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In fact in all hill stations in India, the use of plastic bags has been banned. In order to keep our employees motivated, we will ensure that they are well paid and have a welfare and incentive package that is better than their counterparts in other similar start-ups nylon producing companies here in Lagos Island — Lagos State. Our nylon production business is one that is strategically positioned in order not to only attract customers but to also increase the revenue that our business will make. N6, N. We are therefore going to do all it takes to ensure that we generate enough revenue from our core and additional businesses that will boost and sustain our nylon production business. So, the selection would definitely contribute to the profitability.

Our intention of exploring what publicity means are available to us, have allowed us to engage the services of a reputable business consultant here in Lagos, who fully understands the industry and the kind of business we run and will therefore create effective publicity strategies that will enable us to positively communicate our brand to our target market.

The result of the SWOT analysis that was therefore conducted on behalf of Eddie Nylon Production Ventures is as follows; Strengths The fact that thesis statement for a theme analysis essay are offering advisory services and training in addition to producing several sizes and types of nylon can be regarded as an additional strength for our business, as it allows us to penetrate and have a large share of the target market, while also effectively competing against our competitors.

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In the case of finance, you may arrange it either from a bank or a microfinance organization. This is because the school bag is one of the most necessary items for school and college going students.

ZAPPER - BAGS - Business Plan (Kristu Jayanti College) Look for a niche you can fill.

Fifth Step: Consider getting warehouse or inventory insurance to protect your investment. W ith the expectation of high profitability it is assumed that it would bethe perfect product to be manufactured in todays environment. Cost of purchasing a delivery van for use — N, Ifpossible I would expor t my product, as they are highly in demand in foreigncountries.

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N6, N. In the organization and management structure of your company should include a section.

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Kgatlhanye explained that all the bags are made from plastic bags. Hire and Train Staff Whether you run an online-only store or have a physical location, you will want to hire staff at some point. New Business Development Prepared By: Good planning goes a long way when you open a purse and bag business startup.

  1. Completed Purchase of Insurance for the Business:
  2. Train them to be knowledgeable about the types of bags and purses you have so they can help customers with questions about their purchases.
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  4. Make sure to properly research multiple potential locations before picking one.
  5. The best locations are usually in retail-oriented areas with a lot of foot traffic such as a mall.

The purse market has many big-name brands. Finally our chief executive officer is a highly experienced man and knows all the technicalities surrounding the business both in business plan of school bags as well as managing the business overall.

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We sell them to corporates or individuals. Moreover, consider including market research, the current purse and handbag market size along with customer demographics. Completed Homework for 4 year olds uk Online Payment Platforms: Also, you need to find not only various aspects of the business but the supplier of raw materials, the manufacturing process along with the essential infrastructure and capital investment.

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Another threat that we are likely to face is customers turning to cheaper alternatives such as paper bags. Also, you need some other equipment, including working tables, scissors, hammers etc.

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Sixth Step: It's your store's reputation business plan of school bags the line whenever a customer buys from you, so do your homework. To make the product popular in every place of Gujarat and gradually cover all nearby states. If you are focused on designing and creating handcrafted bags, your business planning will need to include securing suppliers for high quality raw materials, as well as the time necessary to make your creations.

Also, there are a great number of students who have started going to schools and colleges from rural areas over that with the increase in awareness.


So, now a day people are moving toward to use a paper bags rather than plastic bags. Become one of the sponsors of a popular radio or television program in order to increase more awareness about our brand. They have to take right decision about the selection of location because once a location selected it cannot be changed in the near future.

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We also offer our loyal customers incentives especially those who refer others to us, this actions has seen us retain a huge share of our target market. Have an adviser, such as a volunteer from the Small Business Administration, go over your budget with you.

Distribute our handbills and fliers in various strategic locations all around Lagos State.

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Completed Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts: Our employees are the best in the sector as they are not only experienced but are dedicated and committed to ensuring that we attain all our goals and objectives. We got the combined sum of N, from our extended family members and friends. We are also starting off with less finances and few staff which makes us a bit weak especially when compared to the already established nylon producing businesses not only here in Lagos Island but in other parts of Lagos State close as well.

We intend to reward our business plan training ppt customers from time to time by offering them discounts especially when they refer other customers to our thesis statement for a theme analysis essay production business.

Types There are two primary types of handbag businesses: Jaydeep Chaudhry Roll No.

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When they get home, they take the panel out and insert it into a desk lamp integrating the two. The raw materials required in this unit are: Also Before some time people are using plastic bags. Operational cost for the first three months salaries of employees as well as payment of bills — N, School bags a shining light Written by Noluthando Mkhize Youth matters Thato Kgatlhanye is one of those young people who believes in doing business with a purpose.

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Several local government bodies such as city municipal corporations and town-planning bodies have banned usage of plastic bags. Below therefore are the sales projection for Eddie Nylon Production Ventures based on certain assumptions as well as other factors relating to small and medium scale enterprises here in Lagos — Nigeria; First Fiscal Year-: Total Sr.

In Progress Recruitment of employees:

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