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Assessment of each subject comprises written assessments multiple choice questions and structured essay questions and clinical examinations. Thus the maximum total score is and maximum score for each domain is Google Scholar Kaiser, H. Therefore, to make the interpretation easy, it is recommended to convert raw scores to percentile scores when this tool is used for selection of professionals for employment [ 25 ]. Received Feb 16; Accepted Sep Journal of Personality Assessment, 79 2—

When needed, clarifications related to study participation were made via email and telephone. Imagination, Cognition and Personality, 9 3— Academic performance was assessed with final MBBS results in the first attempt. Wong, C. However when the tool is used for research purposes the recommendation is to analyses the raw scores, as statistical analysis becomes demanding if percentile scores are used [ 25 ].

Whether a student gets a pass in the individual subject is based on this percentage mark and the pre-defined examination by-laws in the university. Without a wide knowledge of the characteristics of the normative sample, interpretation of scores obtained from a psychometric tool is difficult.

Does emotional intelligence depend on gender? We studied EI and its effect on academic performance in a sample of medical undergraduates of a Sri Lankan university using Genos EI Inventory which is an emotional ability-based instrument [ 25 ]. A cross-sectional study. Research Journal of My favourite thesis product innovation apple essay Sciences, 1 28— The result showed that one of the EI components i.

Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form were incorporated into the electronic form along with the study instruments. Google Scholar Kaiser, H. Firstly the final year is considered to be the most emotionally demanding year for a medical student. Intelligence, 27 4— Personality and Individual Differences, 39, — Google Scholar Maraichelvi, A. Study participants gave informed consent prior to recruitment.

Google Scholar Ahammed, S.

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Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 19 3—4— Managing ones emotions is extremely important personal statement sample graduate school application maintain psychological well-being during the stressful undergraduate years. They how to write a good essay in english pdf contacted via email and telephone. Assessment of research paper on emotional intelligence and academic achievement subject comprises written assessments multiple choice questions and structured essay questions and clinical examinations.

Google Scholar Kline, P. All those who were registered at the selected medical faculty and sat for the final MBBS examination in their first attempt in January were eligible.

However, evidence indicates that the relationship between EI and anxiety during examinations is complex [ 9 ].

Role of Emotional Intelligence for Academic Achievement for Students - Semantic Scholar

Is emotional intelligence an advantage? The mean age was Google Scholar Jaeger, A. References Abdullah, M. Administration of this tool to individuals of several countries including Asian countries who speak English has shown that it produces high quality data [ 25 ]. These results suggest that emotional skills development might enhance academic performance of medical undergraduates in Sri Lanka.

The different dimensions of EI help an individual to function effectively in a stressful environment. Google Scholar Mayer, J. Conclusions In the study population, both EI and academic performance were higher among females.

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San Francisco: This is important for developing qualities like empathy and building up effective relationships. Sluyter Eds. A study done in a group of undergraduate students in USA demonstrated that EI was associated with performance beyond ones general intellectual abilities [ 20 ].

Intelligence, 38, — Psicotherma, 18, — Google Scholar Song, L. Assessment of EI and collection of socio-demographic data were done using electronic forms. Intrapersonal intelligence is the inner intelligence one uses to know and understand oneself which is important for self-awareness, self-regulation and self-motivation.

The study also revealed that the female respondents scored lower than male respondents in EI mean score. Mean EI of second-class upper division, second-class lower division, pass and repeat groups were The differential effects of general mental ability and emotional intelligence on academic performance and social interactions. EI was assessed with self-administered Genos Emotional Intelligence Full Version 7 domains; 70 questions equally weighted; total score Among different domains, mean score was highest for Emotional Self-Awareness These different dimensions of EI are likely to influence the academic and professional success particularly in the field of medicine.

Socio-demographic data were obtained using a self-administered questionnaire.

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The scores obtained from Genos EI inventory are valid and reliable. Emotional intelligence and academic performance in first and final year medical students: Independent of gender, academic performance was better in those who were more emotionally intelligent. The role of emotional intelligence in the academic success of United Arab Emirates University Students.

Electronic Journal in Research in Educational Psychology, 6 2— This dimension includes the ability to be sensitive to own emotions and emotions of the others. Further, there is ample evidence to support an appreciable amount of validity across several dimensions including factorial, concurrent, predictive and discriminant validity [ 25 ].

International Journal of Educational Research, 35, — The results revealed an interesting finding that the respondents in this study, regardless of the years of study, self-reported that they are better in appraising their own emotions, but weaker in controlling their emotions.

Moreover the doctors and medical students with higher EI are likely to be more competent with regard to self-care, thus preventing them becoming victims of the inevitable stress associated with the medical profession. An exploration of adolescent emotional intelligence in relation to demographic characteristics.

Journal of Personality Assessment, 79 2— Google Scholar Walsh-Portillo, J.

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Individuals with higher EI are perceived to have better interpersonal relationships and considered by their peers to be more affable [ 17 ]. Basic Books. It does not measure the cognitive capacity of an individual in relation to recognition and management of emotions. However, the difference in EI between genders is not statistically significant.

The medical students learn and doctors work in a high-stress environment created by a multitude of factors which include demanding workloads, long hours of working, and having to interact with different personnel ranging from patients to healthcare teams.

Further questions examined whether the participant is socializing well in the university environment as self-perceived, whether the participant is a religious person as self-perceived, whether the participant enjoys studying medicine and whether the participant is satisfied with the facilities available for learning.

This study was conducted to describe the pattern of EI, to determine its predictors and to determine the effect of EI on academic performance at the final 3rd grade spelling homework ideas examination, research paper on emotional intelligence and academic achievement medical undergraduates of a Sri Lankan university.

Google Scholar Goleman, D. Journal of Applied Psychology, 89 3 Google Scholar Bar-On, R. Personality and Individual Differences, 37, — Received Feb 16; Accepted Sep Google Scholar Lam, L.

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Relating emotional intelligence to social competence and academic achievement in high school students. Emotional intelligence comprises interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

BMC Medical Education, 13, What is emotional intelligence? Subsequently, they described a four-branched model of EI [ 3 ].

FIU electronic theses and dissertations. Those with higher EI are more likely to understand, regulate and manage emotions better both in themselves and in the others.