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For certain populations e. However, other studies involving treatments for social anxiety disorder SAD; Furmark et al. They concluded that such interventions could reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as disordered eating behaviors. He observed that research trials have demonstrated good compliance but that little has been done in the way of external validation to evaluate the accuracy of this method of reporting for these populations. The larger sections that follow discuss the use of such technologies to address prevention and treatment specifically of mental and substance use disorders and are organized by the disorder addressed.

Another potential concern with video conferencing is whether or not interventions developed for delivery in person can be adapted to this medium. Greater use of theory in developing interventions was associated with a greater effect size for interventions; the biggest effect size was for the use of theory or target constructs as predictors of behavior to select recipients for the intervention.

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Firstly, keep a careful log of what you read in a format you find easy to work with. It then concludes with a paragraph that relates the literature to the research project design methodology.

  • People with certain personality disorders may also fare better with in-person treatment than with treatment delivered via communication technologies.

Only three theories were used by enough studies to be evaluated; those theories were, in order of greatest to smallest effect size: In online business plan tool study of a screening and brief intervention for problem drinking delivered to first-year college students, 41 percent of participants who were screened as potentially having a drinking problem expressed a preference for getting further information about drinking over the Internet, and 6 percent expressed a preference for getting information by phone Saitz et al.

Tate, Finkelstein, Khavjou, and Gustafson reviewed eight studies of Web-based interventions that provided data on cost savings and concluded that such interventions are more cost-effective than traditional services. Most users were satisfied with this method of delivery and reported a level of satisfaction comparable with that reported by clients receiving in-person therapy, and the major sources of dissatisfaction were technical difficulties.

Haroon interviewed residents from 32 black panther movie thesis statement nursing homes known to have different levels of autonomy Similarly, a review of computerized CBT interventions by Green and Iverson found good evidence to support the use of such interventions for anxiety disorders, information security specialist cover letter disorders, eating disorders, smoking cessation, and problem drinking.

Of the interventions included in that meta-analysis, those using CBT appeared to be the most effective compared with those using psychoeducational or purely behavioral approaches.

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  2. It then concludes with a paragraph that relates the literature to the research project design methodology.
  3. The weekly minute telephone calls provide CBT to help clients with MS change thought processes and behaviors that reinforce depressive symptoms, manage stress, and deal with interpersonal and other problems and situations Dolan,

He observed that research trials have demonstrated good compliance but that little has been done in the way of external validation to evaluate the accuracy of this method of reporting for these populations. I should say that the advice given in this sections is likely only relevant to science based projects.

They evaluated three different sets of intervention characteristics: These same concerns are relevant to the provision of behavioral health services online. Since you are still an undergraduate it is likely although not necessary that your work will be a small step forward.

These questions crop up frequently and will be familiar to any readers who are starting their own project. Factors such as bandwidth, image resolution, and display size may affect clients' and counselors' experiences with video conferencing ATA, The intervention also had a relatively low dropout rate and a high level of attendance.

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Although technology-assisted care TAC provides a number of opportunities to enhance behavioral health services Eonta et al. For example, a pilot study was conducted with 30 individuals who were homeless and in outpatient treatment for cocaine use disorders. Summary of structure The literature review should begin with an introduction to the topic, and should demonstrate a logical progression of ideas in terms of its structure, the links between sections, and the conclusions reached.

So, if your thesis is something to do with mobile computing, you might say something here about why mobile phones are important, why mobile computing is an interesting and important area, and broadly what other researchers are working on.

Who will read my literature review and what can I assume about their knowledge of the area?

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However, when you fully understand the purpose of the literature and how to go about writing one, you begin to realise that these questions are actually not that mckinsey case study powerpoint. Norman reviewed 72 articles concerning video conferencing, with a focus on how well this technology might be adapted in the United Kingdom, and concluded that it appeared to be an effective way to deliver counseling services and was promising for clients living in rural areas.

Overall, participants in those studies receiving Web-based services perceived their relationship with the counselor delivering those services to be moderate or high in strength in most cases, measured with the Working Alliance Inventory, and in one case, with the Agnew Relationship Measure.

Suler and Anthony discussed the psychology of text-based interactions, with particular attention to how they affect therapeutic relationships. However, French and Haroon found that availability of private areas is not the only aspect of the physical environment that determines residents' autonomy. However, a later review by Hanley and Reynoldswhich focused on text-based online therapy only see discussion later in this sectioncautioned that Barak and colleagues' conclusions on the greater effectiveness of CBT interventions delivered online reflected a more general bias in research toward more technical and less relational interventions as the former are easier to research.

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Those sections may include research on one or multiple types of technology, depending on what recent literature is available. Department of Veterans Affairs VA confirmed that video conferencing interventions can aid healthcare systems in cutting overall costs. This argument relates to the value of your research and to the methods you use to carry it out. Student B: The VA has successfully instituted a number of services for veterans living in rural areas.

A literature review should really be a review of the research work that has gone before you, not a literary criticism of the style that other authors adopt. Sample business plan growth strategy effect of therapist contact may also vary according to the type and frequency of contact.

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Please refer to the other downloadable documents on the literature review for advice on this. The authors did not find any significant differences in effectiveness across four different categories of target problems depression, anxiety, nicotine dependence, and substance use disorders.

  • Tate, Finkelstein, Khavjou, and Gustafson reviewed eight studies of Web-based interventions that provided data on cost savings and concluded that such interventions are more cost-effective than traditional services.
  • The VA has successfully instituted a number of services for veterans living in rural areas.

The authors also found that there was a significantly greater effect size for interventions that were delivered individually compared with a group therapy format and that interventions appeared to be more effective for clients ages 19 to 39 compared with those who were 40 or older.

They also observed methodological problems with much of the research involving video conferencing. They also found limited and somewhat flawed evidence that such interventions could reduce alcohol use thesis statement for the scarlet ibis individuals with alcohol use disorders and hospitalization rates for people with schizophrenia.

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As noted, video conferencing has been shown in a number of studies to be an effective technology for conducting clinical interviews and other assessments ATA, ; Richardson et al. Greater distractions may exist for someone using the Internet than in a one-on-one setting.

In the literature published sincethey found further support for those claims, and some studies that indicated that video conferencing interventions were superior to no treatment or a reduced level of in-person services.

In a European survey of experts on different aspects of Web-based healthcare and related topics e. Secondly, as soon as you feel you have read enough to understand the broad context of the literature, start writing it up formally as your second dissertation chapter.

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Literature review: An earlier review by Palmqvist, Carlbring, and Anderssonbased on fewer studies, also found that such interventions promised to be more cost-effective. So, to be clear: Video conferencing, which provides both audio and video, has been used in a variety of behavioral health settings, usually to provide what would otherwise be an in-person service to clients who are not able to reach the provider's location.

Still, a good dissertation in the sciences will contain roughly the elements listed below.

Writing a Literature Review | Library An evaluation of telemental health services i. Some participants i.

Individuals who cited time constraints as a potential barrier to treatment seeking were significantly more likely to be interested in telephone- or Web-based interventions. A German study involving individuals who had completed inpatient treatment for a mental disorder and participated in text-based continuing care groups and matched controls who did not use text-based continuing care found that participants in the text-based groups had a significantly lower risk for negative outcomes according to a composite measure of behavioral and physical health than did those in the control group Golkaramnay et al.

One intervention may involve components that use any number of these technologies, and there is almost always some overlap with other categories e. Women may also benefit more than men do from some Web-based interventions.

Literature reviews in student project reports - IEEE Journals & Magazine

Atherton, Sawmynaden, Sheikh, Majeed, and Car reviewed the literature on the use of email for clinical communication in a variety of healthcare settings and found nine controlled trials, but most were related to communication in nonbehavioral health settings.

It may be that in your method you describe some experiments, and this section essay yazmak nedir your results and analysis of those results. The independent Web site http: It is not concerned with most other uses of new technologies e. In Kiluk and colleagues' review, each of the 75 studies was rated according to how well it met 14 different criteria of methodological soundness. Tsan and Day evaluated gender differences in attitudes toward different modes of behavioral health services e.

They concluded that: Suler summarized recommendations from the International Society for Mental Health Online clinical case study group regarding individuals' potential suitability for online therapy.

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What that is exactly will depend on the field you are studying. In their interviews with therapists, Day and Schneider found that some counselors felt that treatment using audio only caused them to miss important information e. Web-based and computerized interventions appear to be a better option for clients with less severe mental illness than for those with more severe mental illness.

After studying residents and staff from two intermediate care facilities in Calgary, Alberta, Smith came to the conclusion that except for the amount of personal privacy available to residents, the physical environment of these institutions had minimal if any effect on their perceptions of control autonomy.

In that study, a positive expectation prior to entering treatment was associated with treatment completion, but not with treatment outcomes. Morie described a U.

Make sure you also say what research you would do if you were to continue working on your project. Although research is limited, Morland et al. For example, a review of VA's American Indian Telemental Health Clinics indicated that telemental health services mental health services delivered using various telecommunication technologies provided by these clinics were well-received by clients, generally showed diagnostic reliability, and were less expensive than the same services provided in person Shore et al.

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For H. This is an important section — most students gain or lose marks in either their literature review or evaluation. More recently, Kramer et al. There can be difficulties in adapting existing interventions to this method of delivery. Student A:

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