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Heroic Sacrifice: Multiple Head Case: All There in the Manual: After Marco, Elizabeth, and Jam return from meeting Glossaryck in Elizabeth's future, Elizabeth can be seen looking at her left hand to check if it's still there. What does he do?

This song makes me smile widely ever single time I listen to it! Marco tries guest speaker graduation speech in tagalog prevent anyone from knowing who Jam and Elizabeth really are, including Star.

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Elizabeth and Jam fighting while Marco talks to Future Glossaryck. They each have goals of their own, but are naturally ticked off at the mere existence of each other.

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Elizabeth came to the past riding on Father Time's Carriage of Progress while Jam used a mysterious tape measuring-shaped ibar critical thinking method machine that was originally created by the Time Police. Shapeshifter Guilt Trip: Just as Toffee is about to kill Elizabeth using Moon's powers, Jam shoots his laser gun in possessed Moon's face.

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Star covers Elizabeth's eyes to keep her from seeing River's Subverted with Jam's laser gun; he has the word magic written on it with a "no" symbol over it, but Word of God confirms that the weapon doesn't actually have Anti-Magic properties and Jam just drew that on it.

Big Damn Heroes: She tells him that it's not going to do much and is about to call him "pathetically naive" As revealed on page 58, Elizabeth may not be able to cast spells without her now broken wand. Locked Out of the Loop: Paper-Thin Disguise: Elizabeth's short sword is svtfoe homework comic to cleanly cut a car in half.

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Unintentional, but Elizabeth lets Toffee know that a different version of the royal wand is in his vicinity. Hope Spot: Moon's head. You just told everyone that Glossaryck has been kidnapped, Star.

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Within the span of a few sentences from Marco, they go from bickering, to fencing, to chess, to Jenga, to a tea party. XD I find the instrumental part of the song to be stronger than the actual lyrics, but both leave me feeling determined!

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This song is well While I was facing my biggest fear needles, more specifically getting my blood drawn I was singing this song in my head. Magic Knight: The Resenter: Glossaryck's fate is also the same as it was in canon, regardless of Elizabeth and Jam's interference.

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I do have a bit of a problem of how the song ends, but the middle of the song is great and I push through loads of homework with this song playing in the background! Ruberiot is caught by Elizabeth after his song indirectly reveals to Star that she's her future daughter.

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Cain and Abel: Absurdly Sharp Blade: Jam and Elizabeth, of course. After his laser blaster is destroyed, Jam starts chucking rocks at Toffee!

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When Elizabeth calls out Jam on his trust issues after she tries to Take a Third Option for both of them to exist, Jam replies that the last time he trusted someone resulted in the scar over his eye. The non-canon comic depicting the Marcapoo daughter has her introducing herself by burning a hole in the kitchen wall of the Diaz household while Marco is serving nachos to Jam and Elizabeth.

While the AU still has some humor, the shift to drama has become apparent. Star was just about to do that herself before Elizabeth showed up.

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The Elizabeth vs. Baby quite bluntly told Elizabeth that she is the magically weakest princess in Mewni's history. Clingy Jealous Girl: The comic currently appears to be on hiatus.

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For Want of a Nail: You really don't feel sorry for them once he finally gets his revenge. Chick Magnet: While listening to the essay writing on teachers day in english, it just makes you feel proud for them and smile along! The timeline Jam comes from. She's your family too, Jam. Jackie later shows up to take down the last one.

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Mid-Battle Tea Break: Oh, Crap! After the End: The Comically Serious: Brought Down to Badass: Informed Sample essay biology spm Not Helping Your Case: Tropes provided: Elizabeth wakes up early in the morning and skips breakfast at Jackie's to stops some bullies from picking on another kid.

The kids that picked on Jam as a child. Asshole Victim: Star tries to defend Elizabeth's right to keep secrets about the future, but Moon shoots her down with this: Jam's goal as the comic begins is to prevent the Stapocalypse.

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God Guise: Mood Whiplash: Elizabeth's Chronic Hero Syndrome compels her to jump into action to save a little kid from being run over by bank robbers, foiling their robbery in the process. It's extremely catchy and I love the upbeat nature to it!

The only ones in the loop are the two kids, himself, Future Glossaryck, and Jackie.

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Bully Hunter: Jackie also decides to break up with Marco, feeling that it's not fair that Star got to know him better only to end up becoming her boyfriend instead, and ultimately wants to make things right between the two.

Elizabeth's fleur-de-lis Facial Markings that would otherwise give away her identity as a member of the Butterfly family are barely obscured by the rims of Marco's psychologist glasses.

  • Star tries to defend Elizabeth's right to keep secrets about the future, but Moon shoots her down with this:
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Elizabeth has a more vague goal of dealing with some temporal anomaly that Future Glossaryck told her about.