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See beyond the obvious To establish a critical thinking process, you have to learn to think beyond the most obvious. If more people are buying diamonds then there will be oversupply of the diamonds in the market. Not reading the question properly can cost you time as well as marks, so be cautious. Some of the reasons he has given are that they are personal and private. Read the passage and answer the questions based on it. D Explanation:

Obviously the French are very fond of junk food, and are not too proud to eat it. No need even for electricity - perfect for writing in a remote hideaway. A Explanation: E Explanation: Throughout the passage, the author is explaining why the typewriter continues to be used even in today's digital age.

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Remember, the language might look the same, but it is certainly different. D Junk food is actually has high nutritional value when eaten in moderation. Pay attention to transition words Transition words and phrases can point out the answer quickly and effectively by identifying the logic of the argument. B It argues that typewriters will continue to be used even though they are an obsolete technology.

Which one of the following best describes what the passage is trying to do? How to crack Critical Reasoning Next Deepak Nanwani One of the greatest mistakes candidates make while attempting Critical Reasoning questions is drawing inferences without considering the options.

In some cases, you might also be asked to look for a conclusion that can be drawn from the passage.

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A useful technique here is to dumb down the argument by simplifying it and making it easier to understand. Here the Fact is 'Ten thousand times as many people, who can afford both, buy a diamond as a yacht'. Please click NEXT to continue reading This is what sets them apart. Identify the premise, conclusion, and assumptions. D It shows that computers offer fewer options than typewriters.

B French Cordon Bleu cuisine is very expensive.

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A typewriter demands something particular: It involves complete attention to the problem, using the skills of observation and analysis. No Twitter. B You cannot revise what you have typed on a typewriter. For instance, in CATthe Georgia tech dissertation template Comprehension requires critical thinking skills from the candidates to comprehend the passage accurately.

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Good luck! The thinking process is accompanied by the georgia tech dissertation template clack of keys, and the ratchet of the carriage return. Your first step towards acing critical reasoning questions begins by simply paying attention to the question georgia tech dissertation template making a note.

Here are some basic strategies to help you ace this section in the upcoming examination. Nor are there any easy distractions. What have we been asked? Critical reasoning: Rely on your instincts Critical Thinking Process is deeply instinctual. The first and foremost thing required is to identify the premises, conclusions, arguments and assumptions.

Assumption -- Argument -- Conclusion map Choose variables and write down the main argument that has been drawn in the passage. A Unlike computers, they can only be used for typing. Not reading the question properly can cost you time as well as marks, so be cautious.

But how critical thinking cat or weakening is done? On the other hand if an answer option fills up this gap, or provides some information that can help you plug the loopholes in the given argument then you are looking at an answer that strengthens the argument. CAT Typewriters are the epitome of a technology that has been comprehensively rendered obsolete by the digital age.

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This will help you get comfortable with the question. The ability to organise your thoughts coherently is a necessary condition of critical thinking, which involves getting to the solution or conclusion in a step- by- step manner, such that the chances of arriving at the right answer increases and the possibility of going wrong decreases.

That is why the Russians have decided to go back to typewriters in some government offices, and why in the US, some departments have never abandoned them. To weaken the conclusion we have to critical thinking cat the choice which will go against the assumption.

D they can control who reads the document. This is clearly shown by option 4.

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Pick variables to describe the structure Sometimes the options provided are very close to each other. Some of the reasons he has given are that they are personal and private. D Explanation: In other words we have to go against the conclusion given in the question.

The information typed on a typewriter cannot be leaked out. Clearly, the only thing that is not welcome about the typewriter is that it is messier than that the computer. It does not need electricity and can, therefore, be used even in remote locations.

Click here or email us at sales milligazette. Be systematic In whatever you do, try to be systematic and organised. How to crack Critical Reasoning May 27, You should cover multiple questions of different categories in order to achieve the best results.

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C It highlights the personal benefits of using typewriters. Owning a private yacht is more prestigious than owning a diamond. How to find this answer option? Tips and tricks for Critical Reasoning Preparation Practice as many questions as possible The best way to understand and learn something is to study and solve examples. That bbc radio 4 critical thinking sorting out ideas, pulling together a kind of order and organising details before actually striking off.

If more people are buying diamonds then there will be oversupply of the diamonds in the market. Question 2: Put the argument in your own words Debase the complexity of the argument as you read, as if explaining to a child. The ratio of people who can afford diamonds to the people who can afford yachts is a million to one.

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Look for the overall flow Arguments have a tendency to follow one of the two shapes: The best way to defeat this argument is to show, if possible, that the French do not critical thinking cat in those American restaurants. The critical process begins with looking at the information to be processed inquisitively.

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There are fewer yacht brokers than there are diamond brokers. Other times the question is laced with trickery and needs to read carefully before marking the answer.

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Essentially, critical thinking is engaging with the problem deeply and thoroughly. It can be pretty confusing as to which one is the correct one.

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Before you look at the options, analyse the argument map and identify flaws if any or missing gaps. Hence there is no point in outing money in the diamonds. Type a document and lock it away and more or less the only way anyone else can get it is if you give it to them.

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Go through the evidence Critical Thinking Process also involves thorough investigation of the evidence at hand. Yet it is not just their resistance to algorithms and secret surveillance that keeps typewriter production lines - well one, at least - in business the last British one closed a year ago.

B they want to ensure that typewriter production lines remain in business. The closest to that is answer E which suggests that the American tourists are the ones who eat at those restaurants. Most Popular Articles. Fsu thesis template to the passage, some governments how critical thinking cat write body paragraph in essay use typewriters because: Once you begin to ask questions to yourself, your mind starts to look at the information differently and in depth.

The more you practice the better your understanding will develop. Remember to only search for clues within the confines of the Fact and assumption provided in the question.

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No urgent emails. This is especially true if there is a specific conclusion and then more general evidence is provided for it, or if the observations lead to a thesis. There cover letter for reference request be no thinking on screen with a typewriter. Which of critical thinking cat following, if true, would most weaken the argument above?

As mentioned above, it is of utmost importance that you establish the fact, the result, and the assumption correctly. After establishing these three correctly, you can easily answer the question quickly. Ask the right questions Being curious and asking the right questions is an essential precursor to developing a critical process.

A lot of it comes naturally to a candidate but a hard-working candidate can develop this skill too. Question critical thinking cat Read the question carefully Sometimes the answer is hidden somewhere in the question itself and there is no critical thinking required.

The cover letter for reference request praises typewriters for all the following reasons except: