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Create a budget for handling the incidental related to publishing and ordering additional copies of your manuscript. Call the Graduate School at with any questions concerning this. Create flawless presentation of the material you will be covering on the defense.


Remember, your goal for your dissertation defense is to prove to your committee that you have contributed new knowledge to your field. In the event that revisions to your dissertation are necessary before your committee members approve your dissertation, the report will be retained by your supervisor until all revisions have been completed.

All members of your committee must sign your request form indicating their intent to be present at your final oral. All those who sign must have read and must approve the manuscript in its entirety.

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You have completed your coursework. Two questions to anticipate include identifying the weaknesses of your study and post-dissertation research plans.

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Have your manuscript reviewed before the defense to be sure it is consistent with formatting requirements. Advance written agreement of the student and all committee members has been obtained and submitted to the Office of Graduate Student Services use Petition for Remote Committee Final dissertation defense Form ; All materials, including any visual aids, have been distributed in advance to the remote member; The remote member participates in the entire and complete course of the meeting; The committee chair has accepted responsibility for the oversight of any logistical arrangements necessary; and Any costs associated with video- or teleconferencing have been accounted for in advance.

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Committee members are required to indicate their approval of the manuscript and the defense using the forms listed below: Upon approval of the request, the review will be undertaken by the Graduate Council. Scheduled oral examinations are published here.

Submit announcement to the Graduate Division Student Services no later than two weeks prior to defense.

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Each member of your committee must receive a copy of your dissertation cover letter porter least four weeks prior to your dissertation defense date. Table of Contents. Use proxy member s — As a dissertation abstracts international section b the sciences & engineering rule, the Graduate Division discourages the use of proxy committee members for the final defense.

The Dissertation Defense: Committee Decision Review Should a member of the committee voting in the minority wish to kansas state university thesis database the majority decision reviewed, he or she may do so by submitting a written request to the Graduate Division.

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It is very important to adhere to graduate school rules and deadlines covering the scheduling of a defense. These explanations must be signed by the committee member in question, OR your committee supervisor, OR your graduate adviser.

  • The dissertation defense is a significant milestone signaling closure on your graduate student career.
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Committee Approval A majority of the committee, including the chair and university representative, must approve of the defense in order for the student to pass. Rather, you should briefly overview of the first three chapters of your dissertation and move on to the new information that you want to present i.

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Instead, you should discuss your results in terms of patterns that emerged in the data. The proxy may require the student to revise, add or delete portions of the manuscript. Organize you material for presentation. The Dean of the Graduate School depends on this document to determine your eligibility to receive the doctoral degree so it is essential that it be completed and returned in a timely fashion.

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Therefore, you do not need to spend much time going over these write an essay about teachers day at your dissertation defense. Required Signatures To be signed by the chair, university representative, and committee members who participate in the final defense, including any proxy members.

Comparing patterns in your data to that of previous research is a natural way to flow into your discussion section and give a good presentation.


More Articles on PhDStudent. Efforts to recruit your chair and other committee members will entail some of this communication behavior.

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Committee members will likely respond better to your admitting that you do not know something as opposed to your faking an answer yes, they will be able to tell if you are faking. Additionally, keep your answers concise; you should not try to impress your committee by using complex responses.

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Though it may provoke anxiety, defending your dissertation is actually an exciting process because in some cases, the dissertation defense marks the end of a very long journey.

To be signed by the chair, university representative, and a majority of the committee, including any committee member s who may have been physically absent at the defense.

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Announcement must specify title, date, time and place of the defense. When you discuss your results, you do not necessarily need to go into detail about every little outcome that you found; often, you will not have enough time to do this.

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Resources on Campus Teleconference facilities with various types of equipment video, audio, etc. It is expected that all members of the committee attend the defense, either in person or via teleconference.

Final Examination: Dissertation Defense | UW Graduate School Only regular graduate faculty may serve as proxies.

Attend the defenses of some of your business plan for bank pdf colleagues or attend defenses in other departments. Co-authors of Destination Dissertation: Final Defense Final Defense The final defense is an oral examination final dissertation defense to the public, during which the author of a thesis or dissertation demonstrates to his or her committee satisfactory command of all aspects of the work presented and other related subjects, if applicable.

After the Defense The official recommendation of your committee and your program is communicated to the Graduate School on the Report of Dissertation Committee. You may also be required to provide copies to your department and library.

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The abstract may be distributed via email or other electronic means as appropriate. You will probably have to answer questions from various committee members, so try your best to respond in a non-defensive manner.

Maximize your opportunity in the pre-defense meeting to raise any issues or concerns.