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The region of Normandy is famous for its dairy products; France produces so many cheeses that you could eat a different one every single day of the year! Surprise Ride Hi! French was ruled by kings for many centuries until the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution in

The Allies freed the city in and it has not since been captured. A suspended swimming pool over the river provides a safe swimming area. The network is so efficient that no station is more than metres from any other station.

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Order the Surprise Ride Paris Cover letter administrative secretary Box today and enjoy some fun facts about Paris while you wait for the adventure to begin! For a long time, the kings only controlled Paris and the surrounding area, as much of the rest of France was in the hands of barons or English.

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It is weird to think that cover letter administrative secretary hot weather it can expand in height by as much as 6 inches without popping or breaking any of its two and a half million rivets.

It is also the world's largest museum. France is the most visited country in the world.

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French territories are not all close together! Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish painter, lived in Paris from tomostly in Montmartre and Montparnasse.

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Artists and writers have been attracted to the city for years, giving Paris the nickname City of Light. Crops include wheat used to make many different kinds of bread, which are baked fresh every dayapples and grapes, olives, tomatoes, citrus fruits, herbs, onions and garlic. InFrance became a republic.

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Today, French is the second most studied language after English and spoken by more than million people around the world as first or second language. Then Napoleon becomes Emperor of the French Republic until he is sent to exile.

Paris, with 2.

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It is located in the north of the country, on the River Seine. The fishmongers turned up as he was bleeding to death.

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It weighs 13 tons and has a name — Emmanuel. The cyclists travel all around France and people line the route cover letter administrative secretary watch them cycle past. In the late 18th century there was an uprising of ordinary people in France, tired of the way the royal family and the court lived in splendour while poor people suffered.

Each summer, the banks of the Seine are turned into a beach.

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Tonnes of sand are brought up the river by barge. In the Moulin Rouge, women put on a famous dance called the French cancan. France facts.

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Intheir king Clovis I made it his capital. The Channel Tunnel, which links Britain to mainland Europe, opened in Sainte Chapelle was built in as a shrine for Jesus crown of thorns, now hosted in Notre Dame Cathedral.

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The Notre Dame de Paris is a major Gothic cathedral. The Louvre Museum is the world's most visited museum with 8. Paris facts in a nutshell Since A.

In addition, Paris is also divided into 20 arrondissements, or neighbourhoods, numbered from 1 to The top reason to come are sightseeing and shopping.