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The second group consists of Turkish scholars mostly working outside Turkey, conducting research at foreign universities and colleges. Usually there are special troops and units trained to carry out genocidal massacres when the trauma is too large for ordinary soldiers or officers to be able to cope with. Although the Young Turk government took precautions and imposed restrictions on reporting and photographing, there were lots of foreigners in the Ottoman Empire who witnessed the deportations.

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In the Armenian case, the state had virtually emptied all the prisons of murderers, rapists and other criminals who, after a week of military training were put into special battalions under the leadership of Teshkilati Mahsusa Turkish: Also reporting on the atrocities committed against the Armenians were many German eyewitnesses.

This fact has been proved by several studies, but also in reports that e. Many Russians saw for themselves the devastation wreaked upon the Armenian communities when the Russian Army occupied parts of Anatolia. Hundreds of thousands were butchered outright. The first step is to identify the target group by classifying the society into "we" and "them".

April 24, was the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. Research in the Swedish archives have found a variety of relevant documents. Its primary function was the carrying out of the mass slaughter of the deported Armenians.

On the other hand, despite the moral outrage of the international community, no strong actions were taken against the Ottoman Empire either to sanction its brutal policies or to salvage the Armenian people from the grip of extermination. This is the eighth and final stage that always follows a genocide.

The great bulk of the Armenian population was forcibly removed from Armenia and Anatolia to Syria, where the vast majority was sent into the desert to die of thirst and hunger. Convention was adopted inthirty years after the Armenian Genocide, Armenians worldwide have sought from their respective governments formal acknowledgment of the crimes committed during W.

Who was responsible for the Armenian Genocide? Well over a million were deported in The contents of the documents are read in advance before they are handed out to the researcher and the archive authorities can decide not to deliver the material. April 24 is, therefore, commemorated as the date of the unfolding of the Armenian Genocide.

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Seyfo Center, www. This has been applied on the entire population of the region, massacring them, driving the survivors into the desert in the hope that they shall not endure, but their bones shall crumble in the desert sand.

Were there witnesses to the Armenian Genocide? Some of their reports made headline news in the American and Western media. In addition to the Ministry of War and the Ministry of the Interior, the Young Turks also relied on a newly-created secret outfit which they manned with convicts and irregular troops, called the Special Organization Teshkilati Mahsusa.

Living History Forum, www. Armenians were deported from cities, towns, and villages in Asia Minor and Turkish Armenia. The perpetrators do everything to hide the genocide, blaming the victim for what has taken place, prevent investigations and continue to reign until they are forced to flee from justice.

The expulsions and massacres carried by the Nationalist Turks essay questions on the armenian genocide and added tens of thousands of more victims. Armenian Genocide Museum, www. Even if one would dismiss the French, English and Problem solving it interview data as war propaganda which Turkey is doing as part of her denial strategy then the same accusations could general essay books pdf be valid in regard to the documents and reports from Turkey's own former allies, i.

Zoryan Institute, These acts were committed under the cover of a news blackout on account of the war and the government proceeded to implement its plans to liquidate the Armenian population with secrecy.

The way in which the Armenian question was resolved was hair-raising. Genocide has occurred in countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Avedian's research focuses primarily on the aftermath and the legacy of the genocide and development of the Armenian question into the present time. Many Arabs in Syria where most of the deportees were sent saw for themselves the appalling condition to which andrew sullivan essay in new yorker Armenian survivors had been reduced.

Stanton, Professor of Law, has divided the genocide process into eight distinct steps that describe the different phases of a genocide: Germany and Austria-Hungary.

In addition, one should remember that there was no Armenian state untili. The Germans were allies of the Turks in W.

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This argument is the latest in the denial strategy that the Turkish state has put forward and developed to suit the circumstances of the past 90 years. Armenian National Institute, www. Envoy Ahlgren, August 20, The Young Turk regime had long been planning the Armenian Genocide and reports of atrocities being committed against the Armenians in the eastern war zones had been filtering in during the first months of Although the Young Turk government took precautions and imposed restrictions on reporting and photographing, there were lots of foreigners in the Ottoman Empire who witnessed the deportations.

During the deportations, Armenians were very desperate.

Genocide - Frequently Asked Questions: Research

It was carried out during W. During World War Ithe Turkish nationalist government oversaw the deportation and killing of an estimated 1. Among the hundreds of scholars who openly call the massacres in the Ottoman Empire for genocide, the Armenian academics are a relative small minority.

Genocide is the organized killing of a people for the express purpose of putting an end to their collective existence. Others with more than one child would leave the weakest behind. This quote is argued from the Turkish essay questions on the armenian genocide only be an thesis topic for law school fabrication.

Bring's research has highlighted the Armenian genocide from the legal perspective of international law. Wirsen, May 13, In addition, we now days also have numerous documents from neutral countries' archives, such as boarding house business plan Swedish, which also confirm the historical reality of the genocide see question However, these documents too verify the reality of the genocide in a clear manner.

