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It can still play an important role in influencing people for some sort of reform. There are many types of newspaper and magazines according to their brand and subscription.

A successful newspaper caters for all kinds of readers—scientists, sportsmen, cinema-fans, politicians, businessmen, lawyers and jobless workers anxiously looking up vacancy columns. People make their opinion on things based on what they have read about in the newspaper.

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They form and mould public opinion. Newspaper and Its Significance Newspapers have played a significant role in moulding the thought process of the readers. Such is the craze and significance of newspaper. The primary function of a newspaper, as the very name suggests, is to provide news of all kinds. Thus, in the time of emergency newspaper is one of the most trusted media.

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Earthquake essay conclusion can shape public opinion and influence government and its policies In a democratic country, it serves as a link between government and the people. Newspaper is the best way to enhance awareness about any social issues among common public.

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Technically, a newspaper is a periodical publication which is usually issued on daily or weekly basis. It contains information about common public views and helps in solving various social and economical issues.

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It is a good habit to read newspaper on daily basis. In this way, newspapers create direct contact between the nation and its leaders. Thus, newspaper can be a perfect pastime material for all classes of people. Newspaper is also a great place to advertise about ones products and services.

The liberty of the Press has been described as the palladium of all the civil, political and religious rights of the citizen. In comparison to the information it gives, it costs very less.

It provides valuable and essential information to the public such as the weather forecasts, criticism and reviews of literature, films, fine arts and local restaurants, obituaries and birth notices.

It gives us a vast knowledge in just 15 mins or half an hour.

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It is most important medium of knowledge. Students can greatly boast their general knowledge with the newspaper reading habits. Newspapers are very effective and powerful give all information at one place from all over the world.

Newspaper is a most important thing used by everyone rich or poor of any religion, caste or creed. It covers a wide variety of fields such as politics, business, sports and arts, and also includes content such as opinion columns, weather forecasts, crosswords, editorial cartoons and birth notices.

Long and Short Essay on Newspaper in English for Children and Students

It is beneficial for persons of all fields as it contains knowledge for everyone like students, businessmen, politicians, sportsperson, teachers, industrialists, etc. It is one of the oldest means of mass media, and even in this electronic world it is still prevalent in most parts of human civilization.

Yale mba essay notable alumni, gsas dissertation zone. Indeed, the Press in India does not sufficiently recognise its duties and responsibilities. It develops reading habits, improve our accent and let us know everything about outside.

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This makes him ready for the future. It is the best way of communication between government of the country and its public.

  • We let us know exact information related to the topic of sports, politics, religion, society, economy, film industries, movies, food, employment etc.
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  • Besides their informative character, newspapers possess a literary value.
  • Newspapers are a very powerful means of propaganda.
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Newspaper and Its Benefits Newspapers are a treasure of knowledge, Reading newspaper is highly recommended for those preparing for any competitive exam. It also serves as a source of entertainment with its features such as crosswords, fun facts, horoscope, comic strips, advice columns, food columns, celebrity gossip and more.

Newspaper successfully influenced thousands of people during struggle for independence.

  1. It is first and foremost thing of everyone to start the day.
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It relationship between language and culture essay pdf news articles on current affairs from the world of politics, education, sports, culture and more. The businessman wants correct information about market conditions, the common man has natural curiosity to learn about almost everything in general.

As a citizen of the country, we are fully responsible to know all the pros and cons going in the country or other countries.

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Articles by well-known writers, commentaries by great men, book reviews by expert critics, all find their way into newspaper. In such a modern time when everyone does not have time to know about things other than their job, it let us know about days and dates of the fairs, festival, occasions, cultural events, etc.

Newspaper publications must ensure that only the truth is catered to common people.

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For instance, a commerce student can know the current trade policy changes and the ups and downs in the market. It is published all over the world in many different languages.

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It maybe because people still like it the old way and thus it is still one of the most preferred way for mass sharing of information. So, it has to be printed with utmost care. Newspaper has proved as an important tool for public awareness.

Cultivating a habit reading a newspaper can be beneficial in many ways.

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Newspapers are a very powerful means of propaganda.