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His leadership of a party opposed to the spread of slavery led to his name being left off the ballots of nine Southern states where no Republican Party surfaced. In addition, the South felt increasingly isolated on the political front, especially when the Democratic National Convention in Aprilled by the eventual nominee of the Northern Democrats, Stephen A.

Not looking for war He wanted a peaceful union and was willing to keep slavery in the south. In what way did Lincoln clearly indicate that the responsibility for any future bloodshed would fall upon the South? Students engage in a debate using pro-Union and pro-secession ideas. Or does a state then have the right to secede from the Union?

States are legally bound to remain a part of the Union, and those who attempt to work against the national authority are insurrectionary What would life be like? Lincoln knew what was to come if the two sides could not reach an agreement, and he was right. Do you find Lincoln's argument for maintaining the Union convincing?

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Resource Type. The Confederate States of America would eventually include eleven states: Is the Union of the states perpetual, permanent, and binding, or does a state have the right to secede or break away from the Union? He believes that if the citizens of his nation want a change or hope to make amendments to the Constitution they do lincolns first inaugural address essay in a more proper and convention manner than to rebel against the national government or to separate from the Union, very extreme and destructive measures.

It helped prepare me for the research paper and become better at analyzing rhetoric.

Lesson 2: The First Inaugural Address ()—Defending the American Union | NEH-Edsitement Prior to his inauguration, Lincoln argued repeatedly on behalf of the natural rights of all human beings, including American slaves. We must not be enemies.

A Second Reading Finally, have these students read Lincoln's First Inaugural Address again, and answer in their groups the additional questions that follow, which are available in worksheet form on page 8 of the Text Document. Debating Lincoln's views of the Union This lesson is built around the following sequence of tasks: When What are the seven steps of the problem solving process wrote this, I had a hard time finding rhetorical devices and how they were effective.

What reasons does Jackson give for not believing a state possesses the authority to resist federal laws according to that state's own assessment? What does Stephens call the "cornerstone" of the Confederate States of America, and why is it so important to the formation of the Confederate Constitution?

Abraham Lincoln stands firm in his belief that the separation of the Union will have definite consequences. Kennedy gave his inaugural address to the citizens of America and the world, assuring his audience that peace will prevail, and that America, as a unified superpower, will lead the world once again into a new era of peace.

The foreign slave trade would be revived, angering the anti-slave states, and those states would ultimately refuse to return slaves who escape Then have them answer in when theres a will theres a way essay spm group the questions that follow, which are available in worksheet form on page 7 of the Text Document. A league of states or federation by contracton the other hand, is an "alliance between independent nations for certain defined purposes" that "depend[s] for its execution on the good faith of the parties.

Lincoln inaugurated as president; delivers his 1st Inaugural Address April 12, Explain why Lincoln thinks that even with a state compact view of the Union, it cannot be "peaceably unmade, by less than all the parties who make it. Lincoln believes that the fate of the Union lies in the hands of his fellow-countrymen.

It was known that Abraham Lincoln supported the Northern, anti-slave states but in this Address he focuses on trying to persuade them that secession is not the answer, and ttempts to do so without further alienating them. Although Lincoln entered politics as a Whig opponent of Democratic President Andrew Jackson, Lincoln agreed with Jackson's opposition to nullification and secession and borrowed from Jackson's "Proclamation Regarding Nullification" when he prepared his First Inaugural Address.

Lincoln used his inaugural address to declare his constitutional intentions as the incoming president, especially given the anxiety in the Southern states over the protection of their slaves, and to explain the nature of the national union.

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On the homepage, click on the second tab labeled "First Inaugural Address" and find a set of options that students can access to give them historical context for the debate that follows. Southerners therefore viewed Lincoln and the Republicans as representing sectional interests in opposition to those of the slaveholding states, who claimed to uphold the constitutional rights of all property owners.

Confederate States of America formed by seven states March 4, What provision in the Constitution did this violate? His leadership of a party opposed to the spread of slavery led to his name being left off the ballots of nine Southern states where no Republican Party surfaced.

is for Students.

Their responsibilities are further described below. South Carolina secedes from the Union six more states join their action before Lincoln takes office: He assures his citizens that the government will not be the assailant and there will be no conflict unless they are the aggressors.

Why does Jackson admit that secession may be a "revolutionary act" but not a "constitutional right"?

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Students will debate the central questions of this lesson: The Constitution ensures that all of the fundamental rights of individuals are covered so there should never be and questions concerning them. How does Lincoln define "secession"? What is the difference between what Lincoln calls lincolns first inaugural address essay government proper" and "an association of states in the nature of a contract merely"?

Lincoln knew the southern states were apprehensive of him being the man in charge and assumed their rights may be endangered and he wanted to ease their mind. Lesson Activities Activity 1. The use of academic diction, quotes, and allusions built his ethos. Alluding to Article II of the Constitution, Lincoln considered his "simple duty" to make sure "that the laws of the Union be faithfully executed in all the States.

What kind of national government was established "by compact between the states"? More specifically, I shall propose and focus on the idea that the….

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Closing the address with an appeal to "the better angels of our nature," Lincoln hoped that passion would give way to reason, and that the Union would restore its luster in the eyes of a divided nation.

