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Man Ther 10 — Treatment Principle:

Spine ; Data Synthesis As the outcomes of the systematic reviews were likely to vary due to factors such as chronicity, the range of control groups, and the follow-up time points used, a priori, we assigned systematic reviews to predefined subgroups according to the following criteria: Initial assessment A full history and examination by a medical practitioner is required to exclude serious causes of low back pain LBP.

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By acupuncture lower back pain case study glancing at the articles that pop up on the first page yields an enormous amount of facts and figures. Effectiveness of acupuncture for low back pain: She said that her energy level seemed to be much better, and her knee did not feel as weak. It may be practised successfully with a variety of procedures other than needles, including lasers, electronic and noninvasive stimulation devices for those who are needle-phobic and would not consider acupuncture otherwise.

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He left my office a happy camper. Pain Analgesic effects of treatments for non-specific low back pain: The studies included in the review, however, have methodological limitations.

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Since that time, she occasionally felt back pain when sick with a cough. She said the pain was constant, with an intense ache in her lower back.

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A systematic review on the effectiveness of pharmacological interventions for chronic non-specific low-back pain. Eur Spine J A Western Scientific Approach.

Case Study: Acute Back Pain Resolved in 2 Acupuncture Treatments – Bartlett Acupuncture

I repeated the acupuncture treatment in the hand and changed the herbal formula. The treatment was twice a week.

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Acupuncture is the best solution for back pain relief as it is best for decreasing inflammation and built-up circulation to injured tissue. Reference lists of all papers retrieved were manually scanned to identify further articles missed by electronic searching.

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Conclusion The quest for an efficacious treatment of LBP remains enigmatic. Strengths Qualitative data produced by this case study highlights the efficacious use of acupuncture for LBP in athletes as part of a multi-modal management strategy. He had not had any imaging of the area.

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October 6, at 9: Man Ther 10 — The kappa statistic was used to measure the agreement level between the two reviewers; kappa index less than 0. After an acupuncture treatment from a colleague the pain resolved until this recent episode. Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Acupuncture.

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It was no longer a stabbing nature. Acupuncture for chronic pain: However, articles relating to techniques similar to acupuncture but without needle insertion e.

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Generally she was quite fatigueddepressedand had some low-pitched tinnitus in both ears. Selection Criteria Three reviewers Lizhou Liu and Leon Mabire for English databases; Lizhou Liu and Jundong Wang for Chinese databases independently screened for potential articles and resolved disagreements essay on zeus discussion.

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Qual Saf Health Care ; However, despite the lack of significant postural or mechanical change, he is pain free and has made a successful reintegration into training and playing. Case A man aged 42 years, who works as a police officer, presented with severe lower back pain, which he had experienced for 24 hours after spending the previous day helping his brother to move house.

Acupuncture is without question one of the most powerful pain-altering modalities in the world. After discussion, four reviews were subsequently removed due to one for the Cochrane reviews update [ 48 ] and three for the same reviews reported as journal articles [ 294950 ].

Case Study: Acupuncture for Chronic Lower Back Pain | THE NATURAL HEALTH BLOG Examination should include assessment of range of motion, tenderness and neurological assessment of the lower limb, including a straight leg test.