Literary magazine submission cover letter. Lit Mag Submissions How, When, and Where to Send Your Work

In fact, Boston Accent encourages this! Nothing good has ever come from angrily writing back to editors telling them they are fools for not seeing your genius, or from insulting a literary magazine online.

You go into a room with your computer or notepad, lock the door, and then spend four hours pulling at your hair and slacking off online. This is where I got all of the stats in the article. They like your work, even if the last submission was not quite right, and want to see more.

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Even if the editors read your work carefully and loved it, they may simply have had to make a tough call between your story and several others that they loved. But again, the writing is the important thing.

So send your best work. You can look at some journals to see what other writers have to say about themselves. Or at least that if you do, rwanda genocide thesis statement have the knowledge on hand to do the right thing by notifying the relevant parties.

Their Creative Nonfiction Award yields the same prize and submission fee as the Poetry Award one thousand dollars and a published book of your work and a twenty-five dollar submission fee. In moments like this, remind yourself why you write poetry.

How To Submit Poetry to a Literary Magazine

But you should also remember that because magazines get so many more submissions than they can use, most submissions are read very quickly. This can be done through a quick Google search.

Find Elise online at 2Elizabeths. Literary magazines run the gamut from small blogs operated as hobbies by one or two case study management information system solution to magazines like The Paris Review or The New Yorker with large staffs. Tiers — A good way to organize your magazine submissions is literary magazine submission cover letter figure out a handful of magazines you want to submit to perhaps between 10 and 30 and organize them into tiers of about five.

To save postage, you might also request that dissertation raw data not return your story to you, writing in a postscript: However, it does cost money to use. Importance of a good literature review Terms to Know The term simultaneous submission means that you will be sending the same piece to several literary magazines or journals at the same time.

This guide will give you an overview of how magazines work, and what you can do to give your own manuscript the best shot of being accepted. It lists almost every lit mag, and lets you search by pay rate, genre, and other factors.

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Is it for cover letter for perfect job Some literary magazines, like The Threepenny Reviewhave their own submission managers. However, the important thing in literary submissions is the writing itself. Maudlin House Submissions Page: In your literary magazine submission cover letter paragraph, explain what you are sending.

For call center business plan ppt beginning writers, this means stories, essays, or poems that will be sent to literary magazines. Is it because you want to contribute to a larger, cultural landscape? Assuming you plan to keep submitting to literary magazines, these are connections worth fostering.

Do you have any tips on sending poetry — or prose — to literary magazines?

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This is a simultaneous submission, and I will notify you if the piece is accepted elsewhere. Let me know in the comments. If you studied writing or have published before, state it here.

Or something like that. You can submit in any format featuring any subject matter.

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As a writer you have to decide. In this story, I gently explore the life lessons associated with young love, with a touch of humor.

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Save your creativity for the body of the letter -- or better yet, for your writing. Here are links to articles suggesting more literary journals: Helping each other write better.

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For paper submissions, use standard copy paper; type, don't handwrite; and absolutely no illustrations. While Submittable is a popular platform, some thesis point of sales use their own portals or ask that you send your submission in an email format. For this reason, my instructions in this article apply more to online submissions than ones mailed in, although you may find some useful tidbits here either way.

  • Addressing these questions can help you regain your footing and see the entire process — including the rejection — as an exercise in self-exploration.
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A poet. Title of the piece you submitted Name of the publication you submitted to Date of submission Status of submission i.

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It is always a good idea to have a few trusty readers take a look at your piece to see if they feel it is finished, but otherwise it is up to you. Here's how to pull all of this off.

Nevertheless, there are many that are free to apply to.


When you receive a rejection, you should try as hard as possible to not take it personally. One Submission Page: Follow the instructions.

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My own work has been previously published in [list three to five magazines]. Nothing good has ever come from angrily writing back to editors telling them they are fools for not seeing your genius, or from insulting a literary magazine online.

How To Submit Poetry to a Literary Magazine – The Writing Cooperative

If you were lucky enough to get a personalized rejection from the magazine before, you should mention that. If you put it below, write, "Attn: This journal reviews and responds to work fairly quickly, as on average it usually takes them about thirteen days to reply.

A small magazine can easily get a thousand submissions in a year for only case study management information system solution handful of spots, and big magazines will get many thousands. I always include a line expressing gratitude literary magazine submission cover letter any exposure my work receives.

Follow these tips to help you pin down your next cover letter with finesse.

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Other Resources — Clifford Garstang annually publishes a ranking of literary magazines based on the number of Pushcart Prize wins and nominations each has received. Because, well, it is.

A few still favour snail mail, but Submittable and Moksha are two popular portals. Send your poems to the best literary magazines first, and if — or when — rejection comes, send out a second wave to literary magazine submission cover letter reputable ones, and continue this way until you find a home for your poetry.

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  • Or at least that if you do, you have the knowledge on hand to do the right thing by notifying the relevant parties.
  • 5 Literary Journals for New Writers, plus Cover Letter Help - Gandy Dancer
  • Another trick:
  • You got it.

If you have a question, you can always shoot them an email requesting clarification on an aspect of the submission process. Stick with the standard business letter format.

Submitting Your Work: How to Write Your Best Cover Letter

Thank you for reading! Follow these guidelines carefully. You can have the best cover letter in the world, but it won't get you anywhere without a great story to go along with it. Duotrope is also a great resource for writers.

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Otherwise, keep it short and to the point and avoid describing your story or trying to pitch yourself. It usually takes this journal around seventy days to respond to your submission, and they regularly do personal responses with suggestions on revisions.

Lit Mag Submissions How, When, and Where to Send Your Work

Many will send you an automated message stating in robotic phrasing, that your poem has been rejected. A rejection is not a reflection of the quality of your work.

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This is a more selective journal with an acceptance rate of 2. Gandy Dancer is here to help.

How to Write a Proper Short Story Cover Letter | Alex Shvartsman's Speculative Fiction

Some are online only, some are print only. One way to get comfortable with the genre is to read work by contemporary poets up on The Poetry Foundationwhich is a giant in the world of established and renowned institutions, publishing the popular Poetry magazine. If you haven't, that's fine, too.

Browse through your poetry. I can attest to this site being extremely helpful as it shows you numerous statistics about each journal. After all, the point is to have your poetry published. If your piece is filled with typos, scrawled in pencil instead of typed, or otherwise lacking in professionalism, it will probably be instantly rejected.

Keep in mind that many editors use this paragraph for the "Contributors' Notes" at the end of the journal, so think in terms of what you'd like listed at the back.