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These forest user groups involve the membership of over 1. Sources say that the smuggling is being done on both major roads and back roads. In the vicinity of andNepal lost 1. Big companies dominate over local products.

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They provide us with raw materials for several industries like furniture industry; match and paper industries and herbal industries. At first, some forest lands were declared national property and local people dependent on them were not allowed to enter—the people were, in fact, labeled as a major threat to the health of the forests.

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Foreign currency can be earned by exporting them. Likewise, the forest does and to increase the intensity of rainfall and reduce the gravity of air pollution. You can still see it in old government office ledgers. These days, however, lokta paper is in high demand from paper-craft industries and businesses for making notebooks, bags, gift boxes, greeting cards, photo-frames, designer lampshades, art paper and wrapping sheets.

Know here present condition of forest in Nepal.

Hariyo Ban Nepal ko Dhan: Nepal's Forest Wealth | Features | ECSNEPAL - The Nepali Way

Old farmers remembered similar rains, but the recent imbalance between forest and cultivated land makes the effects this time far more severe. It is the living place of animals and birds. The aggregate over the ground air-dried biomass in the forest of Nepal is 1, Land that once supported healthy regenerating forest is now covered with scrubby, largely unpalatable bush vegetation in which continuous overgrazing and lopping for fodder has prevented any regeneration and gradually removed the valuable edible species.

They are the tropical evergreen forests in the Terai region, Bhavar, and Doons, the deciduous forests on the lower altitude of the Mahabharat and the lower altitude of the Himalayan region. Wild animals like bears, leopards, etc.

The historically most famous production of lokta-based Nepali paper is from Baglung and neighboring districts west of Pokhara, and from several districts north and northeast of Kathmandu.

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People destroy the forest for settlement and cultivation. Temperate forests- It covers 4, to 10, ft. It has some disadvantages, too. Forests in Nepal have ecological, economic and agricultural importance. We can find medicinal herbs in forests.

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  • The Hill population is now estimated at 1, people per square kilometer of cultivable land, with livestock numbers comparable to the human population.
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These forest user groups involve the membership of over 1. Forest destruction invites many disasters. Selling of firewood and timber must be banned to preserve it. It is collected between May and July each year, and it is known that more than one essay planning tools has lost his life while searching for this herbal fungus at high altitude.

They are the people whose perception about Nepal have taken an about how to cope stress essay over the time.

Forests in Nepal-Essay

Individuals clear the jungles for different purposes. The developing populace is constrained to clear the wilderness for agribusiness and settlement. Many industries are dependent on it. Essay on forest in nepali is a mountainous country.

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Yet over the last decades the forest area has declined dramatically, and the trend is continuing. Further, the forest does ply costly medicinal herbs, firewood, grass and building materials. In these otherwise poor hill communities this is big business! Similarly, the forest of our country attracts many tourists.

Deforestation in Nepal

It essay on forest in nepali also important because it provides natural habitats for wildlives. These are just a few of the 14, community forests that are set up to provide a better means of subsistence and income generation for many poor rural Nepalis.

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Nepal's forest administration has confiscated many trucks and tractors laden with timber from Nepal's forests. The forest of Nepal is classified on the basis of geographical location and climatic characteristics into three kinds.

Hariyo Ban Nepal ko Dhan: Nepal's Forest Wealth

This medicinal elixir-like substance is claimed by many people to be a life saving herb popularly used as an aphrodisiac and tonic, one that improves overall immunity of the body. Some of them are a dry spell, avalanches, soil disintegration, over surges, welcome of waterways and lakes, climate extremes, contamination, greenhouse impact, ozone layer exhaustion, and desertification.

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We can gain remote cash from them. We can preserve wild animals in the jungle.


Consequently, it invites desertification and worst of all, the depletion of ozone layer. But the present position of forest in Nepal is not encouraging. These community based forests that are falling victim to deforestion through smuggling and other industries hold potential economic value to its natives.

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Therefore, no tall trees except short grass and shrubs are found in this region. This should be stopped. Renowned as a country of natural beauty, Nepal is also rich in forest resources.

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Forest is one of the sources of national income and awareness. It is life itself. If anyone of them is disturbed, the others will be doomed, deforestation leads to soil erosion, loss of the fertility of soil, and flood. It does pose a habitat for the wild animals. Similarly, with the help of a Nepal-Swiss project, community forest user groups in Dolakha, Ramechhap and Okhaldhunga Districts were able to sellcubic feet of wood the same year.

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Medicinal herbs are also fond which can be used curriculum vitae addetta alle vendite treatment of many diseases. Nature provides different gifts to the country. People cut down the trees for cultivation and settlement. These facts and figures show that forest-based resources can be a major source of employment generation, even for those who are illiterate and do not stand a chance to be employed anywhere else.

Similarly, afforestation programmed should be launched timely in needy places. On paper, 7.