What political body revised the Articles of Confederation and then invested the new, general government with its authority? If a minority chooses to secede from the majority rather than attempt to comply they are setting themselves up for disaster.

Analysis of Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address Essay

Direct students to the interactive timeline that accompanies this lesson. All States must work together to solve the issues and remain a united nation. According to Article II, what responsibility does the president have regarding federal laws?

Roosevelt was one that strove to lift the American people off their feet as the country entered some of it's worst years during the Great Depression. It is the fundamental law of all national governments; no government would allow provisions in its constitution that would allow for it to be terminated.

He thought a concern for "the individual rights of man," and not just self interest, should inform majority rule. Throughout the speech, he constructed his credibility as a leader. In other words, what is the nature of the Federal Union? The crux of his argument was his definition of secession as "the essence of anarchy. Students should bring Lincoln's Inaugural Address and their answers to the questions to class the following day.

Preparation for the Debate On Day One of this lesson, start the class with a brief, ten-minute discussion of the Address, going over the students' answers to the questions, and helping students to understand the main points. With pressures of the failing economy facing the President-elect, he delivered this speech, addressing the nation about his plans for a New Deal.

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A few problems that he mentioned were "values had shrunken to fantastic levels; taxes have risen, and our ability to pay has fallen. One half of the nation is against it, the other half statement of financial needed in business plan sample it is right and want to extend their right to keep slaves. I am loth to close. In what ways did they agree? As Lincoln's First Inaugural Address is the focus of this lesson, all students will read this text first.

If there was a time when the majority deprived a minority of his constitutional rights then there may be cause or justification for a revolution, but this is not the case in this situation What does Jackson say is the difference between a government and a league?

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He, Lincoln, talks about how the south manages to rebel, how their economy will be left in ruin, how they will repent and be forgiven lincolns first inaugural address essay both God and the North, how the North and the South will reconcile, and finally he talks of how the nation will move on to restoration. According to Lincoln's law partner, William H.

Lincoln elected the first Republican president December 20, The judges then take a vote among themselves to determine the winner of the debate. The provisions in the Constitution involving slavery, the fugitive-slave clause and the suppression of the foreign slave trade are well enforced and in some ways work to please both sides of the dispute Explain the law of compact, the third principle that South Carolina believed informs the duty of each state toward the others.

The use of academic diction, such as jurisprudence, insurrectionary, and irrevocable, caused his audience to believe he was a well-educated man which would make them respect him.

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Even though it was difficult, I feel like I still did a good job analyzing the piece. Did Buchanan think secession was a legitimate state blue revolution short essay Do you lincolns first inaugural address essay the secessionist arguments for the break-up of the Union convincing?

The Judges As the two groups lincolns first inaugural address essay are answering questions in preparation for the debate, students in this group—subdivided into smaller groups if necessary—will be reading the documents of both sides.

Seeking to alleviate the "Apprehension [that] seems to exist among the Southern States," Lincoln pledged not to interfere with slavery in the South and pleaded with the Confederate states to reconcile with the North. He refers directly to a passage in the Constitution that says any person who is held to a service or labor in one State and escapes to another cannot by law by pardoned from said job, but must be returned to whoever the service or labor is due What evidence does the Daily Crescent provide to conclude that the Republican Party is hostile to the interests of the South?

The first Republican president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, drew less than forty percent of the popular vote, though he received a clear majority of the electoral votes out of —all from Northern, free states.

Do the same for the second speakers usually less time than the first. Give the principal speaker for each side an allotted amount of time to make his or her speech. The first two teams will be given separate readings to prepare for the debate: Did Buchanan think the president had any authority to prevent the secession of states from the union? According to the president's oath of office, what specific duty does he have regarding the Constitution?

Note to the instructor: That balance of power is what makes the political system in the United States so successful and Lincoln really attempts to respect that. Because the interactive provides background material, it is listed first in the following section. If you had been a delegate in a state convention considering the question of whether to stay in the Union or secede, how would you cast your vote?

What kind? Students analyze the primary text of this lesson: What reasons does the editorial give for describing secession as an act of self-defense? Lesson Plan Details Background At the time that Lincoln delivered his First Inaugural Address, seven Southern states had already seceded from the Union lincolns first inaugural address essay set up a provisional government.

Lincoln states that there is not any time when any right plainly written in the Constitution has been denied. I had to refer to the packet a lot, which was very different from my research paper.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: One of Roosevelt's strong advantages during his address was his ability to relate to the very real concerns of the everyday American citizens. Subdivide students on each team into groups of three or four so they can work together on the documents.

Lincoln's Address reassured them and the rest of the South that he had no intention of interfering with their "domestic institutions" meaning slaverybut Southerners remained vexed with their own economic and political concerns. According to the Secession Declaration, how is a compact broken?

Why does Lincoln think the Union is perpetual? Let the Debate Begin! Although, Lincoln does not specifically list the ways in which he plans to reunite his nation he does warn them of the eventual consequences if the problem is not addresses and solved.

From the last three paragraphs, explain the political and sectional crisis that was perceived by South Carolinians in December of