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To illustrate, a parent may have to deal with a stubborn child in a sterner manner compared to dealing with an easily malleable child. This is why the need for such parenting sessions has risen even more. Because of additional load their desires have been broken down and they are involved in different anti-social activities. Read the following three descriptions and decide which one you think is closest to you: In my view, though parenting course brings a lot of support and confidence to young parents, it is not required by few people who are gifted with join family and people who are running on tight budgets.

There are certainly some reasons why people would opine to teach the young generation with becoming flawless parent in a family.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Parenting course program for young parents

A deviation could result in an automatic failure in the exam because you will most likely not present the correct discussion for the topic provided. Such sessions bring panasonic problem solving together, let them share their views, forms a social relationship and help people learn the real facts about their personal prejudices.

However, there was more essential. Detailed explanations of your mistakes will be provided with tips to improve your score. After I have seen your style in the writing, I have known that you always include a hook before you paraphrase the statement. Although there may be some obstacles in pursuing this idea, I believe that the final outcome would be extremely worthwhile for young families in the future.

This paper is going to discuss at least three parenting style for children in order to explore more about these proper parenting styles, which could… The Controversy Regarding Teenage Pregnancy: A mother, father, or caregiver who exercises good parenting fosters a healthy… Essay on The Importance of Good Parenting Words 6 Pages Introduction Parenting style is one of the most attributed issues when dealing with care for children by their own parents.

Moreover, sometime, they might be mentally disrupted and are spoiled for overload instead of becoming bright nation. Similarly, many parents, especially from the countryside, have silly superstitions that influence them to make bad choices. So stated mixed opinion.

Thus, trying to impose a standardised rule of parenting on all children of a particular parent may lead to more harm than good. Parents, being human, often falter and need time to understand their ward because each child is different and unique. Do you agree or disagree? Beneficial or Wasteful?

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  • Bangladesh Learning to be a parent Some people believe that lessons on becoming a good parent should be included in school curriculums.
  • In order to help new parents to nurture their toddlers, it is advisable to join a parenting course to get the know-how on raising kids.

You are incapable of actually following the English instructions. I personally agree with this notion cover letter hotel receptionist uk I believe that such sessions would be immensely helpful.


Please, you focus on prompts given. Parenting is defined by two definitions. Getting knowledge regarding becoming good spouse can be precious for young generation as well as development of country.

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I agree with this above topic. Often parents will emulate the style of discipline they experienced growing up.

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  • IELTS Writing Task 2: Parenting course program for young parents

Therefore I partially agree with the opinion of compulsory parenting courses. For many couples, the first time they become parents can be a daunting and frightening experience. Teenagers are affected from parents through their actions and decisions towards them. To begin with, proper parenting requires a great deal of knowledge and dedication.

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All in all, parenting is the most critical phase where parents should take utmost care of kids and guide them in right direction and mold them to become better citizens. They do not talk to their parents and get advice nor are they confident enough in their ability to look after their child.

Children obviously do not come with instruction manuals. Follow the prompt and choose to agree or disagree, mixed opinion is disaster for the exam. Sample Answer 1: Do you agree with this statement? Thirdly, how to judge, how to understand, cover letter hotel receptionist uk to address the ongoing wide range of difficulties in life and matters, learners would be able to learn from parenting lesson and good educated parent can produce best nation that hastens the overall development of a country.

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For instance, in India, there are certain institutions that provide full-time classes on parenting and their demand is increasing. However, you included the example of contents in the parenting course.

Write at least words. In my view, though parenting course brings a lot of support and confidence to young parents, it is not required by few people who are gifted with join family and people who are running on tight budgets. Perfect parent can handle to tackle the various types of problems during maintaining family, so, parenting can make young learners efficient to be glorious guardian who would expedite socio-economic development as well as well self-dependent in the pragmatic life.

In conclusion, although it may be challenging to design a course that would suit every family circumstance, children are given a head start when managing the arduous task of being responsible for a minor.

IELTS Essay - It is necessary for parents to attend a parenting training course

If you don't fix it, there is a greater chance of you not passing the IELTS when you finally take the actual test. As soon as a couple enters the phase of parenting, the ability to raise their child is naturally born in them. If those parents henry ford captain of industry essay a course where experts share their opinions on different aspects of child fostering and right parenting, they would be highly benefitted.

The reason parents feel the need of such courses is mainly because of the busy lifestyle and the rise of nuclear families. Society, through parenting books and magazines, has discussed this at length, and there are obviously varied opinions.

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In conclusion, to reiterate, parenting courses are not absolutely necessary for all parents and benefit a select few. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

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You cannot have mixed reviews. Moreover, the increasing trends of single parents and nuclear family lack the expert opinion of the grandparents, unlike the past. Discuss both opinions and give your opinion.

The surrounding environment plays an essential role when considering teenage pregnancy and it is thus very important for teenagers to be provided with proper education and a positive environment in order for them to be chapter 15 critical thinking quizlet to understand the difference between right and wrong.

For example, when a toddler is having running nose, elders prefer to give a soup of black pepper, ginger et cetera. I am of the mixed opinion a level dt coursework help enrolling oneself into parenting course will be helpful, whereas it is unrealistic to make sure everyone will join these courses. It is not discipline or respect, but the characteristics that stand out for a good parent are trust, love, listening and understanding.

Your position should stand out between two views, not to explain another topic like this it is unrealistic to make sure everyone will join these courses Turning to the first body paragraph, you actually offer the reasonable opinion why you agree. Parenting needs are not same for all and thus a predefined course is insufficient for many couples.