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If production increases in geometrical progression, the burden of increase in population will not be felt by the country. This does not only cause degradation of the environment but also increases the cost of living.

A huge number of people that leads to over-consumption behaviour.

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No plan for employment can succeed in its absence. The government must take steps to make education necessary for all.

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Impact of Human Population Growth on Wildlife Population While the human population is on the verge of explosion, the wildlife population is decreasing over the time. It is around 7, people.

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Several species of animals and birds have been impacted due to this. However, the word population does not only mean the human population but also the wildlife population and the overall population of animals english essay housekeeping other living organisms who have the ability to reproduce. One of the main reasons for this is the development in the field of medical science that has brought down the death rate.

In other words, we may have already passed the limits. The population of several species of birds and animals has gone down drastically owing to factors for which the human beings alone can be held responsible.

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In the second stage, there is rapid growth of population. It has been engaging the attention of the public and the press for a pretty long time.

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Another reason is the growing birth rate especially in the poor and developing countries. Some of the factors that influence the density of population in an area are as follows: Population is commonly referred to the total number of people living in an area.

The food problem will remain as it is.

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One of the leading factors is the progress in the field of science and technology. Population explosion is a sudden spurt in the rate of population growth that occurs in the second stage of demographic transition due to a rapid fall in the mortality rate without a corresponding fall in the birth rate.

Besides, technological growth has given way to industrialization.

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Much has been said and written about this problem of ever increasing numbers. Population Essay 5 words Introduction Population is the term essay on population problem pointwise to denote the total number of people living in an area.

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They need parks, play grounds and swimming pools for their entertainment etc. Forests are being cut and huge office and residential buildings are being made in their place.

Many areas that earlier received moderate rainfall now witness flood like conditions.

POPULATION PROBLEM OF INDIA: Short Essay-New Speech Essay Topic Generally, areas that are developing have higher population densities, however, less developed areas generally have more population growth. Climate Places with extremely hot or cold climates are sparsely populated.

Over population not only affects nature and the planet but the human way of life. India occupies only 2.

Essay on The Problems of Over Population - Words | Bartleby To make place for the billion strong population of our country to live, a huge amount of the forested areas of our motherland has been destroyed.

This crossing of the billion mark has shaken the government and the people of India to essay on population problem pointwise bones. It is the greatest global crisis facing humanity in the twenty-first century.

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The developing countries are struggling hard to reach up to the level of the developed countries and the rapid growth in the population in these countries is one of the main hindrances in this direction. Problem Or Opportunity?

  • Conclusion Man has always thought about his well-being and comfort overlooking the impact it has on the plants, animals and the overall environment around him.
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  • No hard decisions have so far been taken.

Uneven Distribution of Population Population on earth is distributed unevenly. This is because it is having a negative impact on the weather.

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Problem Or Opportunity? Increases at a constant accelerating rate of change is known as exponential growth.

  • In many cases populations undergo repeated overshoot-dieback cycles, Sometimes these cycles gradually decrease until a stable population is reached with equilibrium in carrying capacity.
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Our population is growing at the rate of 16 million per annum. Some of them are unemployment, low living standard of people, hindrance in the process of development of economy, pressure on agriculture land, low per capita income, lack of basic amenities like water supply and sanitation, education, health, etc.