Literature review midwifery practice. A Guide to Literature Reviewing for Student Midwives & Student Nurses | Dr Sally Pezaro

Link July 9th Pregnant women with epilepsy could be at risk during labour, U. Although the subject matter here is vintage tea parties, I do hope that many nurses and midwives will easily be able to apply nursing and midwifery topics in place of the tea party. Link Interaction of oxytocin level and past depression may predict postpartum critical thinking teaching resources symptom severity: Especially in the presence of queens and princesses. The review I present here may be much shorter than what you are required to produce, however, I hope it will serve as reference material as you progress in your academic writing.

Link Effect of antenatal education in small groups versus auditorium-based lectures on use of pain relief during labour: Link December 17th Cochrane review: A basic guide as to which studies are considered to be academically superior is outlined within the pyramid below….

Link February 3rd Continuity of care by a primary midwife: Link September 10th Cochrane review: Limitations This review has retrieved a small amount of papers, therefore the findings of this review may not be representative of a wider population. The majority of articles originated in America and involved nursing staff working in secondary care settings.

  1. Sinatra did not specify a location for their tea party.
  2. However, there is a shortage of studies investigating the use of peer review in nursing and midwifery education and practice.
  3. Link October 20th Maternal group B Streptococcus-related stillbirth — a systematic review:
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  6. Link Investigation into the study of pregnant women with social risk:

Link March 10th Frequency of endotracheal suctioning for the prevention of respiratory morbidity in ventilated newborns: Yet I hope that this example will fit loosely around any essay topic if applied appropriately. The second part of the study is reported elsewhere.

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Link December 15th Cochrane Review: Link January 8th Understanding recent home birth research: Link March 16th Risk of microcephaly in babies risk is 1 in for women who are infected with Zika virus in early pregnancy: It should match closely with the introduction in which stated what you were going to do.

Did you really do everything you could have done to find all papers? BMJ publish new systematic review and meta-analysis: Whatever your academic question is, a literature review is a great way to help you find answers, improve your clinical practice and discover new evidence based practices to apply in the real world. Link September 8th Vitamin E supplementation during pregnancy: Risks of venous thromboembolism after cesarean sections: Link November Nutritional advice for improving outcomes in multiple pregnancies: Link October 20th Essay debate group B Streptococcus-related stillbirth — a systematic review: In terms of finding a suitable location for a vintage tea party, both Carroll and Buckingham palace chose to locate their vintage tea parties within a garden setting Carroll, and Buckingham Palace, Randomised controlled trial: Link November 16th Study explores link between breastfeeding support and breastfeeding rates in the UK: Link August 21st Planned mode of birth for twins does not affect maternal depression, well-being, incontinence or breastfeeding: Therefore, these findings rely upon participant ratings, words and observations.

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I really hope that this makes academia a little less scary for student midwives and nurses. Implications for future practice What are you going to do or recommend in light of what you have found??

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Link April 22nd Birth registration boost using mobile phones in Pakistan: Link Depression in both women and men linked with an increase of preterm birth: Link September 3rd Breastfeeding offers health benefits to women with MS: Also knee sitting is enjoyable in this context. How will it affect your, and others practice?

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Link Cross-country individual participant analysis of 4. Opinions and experiences surrounding the display of appropriate etiquette appears to form some conflict within the studies. Feel free to use this or any more advanced ones you may find.

UK-wide cohort study:

My hobby drawing short essay would suggest that the success of such tea parties rely upon more than just the location of the event or the practicalities of hosting them. Link December 2nd Increase of cigarette tax and infant mortality rates: It is clear that invitations provide confidence and a certain formality to events as apposed to a spontaneous vintage tea party, which may become more informal as a result.

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There are many literature essay on the witches influence on macbeth academic tools for assessing and appraising the quality of each particular study, and also for assessing any risk of bias that might be apparent.

Link November 4th Breastfeeding and Breast cancer risk by receptor status — a systematic review and meta-analysis: Link Potato consumption during pregnancy and link to gestational diabetes: Link November 13th Study finds financial incentives to help pregnant women quit smoking is cost-effective: Link September 21st Epidemiology of maternal depression, risk factors, and child outcomes in low-income and middle-income countries: Conversely, Poppins explores the experiences of those present at a tea party hosted in a living room, and more specifically, upon a ceiling.

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Link Midwifery and nursing UK Government bursary reforms: Ultimately, vintage tea parties were found to be a jolly social activity for all attendees and hosts. S study: Relevance to clinical practice.

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Link January 14th Government warning to pregnant women coming into contact with animals giving birth: Link Jan How will this new knowledge change things in the future? Link May May 16th Treatment of nulliparous women with severe fear of childbirth via the internet: Link January 25th Proposals for changing the system of midwifery supervision: The principles of writing a literature review are virtually the same within any subject matter.

A Guide to Literature Reviewing for Student Midwives & Student Nurses | Dr Sally Pezaro

S research suggests: Peer review in clinical settings such as nursing and midwifery can facilitate the sharing of good practice and personal and professional growth. Link Specialist teams for neonatal transport to neonatal intensive care units for prevention of morbidity and mortality: Link August 10th Association between home birth and and breastfeeding outcomes: Routine ultrasound in late pregnancy after 24 weeks gestation: Link June 25 Risk of recurrent stillbirth: Link November 3rd Cochrane: Link August 17th Examination between traffic pollution and adverse pregnancies in Sweden: As you complete your literature reviews, you will also be able to make recommendations, based upon what literature review midwifery practice have found.

Although I have presented a loose structure for a literature review here, please be aware that there are many other structures, methodologies and reporting styles available.

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This guide is supposed to be a reference tool for you all to create your own masterpiece essays and dissertations. Link An Ethnographic organisational study of alongside midwifery units: The project involved a systematic literature review and a qualitative exploratory study.

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And there we are, a guide to writing a literature review. Expedited versus conservative approaches for vaginal delivery in breech presentation: Link Maternal pre-pregnancy obesity and childhood physical and cognitive development of children: Link April Symphysiotomy for obstructed labour: What was interesting?

Link November 20th No association between childhood problem behaviour and maternal caffeine intake: Link January 4th Kangaroo mother care intervention and neonatal outcomes: I have included a very basic quality assessment tool for assessing qualitative studies below.

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Link September 24th Defining a safe criteria to diagnose miscarriage: Link Antimicrobial dressings for the prevention of catheter-related infections in newborn infants with central venous catheters: Link October 26th First pregnancy announced during a pilot trial to treat infertility in women over Link July 12th Vitamin supplementation in pregnancy: See here for a more detailed power point presentation on how to critique studies You may also want to touch upon the limitations within your review….

Link July 4th MenC vaccination programme changes: The queens tea party Buckingham palace,