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What are the rules? Write a tall tale about something that recently happened to you. Would you let her sell any of your things?

Everyone knows the house on the end of the street is haunted.

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How do you help the ringmaster find a place to put on a show? The mayor of the city has a big problem and tips for doing homework efficiently asked you to help. What would life be like essay titles for 12 year olds you worked on a boat?

Whether you are a teacher or parent tips for doing homework efficiently to inspire your kids to write, or maybe even an adult who would like to practice writing with a more playful and young hearted approach, I hope you find these creative writing prompts inspiring! What did you do while you waited?

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How is a raven like a writing desk? What does it have to say? You are the lead singer and star of a famous rock and roll band, but there is one problem — your drummer is jealous of your fame! What day of the year do you celebrate?

Which Disney character would you want to be and why? Imagine one of your stuffed animals comes to life and starts talking to you. Write about what it might be like to be water drops freezing and turning into ice.

25 Good Writing Topics for Kids

Personification is when a non-living object takes on human characteristics. Imagine you are planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend — how do you keep it a surprise? If you could be any type of fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why? What kinds of things would you collect and why? Write about the type of music that you like to listen to.

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What was one of how to increase problem solving skills quora favorite toys as a kid? Would you let her sell any of your things?

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What would you do if you could be invisible for a whole day? Write about what it would be like to live in an unusual house!

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What is your favorite holiday and why? Write a consumer behavior thesis about a kid who is starting at a new school.

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Write about them! What essay titles for 12 year olds it be like to grow up as a kid in Colonial America?

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Do you think this is a good or bad thing? Write the answer to this famous classic riddle from Alice in Wonderland: How do you solve this situation? What kind of unusual house would you like to live in?

Generalizing question:

Students should be allowed to use smartphones in classes. What will your kite look like?

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How do you explain why there is an elephant in your living room to your parents when they come home? Students should have more group work during classes. Imagine you are trading places with your friend for a day.

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Would you rather have a goldfish or shark as a pet? Children cannot play video games for as long as they want to.

300 Fun Writing Prompts for Kids: Story Starters, Journal Prompts & Ideas

Look at any product in your house and read the ingredients labels. Have you ever gone fishing?

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  • If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?
  • Imagine a giant box is delivered to your front door stop with your name on it.
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How can you start earning and saving money? Start with some easy topics: Do you like having your own store?

Every year over 8 billion plastic bottles and cans are thrown away. What are some of the strange things that happen there?

If you found a Genie and he gave you three wishes, what would they be? What would you do? A Tall Tale is a story that exaggerates something that actually happened.

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Would you rather live somewhere that is always cold, or somewhere that is always hot? You are being sent on a mission to outer space to live in a space station for 5 years. If you were in charge of the whole world, what would you do to make the world a happier place?

What would you want to do while you were there?

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Writing Prompt: Imagine you are sitting at home one day and you hear your mother shrieking in the living room that she sees a mouse in the house! Write about your favorite character and why. What is your favorite movie?