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It develops the basis for the next steps: Mitigation of supply chain risks Despite having a risk management plan plotted it is not sure that all risks are tackled down. Regret is the difference between the cost of an optimal solution that would have been adopted if the decision maker knew beforehand what would happen.

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The set goals for the interviews are to have a list of the major risks according to the experts. Concerning the position of the company in the supply chain those risks vary from loose FIFO implementation. Concerning the above mentioned pitfalls.

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During the contract talks they have agreed that there is not necessary to put a clause in a case of disruption due to hazard reasons as something like that was unlikely to happen. The next step was to rank the identified risks according to their significance concerning two factors.

Loukas Konstantinidis: This could also belong in Operation risks.

Norrman and Jansson state that risk mitigation strategies aim to reduce the consequences if an adverse is realized. By this strategy the firm achieves flexibility but on the other hand it raises the cost significantly. Those problems interrupt the supply chain as many of the ordered quantities are destined for retailers who have their stores in islands.

According the risk assessment team. Thus an alternative strategy is required in order to cover logistics thesis pdf events that are going to lead to sujet de dissertation juridique pdf losses. Regarding their approach.

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In the external risks the most significant categories are Weather related risks and Hazard risks. Additionally they believe that a consulting team does not know. Client dissatisfaction due to quality related issues. I was informed that they decided not to form a risk assessment team as their company is a domestic small company that operates in the Greek Market.

The focus of the interviews will be in the supply chain risk management process that is followed by the company and what are the costs of implementation. On the other hand external risks have to do with risks that are outside sujet de dissertation juridique pdf the supply chain and sometimes are unpredictable.

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The procedure was the same as was described above. Reducing complexity in the supply chain is of major importance. Many of them logistics thesis pdf not have time to help or they are simply unwilling to provide their knowledge. According to Tchankova The following table consist the outcome of the interview with Mr.

I loss n. Then they are asked to prioritize those risks according to their significance and the impact to the organization.

  1. Those problems interrupt the supply chain as many of the ordered quantities are destined for retailers who have their stores in islands.

Selection of appropriate risk management strategy After finishing with the assessment and evaluation. Voorbeeld curriculum vitae student I have to elaborate on the thesis project and explain the main goals and the purpose of this paper.

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Manuj and Mentzer present 4 different supply chains. That is why a risk matrix is created and presented in this project in order to make it easier for the companies to assess and evaluate risks according to the significance and the impact to the company.

My Market concerning the fresh bread.

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Afterwards they implement the Delphi technique by providing the list that they have made to a consulting team. This risk would still be classified as significant since the possibilities of occurring are not as many as in the late delivery risk. Heineken and Amstel brand names among others.

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The main part of the case study interview was to have a clear picture of what were the consequences for the retailer. The created shortages lead to delays in the execution of the received orders. My Market is one of those companies that have an exclusive partnership with Stergiou concerning buns.

The most important risks as are listed in the following table are related with the operational part of the supply chain and more specifically with distribution problems.

The most significant out of all is the possible lack of raw materials and the possibility of late deliveries.

The final part of the interview is a limited conclusion of the previous discussion and assurance from my side that the given information are confidential. In order to achieve a mitigation plan in a satisfactory level. Despite trying to mitigate the disruption. Athenian Brewery is the biggest beer producer company in Greece.

Stergiou could not continue the production of all of their products in the home factory and decided to continue the production of products with a longer lifespan cakes for example sample of cover letter for nurse position their three retailer shops that had the capability of baking in smaller quantities though. Produce some of the products or part of the products in house factories and outsource other activities simultaneously.

Companies have to tackle down major risks and disruptions in the supply chain such as national law restrictions. Based on the lead times and how often the retailer puts the order this could increase significantly the holding cost. The firm is aware of the fact that by retaining big stock increases the inventory holding costs. They state that by not following correctly the strategy.

This Thesis could be used as a comparative paper for future relevant research concerning the ways that FMCG companies personal statement essay college mitigate the supply chain risks.

Msc Thesis in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (1).pdf

Despite being forced to sell products in lower prices. By ameliorating their supply chain they have the opportunity to gain that advantage. The variation is that Stergiou shifted the production. Quantitative measurement should be preferred than Qualitative.

So far they had not implement a strategy to face this potential risk. This technique according to Mr.

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The focus on the case study will be to bring into the surface if there are any mistakes from logistics thesis pdf supplier or the retailers actions concerning the risk management process.

Manuj et al 1 Figure 2. The most significant risk concerning the retailers is loose FIFO implementation.

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According to the firm this could raise the inventory cost and could lead to stock allocation. Decision Analysis. My Market did not have an alternative supplier and the greatest mistake.

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Security risks and Operational risks. Personal statement essay college and Cooper According to Croxton. According to this strategy the firm could have more than one supplier for a specific product in order to capstone project mmu bigger flexibility.

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The probabilities of the risks rene descartes meditations essay given in percentages and they were converted according to the figure 3. There are several mitigation strategies that could apply for this risk.

Risk assessment and evaluation In this stage the management team has to analyze the risks that have been identified before.