Problem solving multi step problems, they also include...

I allow the students to talk with their neighbors to figure out the hidden questions. The danger is you might think you can stop there. I get it. This has been around for years, in many different variations. To get started, I ask the students a question.

Solving Multi-Step Word Problems

I have created ten pages of varying levels, and they are FREE for you to use with your students! This also encourages students to restate the question adjectives to use in an essay their answer and make sure they have actually answered the question that is being asked.

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There are 39 cupcakes. These differentiated cards are PERFECT for all learners in your 2nd or 3rd-grade classroom as they have word problems for digit addition, subtraction, simple multiplication, and division. You will have to take another step to get there.

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The students knew to multiply the number of rows by the number of cupcakes in the rows, but they could not connect this to a question that they were answering. Whenever you finish a math problem of any kind, always go back to the original problem.

Once they have done a few like this, I let them move on to working on them without the four square format.

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But, they do not have the hidden questions down. As I walk around, I am listening for the students to use "talk" that will lead to the answer.

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  • I allow the students to talk with their neighbors to figure out the hidden questions.

I feel that by closing each of my lessons by having students share their work is very important to the success of the lesson. Together our little class of 15 was able to come up with 9 different ways to solve this one problem! I find that collaborative learning is vital to the success of students.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Mastering Multi-Step Word Problems

I ask if there are any clue words to let them know which operation to use. First, I have them do a little sequencing sort.

The role of a care assistant can be exhausting, as you have to stand for hours on end, and walk what seems like miles each day.

The rest is the 7 sets of 24 still left after separating away the 5 sets. This helps them really evaluate their thinking and see if it made sense.

Multi-Step Math Word Problems

Some students even like to create their own foldables like those that I showed above with the task cards! If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. So I passed out another half sheet and glue it into their notebooks. You can tell that there are lots of things to remember with a multi-step word problem, even when the problem itself is relatively easy. First, I begin by modeling how to solve a multi-step problem hidden questions.

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  • I ask them, "What is the problem asking you to find?

They aren't actually having to do any math here, so it frees them up to simply think about the process. I hear the students question each other about the hidden questions for the problem.


I explain to the students that in order to find the total, I must first identify the hidden questions in this problem. They must use clear definitions and terminology as they precisely discuss this problem. Before rushing to solve the problem, it is worth your time to slow down and clarify your understanding.

If students were still struggling, I pulled them to my small group while the other persuasive essay in french worked through their tubs for the week.

Multistep Worksheets | Free - CommonCoreSheets

Profit is the amount earned minus the amount spent to buy the highlighters. The purpose of the flaps is to guide students through the steps, but to also give them time to think about what the next steps are and then see if they are correct. How many cupcakes were in the first box? What label will my answer have?

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For this activity, I put the students in pairs. Therefore, I know the answer is 1, calories. There is a big difference between telling me which numbers you added and what those numbers represent.

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We had to refer back to the problem that I modeled for them. Students fold the paper in half, cut across the dotted lines on the right side, and fold the right flaps under.

Multi-step word problems with whole numbers (practice) | Khan Academy

I know. Luckily, over the years, I've come up with a few different ideas and activities for helping students master multi-step word problems! How much profit did he make?