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Drugs and prostitution: Prior to this hunting game had been an integral part of their culture not to mention a valuable food source.

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Some of this revenue is shared with local communities and also used to help develop the 6, acre Olderikesi Wildlife Conservancy on the edge of the Reserve as a way to expand the area under conservation.

Prior to this hunting game had been an integral part of their culture not to mention a valuable food source. The policy of 'Operation Campfire' was adopted.

Many animal populations boomed and as they did so the search for food bought them into greater contact with humans. Traditional industries included fishing, rice growing and toddy tapping - where an alcoholic drink is fermented from the sap of the coconut palm.

Foreign companies or nationals from outside Goa own the majority of large hotels. Essay on lion king example Kenya Travel Tips, Locals feel they are rediscovering some of their lost heritage as they are once again living from the wildlife resource.

As a consequence water supplies have been polluted by dumped refuse and the marine ecosystem is in danger of being irreparably damaged.

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Since then it has earned a reputation as one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world. One de-mining charity operating in Vietnam is MAG. The Maasai Mara National Reserve was first established in This figure was up from 1.

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It is an award winning ecotourism company that makes efforts to be sustainable. To carry out a case study of Vietnam as an example of a national tourist industry Starter: Festivals are seen as something for the tourists and so loose their significance.

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These dunes and swamps provide a natural flood defence for villagers. The Reunification Express trainline is also been upgraded along with Highway 1 running the length of the country.

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In addition, a growing number of hotels now offer all-inclusive deals. Cottars employs accredited guides to ensure 14.2 totalitarianism case study stalinist russia are in harmony with the how to write a cover letter for a teaching job with experience and culture of the area; many of these guides are from the local area.

Group 1 - You want to work for Tourism Concern, an organisation that highlights and promotes the negative impacts of tourism.

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In locals express their concerns when they great tourists at the airport with cow dung and posters telling them to go home. The value of land can go up, along with transport and even food. In many areas locals are now denied access to their traditional fishing or tapping grounds by large hotel complexes.

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The conservancy is a 7, acre area which is owned by around local Maasai landowners. Kenya Travel Tips, You can also use it as an example in "Reasons for growth".

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Under conservation laws two things happened: Tourism has had a positive effect on many businesses including The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics collects detailed information about tourism. Click here for the background information on the issues surrounding tourism.

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Meanwhile locals have access to water for just two hours a day. Kenya Tourism Board, This corresponds with the slight decrease in overall holiday visitors during the same period, but it is not evenly distributed among the parks with some, such as the Nairobi National Park, experiencing an increase.

Water tables are depleted.

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Background reading - Guardian Online Article May Toddy tapping is struggling as deforestation makes way for hotels and pool. Decline of traditional industry: To examine the economic, social and environmental impacts of tourism on popular destinations For this small section of work, you will be recording down the theoretic pros and cons of tourism to destinations globally.