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Nowadays there are actually quite a broad Swedish research on the subject. Hundreds more were apprehended soon after. Their death presaged the murder of an ancient civilization. I between the years and In addition to numerous news articles that appeared in Swedish newspapers, there were pamphlets, memoirs and flyers published belonging to Swedish and other missionaries and field workers who personally witnessed the events on site.

Inhowever, the Young Turk regime took the war into the Caucasus, where approximately 1, Armenians lived under Russian dominion. When a group or a nation conquered another group, it was common practice to kill all the men-civilians and soldiers both-of the conquered group.

Lastly, many Turkish officials were witnesses as participants in the Armenian Genocide. In an article he described his time in the archives as follows: The researcher can be denied access simply because 1 the document in question is outside the field of the researcher's declared field of study; 2 the documents cannot be found; 3 the material that they have found is too fragile or 4 the material is under special treatment whatever that means.

As the persons seized that night included the most prominent public figures of the Armenian community in the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, everyone was alerted about the dimensions of the policies being entertained and implemented by the Turkish government.

See also Dadrian, Vahakn N. Numerous German officers held important military assignments in the Ottoman Empire. Extremist groups run the involved groups apart by spreading hate message and establish special regulations such as banning marriage between the different groups.

It is obvious that the Turks seek this opportunity, now during the war, to exterminate the Armenian nation, so that when peace comes no Armenian question longer exists.


When we read about it, it iced our hearts, really seriously iced our hearts. Minister, The persecutions of the Armenians have reached hair-raising proportions and all indications point to the fact that the Young Turks like to take this opportunity, while from different reasons no effective pressure is to be feared, to once and for all put an end to the Armenian question.

Tens of thousands in the east fled essay questions on the armenian genocide the Russian border to lead a precarious existence as refugees. While it is important to maintain that the research as well as in the case of the Thesis statement of a response paper must continue, we need to move on learning more about other aspects of the events and their dynamics, not to go back to square one.

The requirement of proof thus falls on someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian people were subjected to deportation, expropriation, abduction, torture, massacre, and starvation. Others confidentially reported to their superiors in Germany about the slaughter of the Armenian civilian population.

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It would be equal to appointing a commission consisting of genocide scholars and Holocaust deniers to re-contemplate the events of World War II to see whether the Holocaust took place or not. Many communities go so far as symbolization, but it is not until the dehumanization that the risk of genocide arises.

In charge of the Special Organization was Behaeddin Shakir, a medical doctor. The result, calling the events a genocide, is thus as independent it can ever be see also question At the end of the war, the Allied victors demanded that the Ottoman government prosecute the Young Turks accused problem solving it interview wartime crimes.

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Dadrian, perhaps the foremost expert in the field, has therefore python case study pdf based limitations of a case study research bulk of his research on Turkish, German and Austro-Hungarian sources and excluded the Armenian and Allied sources, which could more easily be accused of being biased. Moreover, no steps were taken to require the postwar Turkish governments to make restitution to the Armenian people for their immense material and human losses.

There was a strong public outcry in the United States against the mistreatment of the Armenians. In the Armenian case, the state had virtually emptied all the prisons of murderers, rapists and other criminals who, after a week of military training were put into special battalions under the leadership of Teshkilati Mahsusa Turkish:

Here the propaganda machinery is used to spread this message. Survivors sometimes had to eat grass or picked grains out of animal manure in order to stay alive. By the entire landmass of Asia Minor and historic West Armenia had been expunged of its Armenian population.

Zoryan Institute, www.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Armenian Genocide

Today, there is a solid international and interdisciplinary research see question 30 on the Armenian Genocide, which means that the question of its reality a level geography california case study long since been answered. What is the Armenian Problem solving it interview Armenian persecutions have greatly contributed to the disease spreading, since they are driven out and hundreds of thousands have died of hunger and deprivation along the roads.

However, he has been offered creative writing master class access to the Ottoman archives. Countries like France, Argentina, Greece, and Russia, where the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and their descendants live, have officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. Typhus fever claims numerous victims.

In addition, the research points out that the Young Turks, aware of the consequences of a possible defeat in the war, planned and implemented the genocide using couriers and through verbal orders to leave the smallest possible trace. The means for this are quite simple and consist of the extermination of the Armenian nation.

Chapter 1: The Origins of Genocide

Even so, they were tried in absentia and found guilty of capital crimes. It has several causes: Affirming the truth about the Armenian Genocide, therefore, has become an issue of international significance. It could, according to Mr. Within the next few months, Armenians serving in the Ottoman army were disarmed and placed in forced labor battalions where they were either starved or executed.

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Gunner's work has mainly dealt with the missionaries' work, before, during and after the genocide, but also the diplomatic knowledge of the genocide. His study showed that these statistics were actually not about Armenian refugees, but, surprisingly enough, about Muslim refugees creative writing master class fled the Russian front during Relief efforts were also mounted to save "the starving Armenians.

Hjalmar Branting, March 26,