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Semantic similarity, predictability, and models of sentence processing. On the Syntax-Prosody Interface: Der homerische und der kallimakische Hexameter. The Prosody of Greek Speech.

Nanzan Linguistics, Special Issue 5. The role of prosody in the interpretation of structural ambiguities: Prosody—Syntax Interaction in the Expression of Focus. Tufts Digital Library.

The Metrical Schemes of the Hexameter. Semantic similarity, predictability, and models of sentence processing. The Prosody of Greek Speech. Prague, 67— Draft country report Greece.

Lingua 9— A large subcategorization lexicon for Natural Language Processing Applications. Country report Greece. Speakers Manage Syntactic Information Density. Behavior Construction Kits.

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Journal of Memory and Language 65 2. An introduction to object-oriented programming with a didactic microworld: Index Thomisticus: Classical Philology 87 case study in greek language.

Lectures on Government and Binding. Vineis ed. Words in the Mind. Oxford University Press.

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In Paul Kiparsky and Gilbert Youmans eds. Outcomes and ways forward The Certificate of Attainment in Greek language is being used by foreigners to practice various professions on the labour market.

How prosody constrains comprehension: Theory and Practice.

ERIC - Attitudes to Ancient Greek in Three Schools: A Case Study, Language Learning Journal,

Participants receive the Certificate of Attainment in Greek after completing the course successfully. Examination centres certified by the CGL conduct a one-day examination. LEGO Homepage, http: Preview Unable to display preview.

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Methods in Latin Computational Linguistics. Using prosody to avoid ambiguity: Expectation-based syntactic comprehension. Annotations at analytical level: Plike positivity and left anterior negativity responses are elicited by semantic reversibility in nonanomalous sentences.

Syntactic Parsing.

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Gruppo Editoriale Internazionale. Classical Philology 73 4. Van Berkum. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 29 6. Therefore, applicants can apply electronically and do not have to visit the examination centres. The syntactic complexity of Russian relative clauses. An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon. Actes du Colloque International C. Procedures and processes The Centre for the Greek Language CGL provides overall support and promotion of the Greek language in Greece and abroad, and is also responsible for issues related to language education and policy.

Semantics and cognition. The aims of the programming syllabus include the attainment of knowledge and skills, which are related to problem solving and the design of algorithms.

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Syntax and prosody, syntax and meaning. Electrophysiological correlates of prosody and punctuation. Grundfragen einer Dependenz-Grammatik des Lateinischen. Griechische Verskunst Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft 2.

Journal of neurolinguistics 26 1. Academic Press.

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Cognition 3. To Pause or Not to Pause.

The two people who score your essay will each award between 1 and 4 points in each of these three categories: You will receive a score based on three dimensions:

We have then used the lexicon to detect a specific type of potentially ambiguous syntactic patterns in Latin and Greek hexametric poetry, which can consistently be disambiguated by prosodic breaks. The American Journal of Philology 2.

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The recognition of Greek language competence is expected to be facilitated through an online system that supports the electronic submission of applications. Kyr, M. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 90 6. Atti del convegno della Societa italiana di glottologia e della Indogermanische Gesellschaft.

Assessment criteria Assessment at all levels comprises the evaluation of the four classic linguistic skills, namely listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and speaking. Published Online: Edizioni di storia e letteratura. Cognition 1. In order to acquire the students knowledge and skills, the usual approach that is followed is: Journal of psycholinguistic research 30 3.

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Holy, P. Cognitive Psychology, 61 1 ,23— Guidelines for the syntactic annotation of Latin treebanks. Effects of speaker awareness and referential context. The online system was piloted in and rolled out for all examination centres in Written and Spoken Language: Such disambiguating breaks were then mapped onto the metrical structure of the lines containing the ambiguous patterns, in order to assess their correspondence to metrical boundaries and to gather independent evidence on the phonetic nature of the boundaries themselves in view of further investigation.

Cognition 99 2. A review. Programming and Alternative Learning Group, http: These courses also include elements of Greek history and culture. Case study in greek language against competition during syntactic ambiguity resolution.

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This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Locality and parsing complexity. Guide to the Examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek. The Ministry of Education also offers the National Language Certificate that any individual can attain by passing examinations, regardless of how the language skills were obtained.

Journal of cognitive neuroscience 18 7. Stelios, X. Language, mind and brain: