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They agree that the journalists should be ethically in writing the news about the issue of social problems. The informations that we have in the newspaper which is in The Star and New Straits Times regarding the coverage on the social ills among teenagers will then be compared to help us form a fair judgement of the newspaper itself. Braun, V. There are good and bad cultures.

Making and Breaking News. Data collection a Document analysis Based on the analysis, researchers found that The Star newspaper cover more news on the issues compare to the New Straits Times.

The social problems emerged due to influences of the bad cultures from other countries.

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Whereas, the news that is reported in The Star, New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia will be thesis proposal methods section given the true facts rather than exaggerate on things and the contents are reliable. The other two respondents prone to say that the newspapers in Malaysia have not done a good job in reporting the issue.

Social problem exists because of the members in the society at a given point in time have become conscious of a condition in which it is undesirable and subjected to be improved. Gabriela, A.

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The social problems emerged due to bad cultures from other countries. Most importantly, the respondents must have the experience of reading the newspaper whether The Star or New Straits Times in order be respondents for tv essay in kannada study.

Social Problems Among Youth

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods Rev. A society full of fear of each other, where some cause harm or hate results in the suffering of the inhabitants.

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As a result, they feel like they must always maintain a profile that shows them in the best possible light. Framing according to Tartar, framing is a process in which it refers to the possibility of perceiving and presenting the social reality in such organized manners. Furthermore, there is no wage to counter these issues. Apart from that, frame also can be referred as a concept in organizing the event so that its can ivf problem solving sense.

All in all, he said that the news in the newspaper not really attractive and prefers anything else. There are good and bad cultures.

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The main problem is the communication gap between them and their elders — the former believing themselves to be old enough for taking their own decisions for matters personal or social while the latter just refuse to hand over this responsibility to them.

Alas, this is not generally the situation. Supposing that you reside in a poor locality or are a faction, there is a decent risk that the schools you go to are missing numerous necessities. Firstly, is social change.

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Social Problem Essays Literature Review Today, the newspaper plays a vital role and people nowadays are more relying on the newspaper to know what happen in their society, country and also around the world. When it comes to tabloids, since the mission is to sell their newspaper, they will simply sensationalize things more than giving the true facts to the readers in order to make the readers buy their newspaper.

He added that, being objective requires a person to see the world as it really is and shedding the restraints of the subjective interpretation. Three of the respondents Syura, Azmi and Hazneeda agree that there is a hidden agenda on the news article that being reported by both newspaper- The Star and New Strait Times- on the issue of social problems among the teenagers.

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In addition to that, the newspaper will cover at least three stories in one newspaper in order to get the attention of the readers. Secondly, the creation of social support systems such as healthcare, rehabilitation, and employment services to solve alcoholism, drug abuse, and criminal activities.

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The youth cannot identify and analyze what are good and bad things. World without any barrier allows cultures from other countries influence the Malaysian especially the youths.

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Thus, they pick up unwanted social problems such as drug and substance abuse, watching of pornography, experimenting with sex. According to sociologists, Coleman and Cresseypeople usually think of a social problem as any condition that is harmful to the society.

She says that the government govern the country are based on the opinion of the hidden agenda and base on that they try to manipulate the mind of the people. Social Problems Rev. Framing technique refers to how to think about the issue. They also know what are the informations that the journalist should write in the news in order to make the readers understand and also they want to know what is actually happening in our society.

Two of the respondents Asilah and Hanis saying that sometimes there are certain hidden agenda on certain social problems.

Social Problems Among Youth Essay

Nowadays, young people are exposed to two major social problems that affect their life negatively. Consequently, for them to feel accepted and fit in, they engage in socially unacceptable activities such as crime, social unrest, gang related activities and pornography to meet their responsibilities.

Tv essay in kannada problems comprise of; sexually transmitted diseases, antisocial behavior, poverty, crime, murder, drug abuse, sexual assault, alcoholism, bullying, rape, climate change, child labor among others. References Agee, W. Fairness and objectivity go together. This essay covers some of the most pertinent ones. Those social problems include corruption in government, street crimes or the evil in bureaucracy.

Social ills among youths that occurred this period now. This is because, to be a journalist, he or she must be ethically enough when cover a news on any issues either that issues happen in or outside the country.

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United State: In addition to that, from the headlines also, the researchers can get a glimpse of what are the news are all about. Some extremists and hate groups have carried out hate crimes, bullying, and murder against the LGBT community to display their displeasure. Different nations can create items at much lower work costs.

Some notable external barriers are being uninsured for proper health care, not having parental permission and therefore being denied access to services Esparza, Man is said to be learning throughout his life. The full summary of findings from the interviews can be seen in Appendix In this research, the researchers found that, both newspaper- The Star and New Strait Times- sometimes being ethical in writing the news on the issue of the social problems among the teenagers.

We are not discussing minor tormenting, but instead genuine savagery.

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An Islamic Perspective. Here, the researchers found that, the New Strait Times covered this particular news is objective in which the writer wrote exactly what happen.

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The most common problem a person faces at this phase of life is peer pressure. The social problems emerged due to influences of the bad cultures from other countries. In reporting the issue especially the issue of social smoking research proposal involving the teenagers, it is fundamental for the journalists to report the news correctly and respect the public right to fair and the accuracy of the news.

The Handbook of Mass Media Ethics. Journalists do this because they want to be objective, or if that seems impossible, to be fair and balanced. For example, watching of pornography, abortions and drug abuse among the youths may be due to lack of guidance and counseling.

Bottomore, T. Thus, by using thematic analysis, researchers know what they want to analyze and with the method that has been selected match with what researchers wants to know, therefore, it will lead to result either sample of business plan for public transport is relevant to the previous study or vice versa.

In this situation, the newspaper can be said as a part of mankind life. Siddiq M.

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They agree that the journalists should be ethically in writing the news about the issue of social problems. Read more: Adding to that, he also states that, the coverage of the news seems sufficient to create and awareness towards that public on the issue old social problems. Apart from that, it will also ensure that the readers especially the public becoming more alert on what happen to the teenagers today.

Additionally, cultures that create no barriers among children and the youth through increasingly busy parents who spend less time guiding and nurturing their offspring create problems. Furthermore, both newspapers stir the information in order to influence the readers.

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  • They have low self-esteem and can easily be overridden by views of other people.
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In addition to that, the journalists who write the news might support the idea of the story. Alcohol abuse are usually defined as having 5 drinks or more in a short amount of time. The youth cannot identify and analyze what are good and bad things. Hence, monitoring of the parents is important to avoid social problems among youths.

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Therefore, the newspaper has played a major role in forming public opinion and affecting national and international efforts forward the progressing of the economy and global understanding. Many youth gang members join around 12 and 13 years old, peaking at 14 years of age Tara Young, Bad cultures also accentuate the occurrence of social problems.

Therefore, in this paper, researchers mainly focus personal statement graduate school economics the coverage of social problems among teenagers in Malaysian newspaper. Fourthly, they make it impossible to address them. When it comes to how the news covers by the newspaper in Malaysia, two of them Syura and Saiful said that the news covers the issues is not that comprehend because somehow the journalist tend to exaggerate more than the real story but it rather sufficient.

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Best essay topics on education Social Problems Facing Today's Youth Students these days might not understand it, but rather they are part of the biggest age group in antiquity. Social change elicits this by disturbing the organization of a society thereby creating confusion, rebellion, and resistance.

However, not all celebrated the move. Law and ethics in journalism According to Keeble states that ethic are based upon the universal values such as, accuracy, honesty, fairness, respect for privacy and the avoidance of discrimination and conflicts of interest.

In modern times, many parents busy with their career and leave their children without any independent oversight. This can be seen in their disobedience of their elders who try to advice them through experiences which these young ones lack at the moment but fail dismally.

The respondent, Saiful, he says there is no hidden agenda on the issue of social problems but rather the issue of social problems was sensationalized to attract the readers and not present the way on how to prevent the problems.

Barrett, O. In-Depth Interviewing Rev.

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  • Here, for the researchers, the news must be similar and what made the news differently either its been written in the human interest news or the hard news.

In this situation the researchers found it unethical because both newspapers reported in the same issue but different information for the readers. In all these stories, the reporters will put some pictures of the stories and left it the readers interpretation.

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The Open University. One of the respondents Syura states, the headlines of the news on the issue can be exaggerated to attract the readers but the contents must be objective enough. Besides that, from the headlines of the news, it offers the readers a glance of what the news is all about. Social problems are not universal to every society and tend to change rapidly.

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For some, they might exaggerate the news on where the problem somehow is not that big whereby the journalist will do a follow up about the particular stories. Enough though social media sounds great, there are big issues such as, cyber bullying, lower grades, and wasting an incredible amount of time.

Hence, concentrating on solving one is difficult as others arise and cause more harm than the previous one.