiz consisting of 10 questions.

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One that is strikingly similar is the case involving Hyatt Regency Skywalks. A few of the bolts connecting the old diagonals sheared off during the collapse see Figure 6. A worker removed the bolts connecting the diagonals and redundant members of panel 1, Section 47, and a diagonal of one face of panel 1, Section 47, resulting in a severe reduction of load carrying capacity of the tower legs, which eventually led to the tower collapse.

Our conclusions are identified in figures 5 and 6. The load and sizes of the antennas, dishes, etc. In the equilibrium analyses of business plan beauty salon ppt track and gin assembly, a number of assumptions were made: The Riggers devised a solution for their problem. Also, observation of section 48 in the warehouse indicated that the lug bolts were missing on two faces of panel 3 of section Structural Systems Technology, Inc.

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A metallurgist from SLTC tv antenna case study the warehouse and examined the holes in question of section 48 confirming that the connections of a diagonal and a strut member at section 48 were removed prior to the collapse see appendix A for SLTC report. The objective of this analysis was to determine whether or not the tower section members were over stressed by the ginpole and track assembly at low elevations of the center of gravity of the ginpole.

Figure 5 indicates the missing bolts and missing members. This would indicate a strong possibility that at the time of the accident, the top of the ginpole was about 70' above the top of the track 3. Negative value indicates location below the top of the track.

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The construction company needed to remove the microwave baskets so they could properly attach the lifting cables, but the design company would not permit them to do so. To support the new High Definition TV antenna, the structural engineer of record determined that certain structural members be replaced.

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Considering that the hoist was located about ' from the lower block on the tower and given the fact that the track was anchored at a height of ' from the block, the bottom of the gin pole was determined to be about 33' below the top of the track.

However, if one diagonal was removed in addition to the lug bolts, the capacity is significantly reduced to between and kips. The incident occurred when workers were replacing the diagonals of the sections of the tower. The following documents provided the basis for the structural analyses: